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A Review: Padre Pio Between Heaven and Earth

June 9, 2009

This movie, Padre Pio Between Heaven and Earth,has gotten rave reviews by all the people in this family. This is a long, but beautiful and moving film about St. Pio (also known as Padre Pio). The scenery in the movie is quite beautiful and it gives one a good idea of what life was like during the better part of the 1900s when the Padre lived. The story starts during the time of the first World War and ends with actual footage from Padre Pio’s canonization Mass with Pope John Paul II. The story is being told by an old woman who was good friends with the priest and helped him to establish his hospital. What some may not realize is how much the good priest suffered for so many others. This movie gives a great glimpse of some of the intense sufferings and joys of St. Pio. I found there to be one drawback, if you can call it that. The movie is English dubbed. I would have loved to be able to understand the actors in their native tongue. However, this is slight and you do get used to the voices in English. I know this movie will be viewed in our home many more times, and the children request it on a regular basis. If someone is looking to get to know a saint more closely, this movie is a definite recommendation. This would be an excellent Confirmation gift, (especially if there is a boy you know who took this saint’s name) or wedding gift.  It is wonderful for a movie night and would do well to be shown either at home or in parishes. I now have a deeper understanding and love for this great saint and am all the better for watching this film.

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