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St. Nicholas Unit Study Reblog…

November 25, 2014

Here is the old St. Nicholas Unit Study.  I wonder how much of it we’ll manage to get done this year.   We start today because we take Thanksgiving off.

Campbellsville 2014

October 5, 2014

There was a skirmish marking the 150th Anniversary this past Saturday.  The children and I took the day off of play rehearsal to enjoy the outdoors.  Oh how I have missed the camp sites, battlefields, and company at the reenactments this Fall.  Some of the children are in a play and the rehearsals are every Saturday.  We have and will continue to miss a lot of reenacting events.  However, Spring will be here before we know it, and perhaps I’ll get some 1860s attire sewn after I’m done with Little Mermaid Costumes.  Anyway… here are some pictures.

First, taken by Joyce Burdick and used with permission….

Kevin with the flag he painted.  I was hoping to get one of him dressed in Confederate attire.  The flag accompanied the men into battle yesterday and was there when the Federal fortifications were taken over.

joyce 4

The Confederate Infantry starting to their march to the enemy.  Photos taken by Joyce Burdick…

joyce 1 joyce 2

It was a beautiful day.  The only little problem was the wind.  Some of the vendors of at the festival part had to close down early because their things were blowing away.  At one point, Vincent just could not stay awake any longer.  This next photo was taken by Renee Norton and used with permission…


The next photos were taken by Jackie Johnson and used with permission…

j johnson 4 j johnson 5 j johnson 8 j johnson 9 j johnson 10 j johnson 11 j johnson 12 J johnson 13 j johnson 14 j johnson 15 j johnson 16 j johnson 17 j johnson 18 j johnson 19 j johnson 20

After the battle.  I’m the lady in the bonnet…

j johnson 21

It was a beautiful day.  It was nice to be out with other reenactors again. Thanks to Darrel Ball for organizing this event!

One last picture taken by James on his camera’s “dramatic” setting…

Kevin at campbellsville

For Marilyn, Part 1

September 19, 2014

This is a 6 part series.  I ordered it like this so it would go from a year and a half ago to the present time.  It would have been too lengthy for one post.  Please pray for my friend Marilyn.  This is for her.  If you get to “For Marilyn, Part 6,”  you have reached the end!

This promises to be a lengthy post.  My friend Marilyn always mentions to me that she checks my blog and it has not been updated.  It seems to be easier to just post pictures onto Facebook.  I realize that  not everyone is on Facebook, so I should be better about posting here.   Recently I came across a list I had of things to blog about.  It looks like I’m about a year and a half behind.  So, this post will sort of be a recap of that time, and pretty photo heavy, I imagine.

We’ll start with Msgr. Peter.  We had an awesome visiting priest for a month here locally.  We didn’t find out about him until  he was hear nearly a week.  He accomplished so many things in that time, it was amazing.  We miss him, even over a year later.  When he was a young priest he had  a brain tumor.  He was in Rome an a large assembly when then Pope John Paul II came running up to him and said he needed to pray.  Msgr. Peter felt the tumor melt and he was cured.

Here he is with us in the summer of 2013…

Msgr Peter

In the Summer of 2013, the children and I went to a monument dedication at Tullahoma.  This completed the dedications to the soldiers buried there from all the different states that they came from.  This particular day they were dedicating the South Carolina and Kentucky memorials.

Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 009  Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 010 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 011 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 023 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 032 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 039 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 044 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 045

In the summer of 2013, we took a trip to Virginia, not only to tour, but John, Kevin, and James went to camp in Pennsylvania.  We went a bit early so we could tour.  First day was Lexington!  We had never been there and I was amazed at how close it was to where we used to live.  It was one of those places that we always said, “one of these days,” and then we moved.

Our first look at Stonewall Jackson’s house:

Moms virginia 2013 022 Moms virginia 2013 024Moms virginia 2013 026

VMI at the George Marshall Museum:

Moms virginia 2013 032

Finally got to see Little Sorrell:

Moms virginia 2013 034 Moms virginia 2013 035

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was seeing Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!!!  If you don’t know, they were cannons used by the Confederate Army.

Moms virginia 2013 047

Our good friend Homer graduated from VMI in 1951 and we found his brick:

Moms virginia 2013 051

This is John’s camp buddy Alex who is now a Rat… he ended up giving us the grand tour of VMI while a storm threatened us…

Moms virginia 2013 054  Moms virginia 2013 055 Moms virginia 2013 056 Moms virginia 2013 058

Stonewall Jackson’s grave…

Moms virginia 2013 060

Our message to Uncle Homer from VMI:


The next day we went to Gettysburg!  It was not a sunny day, and it drizzled, but that was a blessing because the week before was the 150th and everyone who went said it was really, really hot.  We were grateful for the drizzle!

Moms virginia 2013 065 Moms virginia 2013 070 Moms virginia 2013 072 Moms virginia 2013 074 Moms virginia 2013 077 Moms virginia 2013 075 Moms virginia 2013 080 Moms virginia 2013 082 Moms virginia 2013 081 Moms virginia 2013 098 Moms virginia 2013 100 Moms virginia 2013 104

The day after that we went visiting in Fairfax.  We visited Aunt Marie and Uncle Homer and then we met up with Cousin Laura.  We were suppose to go back to the National Zoo that weekend with Laura, but we had a couple of children with fevers, so we didn’t get to.  This day we met her at the Sunflower Cafe, another place that we had been meaning to get to for years.

Moms virginia 2013 114 Moms virginia 2013 115

We also stopped in Manassas to visit Aunt Mary Ellen.  It is always good to see her.  We then took a ride through the old cemetery to visit the children’s great grand parents.  Then we went a little south to visit friends.  I cannot believe we didn’t get pictures with these people, but sometimes that happens.

Moms virginia 2013 122 Moms virginia 2013 123

The day after that we went to Winchester.  My sister Mary Lou was traveling through, so we were going to meet up with her.  Also, we never want to go to Virginia without going to the Stonewall Jackson Headquarters Museum.  It is a wonderful little museum with so much history and there is a little lady who is a fabulous tour guide!.  Also, they usually have a nice selection of used books!

The wonderful tour guide allowed me to take a picture in there.  This is the quilt that Stonewall Jackson slept under.  I would love to make a copy of it one day.

Moms virginia 2013 117.

My sister had called while we were still at the museum, and she didn’t have too much time.  So we did not have the time to take a group photo there.  However, these were on the outside.  The day was picture perfect and I could not help but to take a picture of the sky!  There is NOTHING like the Virginia sky!!  Nothing.

Moms virginia 2013 118 Moms virginia 2013 119 Moms virginia 2013 120 Moms virginia 2013 121

Somewhere in there, we took the boys to Camp St. Isaac Jogues.  Then I had the younger children with no babysitting help, just like the old days.  You know, you can’t just run into a store quickly, or anything like that.  The whole crew has to come.  But, we had a good time anyway.

We visited the Warren Rifles Museum in Front Royal.

Moms virginia 2013 124 Moms virginia 2013 125

One of our favorite spots is the Frontier Culture Museum.  If you ever get to Stanton, VA, it is well worth the time.  After spending the day here, we were able to meet up with Uncle Tom for dinner.

Moms virginia 2013 129 Moms virginia 2013 130 Moms virginia 2013 131 Moms virginia 2013 133 Moms virginia 2013 134 Moms virginia 2013 135 Moms virginia 2013 136 Moms virginia 2013 137

Insert here about 50 pictures of gourds.  MaryEllen loved the gourds.

Moms virginia 2013 156 Moms virginia 2013 157

We visited our beloved Aunt Ellen.  She is Joe’s Godmother.

Moms virginia 2013 161Moms virginia 2013 162 Moms virginia 2013 163

We then visited Uncle Jeff, but didn’t get any pictures.  On our way out of his house, I decided to make a  left and head to Old St. Mary’s.  Many of the children’s relatives are buried there.  And, for the first time, the church was open!!!  There was a cleaning lady and she didn’t know why the front door was open.   I figured it was a gift from God.

Moms virginia 2013 165 Moms virginia 2013 169 Moms virginia 2013 167 Moms virginia 2013 170

Moms virginia 2013 171 Moms virginia 2013 172 Moms virginia 2013 180 Moms virginia 2013 181 Moms virginia 2013 184

After this we headed back to Manassas to the Old Fort spot.  I also wanted to show the children Liberia, where their great-great-great grandparents lived.  We could barely see it.  While up on the old fort hill, we got a call from Mrs. Bergida.  It turned out that Fr. Bergida was at a church that wasn’t too far away, St. Andrew’s in Clifton. We ended up going there for a picnic dinner and church tour.  Very nice.  MaryEllen sang Ave Maria for him before we left.

Moms virginia 2013 190 Moms virginia 2013 201

Kids with Fr. Bergida 2013

I’m sure we did several other things in Virginia that I cannot remember.   Pretty soon it was time to go pick up the boys from camp.

I think I’ll stop here and go to Part 2!

For Marilyn, Part 2

September 19, 2014

We last stopped off about the time we went to get the boys from Camp.  We stayed a while so the boys could have a little more time with their camp buddies and to take a break from the car.  You see, we had driven about 5 hours to get them.  Then after we left camp in Elmhurst Twp, PA, we were driving straight through to Nashville, TN to get to an ordination the next day.  Anyway, camp…

Moms virginia 2013 205 Moms virginia 2013 206 Moms virginia 2013 215 Moms virginia 2013 223 Moms virginia 2013 230 Moms virginia 2013 241 Moms virginia 2013 248 Moms virginia 2013 255

We finally got back in the car only to realize that the boys smelled horrible!  In the past, they had gotten showers just before their parents picked them up.  Not this time!  What to do?  I made a few phone calls and we stopped back at the place we stayed in at Front Royal so they could get showers.  Then it was back on the road to Nashville. It was probably 10 or 10:30 pm by this time.  While driving, I realized that I am not as young as I used to be!!!  Oh my!  John drove until 11:00 pm, which was his limit with his permit.  I cat-napped.  Then I stopped twice during the night for about an hour each.  Then we stopped to get “breakfast” at a truck stop, but had to eat on the road as we were running out of time.  John was able to take the controls at 6:00 am, which he did while I cat-napped some more.  Then I took over again, and we made it to the Cathedral of the Incarnation about 9:45 am.  The ordination was to begin at 10:00 am.  Yeah, we made it.  Fr. Justin Raines was ordained, along with our friend Fr. McGowan.  It was beautiful!!!

Diocese of Nashville Priestly Ordinations 2013:

Moms virginia 2013 259 Moms virginia 2013 262 Moms virginia 2013 265 Moms virginia 2013 275 Moms virginia 2013 286 Moms virginia 2013 321 Moms virginia 2013 338 Moms virginia 2013 361 Moms virginia 2013 368 Moms virginia 2013 395

The next day was Fr. McGowan’s first Mass at old St. Mary’s in Nashville.  We were privileged to be there as well.  After the Mass there was a reception.  MaryEllen sang Ave Maria for Fr. McGowan.

You can click here to see it on YouTube.  Joe shot it with his phone.  (I hope that works!)

After all that, it was time for Veronica’s 5th Birthday and the Giles County fair.

Giles Co fair 2013 013 Giles Co fair 2013 009

A back to school pie made by MaryEllen…

.Giles Co fair 2013 005

Charlotte’s scrap book took best of show…

Giles Co fair 2013 023

James’s picture took 1st (and it later took 1st in the district fair)

Giles Co fair 2013 029

Kevin’s painting took best of show

Giles Co fair 2013 030

Kevin’s watermelon took largest.

Giles Co fair 2013 052

MaryEllen took a first place with her skirt..

Giles Co fair 2013 046

The end of August meant saying goodbye to the seminarian who was at our local church.  Andy suggested that we could use these pictures for our Christmas cards to the seminarians that year.  So, we did!  I’ll just post them all here.  (Remember that you can click on the pictures to make them larger.)

4 sept 2013 011 4 sept 2013 012 4 sept 2013 013 4 sept 2013 014 4 sept 2013 015 4 sept 2013 016

We also had a very cute baby in a sweet dress sent by Aunt Maureen and Uncle Armando:

4 sept 2013 001 4 sept 2013 002 4 sept 2013 009 4 sept 2013 005

Then before we knew it, Kevin’s birthday had arrived.  15!!!!

4 sept 2013 020 4 sept 2013 023 4 sept 2013 027

As was posted before on this blog, the boys (actually the whole family) got into reenacting.  Here are a few shots from one of the gatherings before we had proper 1860s clothes.

21 sept 2013 009 21 sept 2013 012 21 sept 2013 015 21 sept 2013 016 21 sept 2013 021 21 sept 2013 038

My children love history, not only War of Northern Aggression history.  Case in point, Kevin made himself a uniform from WWII:

21 sept 2013 005

On to part 3!

For Marilyn, Part 3

September 19, 2014

The boys did a living history event at the square in Pulaski.  I think a few of the better pictures here were taken by Dana Ball  (used with permission).

pilaski 1 pul 2 pul 2 pul 6 pulaski 2 pulaski 4 pulaski 5 pulaski 28 sept 2013 001 pulaski 28 sept 2013 003 pulaski 28 sept 2013 004 pulaski 28 sept 2013 005 pulaski 28 sept 2013 006

Next, some random pictures that were on a boys camera. I’m sure they had something to do with their filming:


What in the world?!?!?!?


We attended a dedication of a headstone for 1st Sgt. James Jordan Phillips at Old Shore Cemetery.  A lot of the man’s descendants attended.  It was really nice.  Kevin and James were part of the honor guard.

dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 002 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 015 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 016 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 019 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 021 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 029 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 036 old shores 2 old shores 3 old shores flags old shores honor guard 2

The children also did living history at Campbellsville.  Photos by Dana Ball and/or Joyce Burdick.  Used with permission.

campbellsville 2013 1 campbellsville 2013 2 campbellsville 2013 3 campbellsville 2013 4 campbellsville 2013 5 campbellsville 2013 6 campbellsville 2013 7 campbellsville 2013 8

All the while, the children had been practicing for a play.  Alice In Wonderland!  John was the Caterpillar.  Kevin was the Mad Hatter.  James was the doorknob.  Charlotte was a flower, and MaryEllen was all over the place!  I helped make some costumes for it.  Just before opening, there was a chili cook-off on the square.  The first batch of photos is from that event.  The second is back stage on opening night, and then just a few pictures from the play taken by my sister, Sue.

Obviously, James is not dressed as the Doorknob here.  For a while, he was known as “The Army Guy.”  Now you can see why.

first AIW show 008

Kevin as the Mad Hatter (without makeup.)

first AIW show 009 first AIW show 012 first AIW show 014

MaryEllen in one of her costumes with a couple of the Cheshire Cats

first AIW show 018

Someone’s grandmother enjoying holding a sleeping Genevieve.

first AIW show 021


first AIW show 028 first AIW show 031 first AIW show 033 first AIW show 035 first AIW show 038 first AIW show 048 first AIW show 049 first AIW show 057 first AIW show 061

Next is part of the show, before my sister’s camera battery died…

IMG_2448 IMG_2452 IMG_2453 IMG_2455 IMG_2458

My Mom came down with Sue to visit and see the play.  Before the play, lots of pictures were taken of her and the smaller children.

IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_2438

Veronica in her princess dress:


In 2013 we had a little All Saints party here.

St. Theresa or Teresa?

All Saints 2013 002

St. Helena – her brother, I think James, made the cross for the occasion.

All Saints 2013 005 All Saints 2013 007

St. Patrick

All Saints 2013 011

Can’t remember if she was Elizabeth of Hungary or St. Margaret of Scotland

All Saints 2013 014

Our All Saints mantle

All Saints 2013 017

Musical saint chairs

All Saints 2013 019

On of our guests as Pius X

All Saints 2013 027

All Saints 2013 030

There was some living History In Lawrenceburg.  That is where we met the Cedar Bush Mess!!!  Yeah!!!

2 Nov 2013 010 2 Nov 2013 012 2 Nov 2013 014 2 Nov 2013 016

In November, some of the children were in the Nutcracker.  The only pictures I have are John dressed as the Prince and the shirt that Kevin made for the rat king.  As it turns out, the picture of John is before the costume adjustments, so I’ll not even post it!


On to the next part….

For Marilyn, Part 4

September 19, 2014

We’re back again.  To mark the 149th Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin, they have a march to the Carter house.  Some of us went that day, I think it was Kevin, James, MaryEllen, Vincent, Genevieve, and I.  We marched with the Confederates from Winstead Hill to the Carter house.  Kevin was in with the Cedar Bush Mess and James was with the Sharpshooters.  It was actually the first time we had ever been to Winstead Hill.

franklin march 2013 002 franklin march 2013 003

As you may be able to see by the noses, it was a bit chilly.

franklin march 2013 004 franklin march 2013 005 franklin march 2013 007 franklin march 2013 009 franklin march 2013 010

An interesting thing about this photo is that Kevin was being photographed by a man.  Later I found out the man was looking for someone to be the lead in a film about the Battle of Franklin.  He chose Kevin.  More about that later.

franklin march 2013 012 franklin march 2013 013 franklin march 2013 015 franklin march 2013 016

The boys, John, Kevin, and James, had been to their first reenactment in Franklin a week or so before this march.  I had to miss it.  However, they had captured Grant there.  So, they went up and reminded him of that.

franklin march 2013 027

Speaking of that reenactment, James went down and cut his eyelid on a piece of grass.  Everyone who saw it said it bled like the devil and they were afraid he had shot his eye out or something.  I don’t have many pictures from that at all.  But here is one…


Kevin looks like the bottom tip of the flag is coming out of his head with the blanket roll on his soldier.  John is the one who looks like he is under the flag with the gray kepi on.  I hope that is sort of clear.

John turned 17 that year, but I don’t have a great photo of that day, unfortunately.

December came and one day we got a box of Cheryl’s cookies from some of our favorite relatives!  We took a thank you picture.

cheryls from Mairenas 2013 001

Next we tried to get a decent Christmas picture.  It is always so hard!

For the cards 2013 UGH! 001 For the cards 2013 UGH! 002 For the cards 2013 UGH! 003 For the cards 2013 UGH! 004 For the cards 2013 UGH! 005 For the cards 2013 UGH! 006 For the cards 2013 UGH! 007

Merry Christmas 2013!!!!

New Year’s Day found us at a wedding!!! Beth and Donald tied the knot!  Oh happy day!

1 Beth and Donald 2014 026 Beth and Donald 2014 029 Beth and Donald 2014 032 Beth and Donald 2014 041 Beth and Donald 2014 042 Beth and Donald 2014 043

Genevieve turned 1!!!

16 january 2014 011 16 january 2014 013 16 january 2014 019 16 january 2014 021 16 january 2014 023

There was a video shoot.  It was that man who met Kevin in Franklin.  He asked Kevin to bring his Mom and sister with him.  He took footage and took some pictures of us as well.  We just received our copy of the finished product (and this is September 2014 now).  It’s really neat!  It is called “Somebody’s Darling” by Tony Silva.

1860s video shoot 002 1860s video shoot 003 1860s video shoot 004 1860s video shoot 005 1860s video shoot 006 1860s video shoot 007 1860s video shoot 008 1860s video shoot 009 1860s video shoot 010 1860s video shoot 011

Next came MaryEllen’s 11th birthday.  I’m sorry to say I don’t have great pictures from that either.

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 002 MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 004

We had a warm day in February 2014:

18 February 2014 001 18 February 2014 005

Our cat Rosie Toes:

18 February 2014 006 18 February 2014 007 18 February 2014 008 18 February 2014 009 18 February 2014 010 18 February 2014 013 18 February 2014 014 18 February 2014 015 18 February 2014 017 18 February 2014 020

The boys were out filming a war movie:

18 February 2014 023 18 February 2014 024

On to the next part….

For Marilyn, Part 5

September 19, 2014

Vincent turned 3!!!

vincent birthday 010 vincent birthday 011 vincent birthday 013 vincent birthday 019

In the Spring, we did the Fr. Donelson reenactment…  the boys did reenact in the battle, but I didn’t get any pictures of the actual battle.  We were with the Cedar Bush Mess.

Ft donelson 2013 002 Ft donelson 2013 003 Ft donelson 2013 004 Ft donelson 2013 005 Ft donelson 2013 006 Ft donelson 2013 008 Ft donelson 2013 014 Ft donelson 2013 016 Ft donelson 2013 021 Ft donelson 2013 023 Ft donelson 2013 025 Ft donelson 2013 026 Ft donelson 2013 028 Ft donelson 2013 029 Ft donelson 2013 031 Ft donelson 2013 040

Several weeks later we spent two days at the Battle of Triune.  One of those days, our friends from Illinois were in Tennessee, so they met up with us.  John and James were with the Sharpshooters and Kevin was with an artillery group.

3 4 5 8

Some of the Confederate Belles.  We hosted a ladies tea for the event.

14 16 33 35 99 1610032_1417946561808642_5754026455011962790_n 10007469_1417943891808909_821861063271602097_n 10298890_1417944045142227_6703903145773366619_n 10320439_1417943885142243_5749235963835588846_n family Kevin in artillery triune 2 triune 2014 030 triune 2014 033 triune 2014 038 triune 2014 039 triune 2014 043 triune 2014 044 triune 2014 045 triune 2014 046 Triune 2014 day 2 001 Triune 2014 day 2 002 Triune 2014 day 2 003 Triune 2014 day 2 005 Triune 2014 day 2 006 Triune 2014 day 2 010

I think it was May when the homeschoolers had their prom for 8th grades and up.

John with his cool sunglasses…

Prom 2014 002 Prom 2014 004 Prom 2014 005

Kevin looking very grown up…

Prom 2014 007 Prom 2014 008 Prom 2014 010

James was handsome as ever…

Prom 2014 014 Prom 2014 015

James with our friends’ little girl…

Prom 2014 021 Prom 2014 022 Prom 2014 024 Prom 2014 025 Prom 2014 009 10259893_722940667752115_249460668224856557_n

James is always the clown….


Next part coming right up!

For Marilyn, Part 6

September 19, 2014

It was May and there was a reenactment in Linden, TN.  The burning and seizing of the courthouse!  Let me tell you, the Cedar Bush Mess put on an incredible show!!  There was a tea in the morning and reenactment in the afternoon.  That evening there was a ball.  I think it’s safe to say we all had an incredible time!  The only problem for me was that I had a bad case of poison Oak all over my face.  Luckily, I’m not in too many pictures!

Linden TN  2014 006 Linden TN  2014 018 Linden TN  2014 017 Linden TN  2014 015 Linden TN  2014 014 Linden TN  2014 013 Linden TN  2014 011 Linden TN  2014 010 Linden TN  2014 009

Linden TN  2014 019

The two eldest members of the Confederate Belles with the youngest member…

Linden TN  2014 031 Linden TN  2014 028 Linden TN  2014 023 Linden TN  2014 022 Linden TN  2014 021 Linden TN  2014 020

Linden TN  2014 037Linden TN  2014 040

Linden TN  2014 036Linden TN  2014 040

Vincent and Genevieve slept through the entire battle!!!

Linden TN  2014 054 Linden TN  2014 046 Linden TN  2014 042Linden TN  2014 059Linden TN  2014 062Linden TN  2014 063Linden TN  2014 069Linden TN  2014 070Linden TN  2014 073Linden TN  2014 074Linden TN  2014 081 Linden TN  2014 082Linden TN  2014 087Linden TN  2014 089 Linden TN  2014 088 Linden TN  2014 087

Our next big event was Resaca, Georgia for the 150th Anniversary battle.  It was pretty soggy and cool, but a good time was had by all. We stayed Friday and Saturday.  It turned out that Sunday was rained out.  Once again we were with the Cedar Bush Mess.

1504954_685807518122714_714413574030422415_n 1619579_685807418122724_659882815933827867_n 10173517_685806468122819_3306017262792335909_n 10277911_685807478122718_5024975119794679428_n 10299964_685807961456003_7551090458678853960_n Resaca 2014 002 Resaca 2014 003 Resaca 2014 004 Resaca 2014 006 Resaca 2014 007 Resaca 2014 008 Resaca 2014 009 Resaca 2014 010 Resaca 2014 011 Resaca 2014 012 Resaca 2014 013 Resaca 2014 017 Resaca 2014 018

John, Kevin, and James took part in a documentary filming about Richard Kirkland, the “Angel of Marye’s Heights.”   Here are a few pictures from that…

10339585_298484496981311_8906897888946170811_n Richard Kirkland documentary 001 Richard Kirkland documentary 002 Richard Kirkland documentary 003 Richard Kirkland documentary 004 Richard Kirkland documentary 005 Richard Kirkland documentary 006 Richard Kirkland documentary 007 Richard Kirkland documentary 008 Richard Kirkland documentary 009 Richard Kirkland documentary 010 Richard Kirkland documentary 011 Richard Kirkland documentary 012 Richard Kirkland documentary 013 Richard Kirkland documentary 014 Richard Kirkland documentary 015 Richard Kirkland documentary 016

Charlotte had a birthday.  She turned 9 years old!  Where does the time go?  She was our baby when we moved to Tennessee.   And, a great big thank you to Aunt Mary Lou!

Flood 2014 005 Flood 2014 006 Flood 2014 011

Next a local rainbow when we were taking a little ride through the cemetery…

dance june 13 2014 002 dance june 13 2014 003

They have had a few dances at our local theater and someone took a picture of James and I.


In the summer the children had a wonderful time at Totus Tuus, our local Bible school

Totus Tuus 2014 005 Totus Tuus 2014 006 Totus Tuus 2014 007 Totus Tuus 2014 008 Totus Tuus 2014 009

Veronica turned 6 …

Ver 6 birthday denise visit 004 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 006 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 008Ver 6 birthday denise visit 015Ver 6 birthday denise visit 017Ver 6 birthday denise visit 019

John was in the play, “Clue, the Musical.”  He played Mr. Body.


Then my good friend and her children came to visit us from Minnesota.

Ver 6 birthday denise visit 023 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 025 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 030 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 032

Kevin turned 16!!!!

kevin's birthday and flag 003

MaryEllen was Confirmed!  Praise God!

kevin's birthday and flag 006 kevin's birthday and flag 007


Kevin painted this flag for his SCV group.

kevin's birthday and flag 011 kevin's birthday and flag 013

As of right now, Kevin, MaryEllen, Charlotte, and Veronica are rehearsing for “The Little Mermaid” every Saturday, so we have had to miss all the reenactments.  Some of us really, really miss them.  Also, my camera battery is not any good, so I don’t know how many pictures I’ll be taking.  But, Miss Marilyn, I will try to better keep my blog updated.  We always enjoy looking back at everything as well.

Thrift Shop Fun!

April 24, 2013

A couple of days a month we go into the city for “Enrichment” days. The girls have a Little Flowers group, the boys have a boys club called “Brothers in Christ” and there is even a little 4-year-old club. It is also our library day, where the selection is significantly bigger than our little country libraries. (However, I forgot my library list, but I digress!)

We decided to go in early so we could do some thrift shopping. We stopped at this one shop that we had not been to in a couple of years. Their prices did go up, but who’s hasn’t? My big find there was a little tiny crock pot that I have been wanting for years. I hadn’t bought one because none could be found that did not have a plastic lid. Well, the one yesterday had a glass lid and looked as if it had never been used. We like to cook overnight oat groats and this pot is the perfect size, so we’ve already used it! It was brand new and the plastic plug protector had never been removed. What a find.

We ended up going thrifting both before and after clubs. Here are some other fun finds. First of all some books…

thrift find 007  thrift find 004

thrift find 003  thrift find 006

And some hats….

thrift find 012For the ladies.

thrift find 016 This one is James’.

thrift 2 003 thrift 2 004 Charlotte’s hat, but Vincent just had to get into the pictures.  He’s a cutey!

A couple of patterns…

thrift find 002

thrift find 001 (Yes that price tag says 49 cents!!!)

There is a Spring Beatrix Potter unit study.  I printed the whole thing out years ago and come across it from time to time.   This  year I remembered about it at the right time of year.  We just started it this week and it has me keeping my eyes open for all things Beatrix Potter.  Yesterday at two different stores, I found these:

thrift find 009 They are melmac, perfect for our tile floors and Veronica loves them already.

The boys love to go to look for jerseys and military-type things.  Here’s some of their finds…

thrift 2 011 thrift 2 010 thrift 2 007 thrift 2 008 thrift 2 009

thrift 2 005 thrift 2 006 This one is the prized one because it is some kind of rare alternate Titans jersey, of Vince Young.  It is the same as my Fred Smoot jersey (that you can see in this post), about which we were told by a reliable source that it was as close as you can get to the real thing.  The numbers are sewn on, etc…

The boys had about 10 jerseys in the cart at one store so that they could get one for everyone on their football teams when they play again at church or wherever, but I put my foot down on that.  But, it shows the generous spirit of my boys.  That is nice.

Oh yes, one day I’m gong to put a puppet post togher.  James and Kevin have been making puppets and are even sometimes part of their friends’ show “Buffle and Friends.”  So, James and Kevin are always on the lookout for good puppet material.  Yesterday James found some black and Kevin found some green.   This morning, Kevin made his new puppet which he calls “Spinky,” so he tells me.

thrift 2 001 thrift 2 002+

John has been looking for a few years for a good desk.  He traded his away to his sisters one time (and I think regretted it ever since.)  He found one for a reasonable price yesterday and they were kind enough to take 10% off.  He’s already got it up and running this morning….

thrift find 017

The boys like 80s rock and were pleased to find a Joshua Tree CD.

For our gaming pleasure…

thrift find 015 Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, complete with gold ring.

Last, but certainly not least, was our last find of the day.  I nearly fell over when the girls brought it to me smiling, and I asked in a doubtful voice, “How much do they want for it?”  “$2.99,” MaryEllen said.  I exclaimed, “Put it in the basket!”

thrift find 010 Yes, what you see here is a Pleasant Company American Girl retired Kirsten Doll in her original dress and apron.  She is missing a pinky on one of her hands and her toe and finger nails have been painted, but not too messy.  Her hair is a little dry at the ends, but she is in perfect playing condition!  We were quite pleased to find the doll.

So there you have it.  There were a few other finds, like some sewing material for Mom and a postcard of Renoir’s painting of a girl with a watering can.  We had an enjoyable day out that ended with us going to see the last 2 innings of a friend’s baseball game and visiting with them for a little while.

Papal Lapbook from Shower of Roses

February 25, 2013

Jessica at Shower of Roses has a Papal Lapbook that she designed. It is free, but you can make a donation if you wish. Enjoy!