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Quick Quilt Notes

June 23, 2010

First of all, several people have expressed a desire to learn to quilt.  This latest quilt frenzy not only finds me quilting, but I finally had the bright idea to look for quilt blogs!  I love them too!  Anyway, there is one quilt blog, Amy’s Creative Side, where she is hosting a beginning quilting quilt-along.  Basically it is a tutorial on how to quilt and she adds a lot of helpful hints.  You can find the post where she announced this, has the fabric requirements, and has a picture of what it might look like here.  Today she posted up instructions for the first two blocks.  You can find that here.

My other note is I found a quilt blog that I really like.  I should have posted this sooner.  However, you might find it a fun site to look at.  Happy Cottage Quilter.

Happy Quilting!


Visitors in Bodenburg

June 23, 2010

There are so many thinks happening, so little time to blog, and so many things to blog about.  First of all, our friends from Texas came to visit.  The one boy is Kevin’s pen pal, so he, especially, was looking forward to this visit for a long time.  They arrived last night, stayed over, and then left late this morning.  We all had a wonderful time!

 (American Girls in Bodenburg!)


The children had a great time playing cards, playing musical chairs, playing in the creek, and eating watermelon for dinner and pancakes for breakfast.  I hope they come back soon. 

Now, the garden…Now I remember why I didn’t take as many pictures in the past.  The weeds have officially taken over, and despite my efforts, I cannot keep up with it.  Ugh!  That being said, we are starting to get plenty of summer squash and a LOT of hot peppers.    Then one day I came home to find that my neighbors had left some zucchini for us.  What will I do with it all?  Besides zucchini bread and everything else, I’ll go give some to our other neighbors.  Lucky for us, they like it.  The yellow squash is almost all gone.   It’s not hard to use that up around here.  We had gotten a few out of the garden before that picture was taken.    Up in the pumpkin patch I have some new-to-here bug trying to eat up all the squash blooms.  I may have to make a hot pepper spray and put that on the plants.  It will be interesting to see if we get any beans because the Japanese beetle invasion has just begun!  The traps are hung, but down by the barn, where we don’t grow anything and we don’t have traps, they are all over and bigger than I have ever seen them!  Only time will tell!

In case you are wondering, yes, I am still in the middle of my quilt frenzy.  I don’t think I have ever done this much quilting in this short of a time.  I finished a baby quilt top, which I will not post a picture of in case the recipient looks at my blog.  I have also finished up to Month 7 of the Women’s Voices quilt and have 8 out of 10 Farmer’s Wife Sampler blocks done for June.  (There are 111 blocks, I think, and we’ll be doing aprox. 8 – 10 a month.)  I am also thinking about making another set of Farmer’s Wife blocks as I go.  It would not be too difficult, I’ll use fabric from my stash, and they are fresh in my mind.  All that helps!  We’ll see if I have time for that.  I have Month 8 block cut, laid out and ready to sew.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of completed blocks.  Women’s Voices blocks are 15 inch and the Farmer’s Wife blocks are 6 inch. 

Women’s Voices sampler…

Month 6 blocks


Month 7 blocks


Farmer’s Wife sampler…



James’s quilt was finally finished just in time for his 10th birthday.  The actual quilting was done by Sharon Williams. (Piecing and binding done by me!)

     (Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them a bit.)

Let’s see, my Mom also came for a visit.  It was a week-long and so nice.  She and the children played a lot of cards…

Oh yes, we also have a new little kitten.  This was given to us by a friend.  She is an interesting one.  She gets along with Mary Rose really well.  Actually I think Rose wanted a little play mate.  The new cat is Pumpkin.  She follows the kids down to the creek and loves to be with them.  I got a couple of good shots of Rose, but couldn’t get Pumpkin too well. 



Now, on a more somber note, we found out that ArchBishop Basil Schott of Pittsburg passed away on the 10th.  We only met him once, but he left quite an impression on us.  Please pray for the repose of his soul. 

On yet another totally different note, we have the coolest UPS driver around.  Tony always plays shoot out with the kids, whether we see him coming up the driveway, or pass him on the road.  It has become quite a game and the kids all love it.  Well, the one day I was babysitting my friend’s 9 children.  When Tony came up, I told all the kids to go out and shoot.  They thought I was nuts, but played along.  We had kids on both sides of the house.  I think Tony was pretty surprised.  He was heard saying things like, “There are too many!”  “Aaahhh, there’s more!”  It was quite a sight and I only wish I had gotten it on video!

Well, that is enough for now, I suppose.  Until next time, God bless you!

Month 5 Blocks and More

June 5, 2010

The Month 5 blocks for the Womens Voices sampler were a little more complex, so they took me two days.  (Not to mention that I did other things besides quilt!)  I really like them.  There was a time when I was not too fond of green and pink together, but now I like that combination.  That is what we have here.  The little pink pieces really make these more appealing to me.  Funny how things like that change.  The name of the pattern is Crowned Cross.

     The pink is not so neon looking in real life, only in the pictures. 

I complete the Farmer’s Wife # 26 again, the Cut Glass Dish.  In completing this block, I have 3 thoughts.  First, I will probably never make this block again, at least not at this small size.  Second, I don’t like Thangles much.  Third, I wondering what I have gotten myself into with this quilt.  The small size is really something.  Block 54 turned out much better, but there were no Thangles involved.  I think this block 26 turned out better than the last one, but that isn’t saying much.  It took a long time and a lot of ripping, but I am not doing it again!  I think when the quilt goes together, it will look a littl better because the edges will straighten out a bit (hopefully!) 

Edited to add, I just uploaded photos  on Facebook and found that I did half of this in the wrong direction.  Should I change them or keep it this way?  Decisions, decisions…

Now for the really fun stuff, MaryEllen got out the scrap bags and started sewing.   Let me say right now that MaryEllen saved her money long and hard so she could finally get an American Girl Doll.  Her best friend has Felicity, so she felt it only fitting that she get Felicity’s best friend, Elizabeth.  From here on out, when you hear us refer to Elizabeth, you’ll know who we’re talking about.   Back to the scrap bags…  Before I knew it, MaryEllen was showing me a little rag doll that she made for Elizabeth.  Without further adieu, here they all are….


 We hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

First Completed Block of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt

June 3, 2010

This just completed….

Block #54 of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt.  It is actually the first one that I completed.  The name is Kitchen Woodbox, and I am pleased with the results.

Who needs a garden when you are in the middle of a quilting frenzy?  ; )

Month 4 Blocks

June 3, 2010


This Morning’s Blocks

June 2, 2010

These are called “Underground Railroad.”  They remind me a lot of the Jacob’s Ladder block which has always been one of my favorites.


There is one mistake in each block.  I decided to leave them there because they are uniquely mine.  I am pleased with their appearance.

Edited to add….

As the day has gone on, a few more blocks have been completed.  The next one I did was a trial run, and not too successful.  It is the Farmer’s Wife block #26 called Cut Glass Dish.  Well, my cut glass dish must have fallen on the floor!  Here it is when it was together, not looking so good.   It is now all apart and I’ll try again.  In my defense, it was from a kit and one of the strips was not quite the right size, so I tried to fudge it.  It didn’t work so well.

 Joe really liked it and asked if it was for him.  “Yes, it is, and you’ll get it just as soon as I am done the other 110 blocks for the quilt!” 

After that I went on to complete Month 3 of the Women’s Voices Sampler quilt.  The patter is called Coxey’s Camp.


In case you are wondering, I did also manage to cook dinner tonight and wash, dry, and fold 6 loads of laundry.  I also exercised this morning, 6 laps of walking and jogging around the football field.  I gave the garden a break as I woke up pretty sore in the shoulders and neck this morning.  Have a great rest of the week!

A Sewing Accomplishment

June 1, 2010

Years ago I signed up for a block of the month program from Keepsake Quilting.  It was a Civil War era sampler called Women’s Voices.  These came in the mail every month and in a drawer they went.  I did open them a time or two just to look, but never attempted any.  About a year ago, I match some pattern pieces up to acrylic templates that I have to make the process a little easier.  Back in the drawer they went again.  A few months ago, I took out Month One, Patriotic Flags (or something like that.)  It was late one night and things got confusing and I put it away once more.  Out it came tonight and I finally got them done!  I am so excited about it, especially since it is so close to Memorial Day.  It has been a long time since I have finished any sewing item.  Here are pictures of the two blocks.  The idea is you complete two blocks of the same pattern each month.