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The Mager Book

April 3, 2013

Genealogy is a hobby that has always fascinated me. Before I was married, living at home with my parents and siblings, I used to love to look at the typed booklets that were made by my Aunt Babe that had my Dad’s side things. I was able to take one side of that family back one more generation. Someday I hope to find out more.7 mager book

On my Mom’s side there was talk of some book, “The Mager Book” that had the history of her Mom’s side of the family. When I got a bit older, my cousin Kelly was kind enough to make some copies of the relevant parts of the book for our family and translate some of it into English for me. The book is written in German. The original was published in 1935.5 mager book(My great grandparents, my grandmother and my great-aunts and uncles.)

4 mager book

My Mother’s cousin Terese Schirmer Piccoli and her son, Martin, translated the 1935 version and the updated 1972 version into English. When my Aunt Gert passed away, her original 1935 book was given to me. It is filled with wonderful pictures and the charts of people, while the English translation is just the text of the book with no pictures and no charts with the names.

3 mager book(From the English translation 2006)

2 mager book(Inside the 1935 version)

6 mager book(I opened this page randomly, photographed it, and then read it.  On the bottom my aunts and uncles are listed, but not my Mom.  I guess she didn’t make it into that version.)

Today in the mail arrived the updated book! It was updated for 2013 by Friedrich Mager. He was kind enough to send us a copy because our Genevieve is the youngest Mager in the book! This updated book is a bunch of name charts, and written in German, but we found ourselves right away.

1 mager book (The updated book that arrived today.)

Perhaps someday I’ll be blessed enough to own a 1972 edition.  That was the year I was born.

A special thanks to cousin Kelly for letting us know about this and sending Friedrich our information. (I was a little busy having a baby when the request for our information came out.) Also, thank you so much, Friedrich, for mailing us a copy and for you well wishes.

Old Pictures of Dad

July 5, 2007

I don’t know why I pulled these out today, but hopefully one day I will have all the old pictures on the computer so that each grandchild can get their own CD.

This first picture is my dad at work in his dad’s service station. It was owned by Oscar A. Eggert in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. My grandfather also had passenger cars that could be rented.


The next picture is after hunting. My father is the short man in the middle right front. Unfortunately my father is not around to tell me who these men are. I suspect that my Uncle Earle is on the far right, but I am not sure.


This last one is aboard the Ethel E. My grandfather had a commercial fishing boat out of New Jersey. I should know the name of the town, but I can’t remember right now. It was near Lacy and Dover on the shore. My father is the 3rd man from the left. My grandfather is the man in the middle with the captain’s hat on.

Note:  Aunt Babe said it was out of Forked River, NJ.