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Native American Memorial in Alabama

September 19, 2013

Thinking about this post was not too easy. How does one describe this place? Well, for starters, a friend of ours was talking to the boys about photography. The man showed them a picture of a “prayer circle”  6 june 13 199  some place in Alabama and tried to describe the place to the boys. There really are no words to describe it, as I later found out. Also, I didn’t realize how close we are to it, thinking it was somewhere way down in Alabama. 6 june 13 187

Aunt Sue wanted to take a ride on the Natchez Trace. We had never been south before, so we went that way. Of course, a child or two had to go to the bathroom. As luck would have it, it was our day to be inconvenienced by the government, (Don’t get me started!) due to the sequester that our president said was “never going to happen” in a debate that I watched.  The bathrooms on the Trace were closed on that day! So, we had to take an exit, which ended up having a nice little visitor center and the kind people told us about this memorial. We ventured south and found it. 6 june 13 196

The man who built this thing is Tom Hendrix. 6 june 13 238 His grandmother was a Native American woman who was forced out of her homeland on the Trail of Tears. She walked back to her home and was the only one that they know did this. Mr. Hendrix was trying to get a stone in the wall for every step she took. He carried each rock 3 times; loading them on to his truck, unloading them at his home, and then putting them where they belong in the wall. As people have learned about this place, they send him rocks from all over the place. I could post pictures of nothing but rocks here, and Mr. Hendrix has a story for each one. He is a master story-teller and we were blessed that he was there. 6 june 13 211

Oh, the prayer circle was built according to Native American ways. He had a native come in and teach him. There are no electronic devices allowed in there. It was phenomenal!!! If you ever get a chance to go there, it would be time well spent. Mr. Hendrix has written a book about the history of his grandmother and their people called If the Legends Fade. I’m looking forward to reading it one day soon.

The only reference I found to it on the internet can be found here.

6 june 13 224

6 june 13 226

Charlotte Turns 8!

September 19, 2013

We celebrated Charlotte’s 8th birthday this year. We took Aunt Sue to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and to the Ave Maria Grotto. We met up with other friends of ours that day as well. It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

First here are some pictures of Charlotte opening a present from Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Al.  (Thank you so much!!!)

6 june 13 106

6 june 13 109

6 june 13 110

6 june 13 111

6 june 13 112

6 june 13 116

6 june 13 117

6 june 13 118

That is all the pictures I took. Luckily Kevin took a few from the Shrine…







Edited to add that I found some pictures from the day that I took!!!  Here they are…

6 june 13 162 6 june 13 163 6 june 13 164 6 june 13 165

Elm Springs 2013

September 19, 2013

Aunt Sue came and visited us at the end of May. We had a lot of fun and tried to take her to a lot of places locally. One day we went to the Polk house in Columbia, TN. For some reason, I don’t have any pictures of that on my computer. This was the house that President James Polk’s parents lived in and he visited there every day when he was in town. There was also a neat display, in a separate building, of Mrs. Polk’s things such as dresses, a couch, and many personal effects of hers.

After lunch that day we went to Elm Springs, the headquarters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I would say that was the best part of the day. We had a tour of the house and we made some Confederate connections which led us volunteering for the Forrest homecoming event. But we’ll save that for another post.

6 june 13 094

6 june 13 095

6 june 13 096 - Copy

6 june 13 097

6 june 13 093 (looking off the top porch of the house.)

6 june 13 098

6 june 13 099

6 june 13 100

We drove home through Mt. Pleasant and stopped to read the history signs there and see the Confederate Monument in the center of town. There was a group of Confederates formed there called the Bigby Greys. The town was so very proud of that group marching off to war. We vowed to go back and study more about it on another day.

6 june 13 101 6 june 13 102 6 june 13 103  6 june 13 105 (You may click on an image to enlarge the photos)

August 9, 2013

I’m trying to catch up here once again. One day in May for a little Children of the Confederacy outing, we went to Fayetteville, Tennessee to visit the courthouse. There is a confederate monument there. We also discovered a smaller monument that used to be a fountain erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. That fountain monument is dedicated to the Confederate woman who stayed back home and worked so hard to hold everything together. There is also an interesting story about some women holding a dinner party for the Federal men who were hunting some local Confederate boys. They held the dinner so the local boys could grab some horses and escape. The plan worked.

On the day we went, beautiful roses were in bloom by a bench at another location on the town square. We were able to get some pretty good pictures of the children that day. Enjoy!

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 003

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 028

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 026

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 022

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 004

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 023

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 024

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 025

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 021

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 020

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 019

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 018

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 017

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 016

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 014

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 012

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 009

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 007

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 001

Fayetteville 18 may 2013 005

Spring Through Kevin’s Lens

May 19, 2013

Kevin was showing me some of his wonderful pictures and I mentioned that a blog post would be nice. I’ve been waiting for him to put them on my computer. While looking for some pictures the other day I ran across Kevin’s. I wonder how long they have been there. Enjoy Kevin’s Spring at Bodenburg 2013…













And, finally, a self-portrait….


Spring Irises

May 15, 2013

Over at the Showers of Roses blog, they do state studies and usually have some yummy things to go with it. When they did Tennessee, they made Iris lollipops. Every time we see beautiful irises I think of this family and those lollipops.

We are in the midst of Iris season here. The first batch that blooms is by our storm shelter at the back side of our house. There are quite a few and they are bluish-purple in color. They have already come and gone. In our front yard in my favorite corner there are purple ones with a yellowish tops.

This year we discovered another patch not too far from that corner and they are the bluish-purple. Last year at a local plant sale I bought one to put in our front flower bed. We found out this year that they are yellow. The stinkin cute kittens pounced on that plant and the blossoms came off. However, we brought them in and they did indeed bloom. We also have bluish-purple down at the road.

Today Veronica walks into my office and tells me she picked one for me.

15 May 2013 036

How do you like that?

Please enjoy a few of the spring pictures that we have taken in the last few weeks.

15 May 2013 037

Cloud photos by John one day while in town…

15 May 2013 035

15 May 2013 034

Around the yard…

15 May 2013 032 (Not being very good with flowers, I have no idea what this is.  However, MaryEllen just loves this bush.)

15 May 2013 031 (The blooms were almost gone on my lilac bushes when this picture was taken.)

15 May 2013 030

15 May 2013 029  (The first rose bloom of the year.)

15 May 2013 028

15 May 2013 026 (Vincent looking at the kitten in the box)

My favorite corner spot…

15 May 2013 020

15 May 2013 021

15 May 2013 024 (You can’t tell too well, but this is looking down a fairly steep hill to the creek.  There is actually a little path so one can walk it.)

15 May 2013 023

15 May 2013 022 (The thinner leaves are Tiger Lilies that bloom a little later.)

15 May 2013 025 (The bright spot is the sun reflecting on the creek below.)

15 May 2013 019 (My eldest and youngest)

15 May 2013 018

Heard in the Car Today

May 3, 2013

We had been in the car a little while and when we were almost home, this was heard:

Child #1 – “I reserve our bathroom.”

Child #2 – “I reserve Mom’s Bathroom.”

Child #3 (male) -“I reserve the tree in the front yard.”

Thrift Shop Fun!

April 24, 2013

A couple of days a month we go into the city for “Enrichment” days. The girls have a Little Flowers group, the boys have a boys club called “Brothers in Christ” and there is even a little 4-year-old club. It is also our library day, where the selection is significantly bigger than our little country libraries. (However, I forgot my library list, but I digress!)

We decided to go in early so we could do some thrift shopping. We stopped at this one shop that we had not been to in a couple of years. Their prices did go up, but who’s hasn’t? My big find there was a little tiny crock pot that I have been wanting for years. I hadn’t bought one because none could be found that did not have a plastic lid. Well, the one yesterday had a glass lid and looked as if it had never been used. We like to cook overnight oat groats and this pot is the perfect size, so we’ve already used it! It was brand new and the plastic plug protector had never been removed. What a find.

We ended up going thrifting both before and after clubs. Here are some other fun finds. First of all some books…

thrift find 007  thrift find 004

thrift find 003  thrift find 006

And some hats….

thrift find 012For the ladies.

thrift find 016 This one is James’.

thrift 2 003 thrift 2 004 Charlotte’s hat, but Vincent just had to get into the pictures.  He’s a cutey!

A couple of patterns…

thrift find 002

thrift find 001 (Yes that price tag says 49 cents!!!)

There is a Spring Beatrix Potter unit study.  I printed the whole thing out years ago and come across it from time to time.   This  year I remembered about it at the right time of year.  We just started it this week and it has me keeping my eyes open for all things Beatrix Potter.  Yesterday at two different stores, I found these:

thrift find 009 They are melmac, perfect for our tile floors and Veronica loves them already.

The boys love to go to look for jerseys and military-type things.  Here’s some of their finds…

thrift 2 011 thrift 2 010 thrift 2 007 thrift 2 008 thrift 2 009

thrift 2 005 thrift 2 006 This one is the prized one because it is some kind of rare alternate Titans jersey, of Vince Young.  It is the same as my Fred Smoot jersey (that you can see in this post), about which we were told by a reliable source that it was as close as you can get to the real thing.  The numbers are sewn on, etc…

The boys had about 10 jerseys in the cart at one store so that they could get one for everyone on their football teams when they play again at church or wherever, but I put my foot down on that.  But, it shows the generous spirit of my boys.  That is nice.

Oh yes, one day I’m gong to put a puppet post togher.  James and Kevin have been making puppets and are even sometimes part of their friends’ show “Buffle and Friends.”  So, James and Kevin are always on the lookout for good puppet material.  Yesterday James found some black and Kevin found some green.   This morning, Kevin made his new puppet which he calls “Spinky,” so he tells me.

thrift 2 001 thrift 2 002+

John has been looking for a few years for a good desk.  He traded his away to his sisters one time (and I think regretted it ever since.)  He found one for a reasonable price yesterday and they were kind enough to take 10% off.  He’s already got it up and running this morning….

thrift find 017

The boys like 80s rock and were pleased to find a Joshua Tree CD.

For our gaming pleasure…

thrift find 015 Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, complete with gold ring.

Last, but certainly not least, was our last find of the day.  I nearly fell over when the girls brought it to me smiling, and I asked in a doubtful voice, “How much do they want for it?”  “$2.99,” MaryEllen said.  I exclaimed, “Put it in the basket!”

thrift find 010 Yes, what you see here is a Pleasant Company American Girl retired Kirsten Doll in her original dress and apron.  She is missing a pinky on one of her hands and her toe and finger nails have been painted, but not too messy.  Her hair is a little dry at the ends, but she is in perfect playing condition!  We were quite pleased to find the doll.

So there you have it.  There were a few other finds, like some sewing material for Mom and a postcard of Renoir’s painting of a girl with a watering can.  We had an enjoyable day out that ended with us going to see the last 2 innings of a friend’s baseball game and visiting with them for a little while.

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!!!

Here are a few wonderful suggestions from the Les Femmes blog. Please read and enjoy!

When you ask a stupid question…

April 17, 2013

WARNING… This topic may not be appropriate for some children….


Tonight at the dinner table:


Kevin: We did a census with the kittens today.

Dad: Oh yeah?

Kevin: Yeah. 4 boys and 1 girl.

Mom: How do you know?

MaryEllen: By their butts!


Mom drops fork and starts cracking up!