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First Snow of 2014

February 13, 2014

As we sat eating breakfast this morning, I just had to go outside! We got about a half-inch of snow, the sun was shining, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bluer sky! By myself, I went for a nature walk. I’m resurrecting this blog to put up a photo essay of the first snow, February 13, 2014.

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 008 What we saw at breakfast

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 012

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 015

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 013

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 018

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 017

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 016

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 023

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 024

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 026

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 027

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 028

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 030

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 031

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 033

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 035

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 036

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 042

The pumpkin patch MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 048

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 049

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 055

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 059

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 058

Spring Through Kevin’s Lens

May 19, 2013

Kevin was showing me some of his wonderful pictures and I mentioned that a blog post would be nice. I’ve been waiting for him to put them on my computer. While looking for some pictures the other day I ran across Kevin’s. I wonder how long they have been there. Enjoy Kevin’s Spring at Bodenburg 2013…













And, finally, a self-portrait….


Spring Irises

May 15, 2013

Over at the Showers of Roses blog, they do state studies and usually have some yummy things to go with it. When they did Tennessee, they made Iris lollipops. Every time we see beautiful irises I think of this family and those lollipops.

We are in the midst of Iris season here. The first batch that blooms is by our storm shelter at the back side of our house. There are quite a few and they are bluish-purple in color. They have already come and gone. In our front yard in my favorite corner there are purple ones with a yellowish tops.

This year we discovered another patch not too far from that corner and they are the bluish-purple. Last year at a local plant sale I bought one to put in our front flower bed. We found out this year that they are yellow. The stinkin cute kittens pounced on that plant and the blossoms came off. However, we brought them in and they did indeed bloom. We also have bluish-purple down at the road.

Today Veronica walks into my office and tells me she picked one for me.

15 May 2013 036

How do you like that?

Please enjoy a few of the spring pictures that we have taken in the last few weeks.

15 May 2013 037

Cloud photos by John one day while in town…

15 May 2013 035

15 May 2013 034

Around the yard…

15 May 2013 032 (Not being very good with flowers, I have no idea what this is.  However, MaryEllen just loves this bush.)

15 May 2013 031 (The blooms were almost gone on my lilac bushes when this picture was taken.)

15 May 2013 030

15 May 2013 029  (The first rose bloom of the year.)

15 May 2013 028

15 May 2013 026 (Vincent looking at the kitten in the box)

My favorite corner spot…

15 May 2013 020

15 May 2013 021

15 May 2013 024 (You can’t tell too well, but this is looking down a fairly steep hill to the creek.  There is actually a little path so one can walk it.)

15 May 2013 023

15 May 2013 022 (The thinner leaves are Tiger Lilies that bloom a little later.)

15 May 2013 025 (The bright spot is the sun reflecting on the creek below.)

15 May 2013 019 (My eldest and youngest)

15 May 2013 018

When you ask a stupid question…

April 17, 2013

WARNING… This topic may not be appropriate for some children….


Tonight at the dinner table:


Kevin: We did a census with the kittens today.

Dad: Oh yeah?

Kevin: Yeah. 4 boys and 1 girl.

Mom: How do you know?

MaryEllen: By their butts!


Mom drops fork and starts cracking up!

Just Like Spring – February 2012

April 3, 2013

Editor’s Note…  Here is another unfinished post from February 2012….

Well, it is quite a day out today!  The calendar says February 23, but it feels  more like May!  How are little children suppose to learn that one should not wear short sleeve shirts in the middle of Winter?

We took a nice little walk with the new puppy.  At first it was Charlotte, Vincent, MaryEllen and I.  A short time later James and Veronica found us.  Veronica at 3 is so busy.  The girls found an old turtle shell that their brothers had found years ago and put up.  Veronica took it with her and kept stopping to wash it in the side creek, which is running quite well today.  On top of being unseasonably warm today (if there is such a thing in southern middle Tennessee), it is very windy.  We were standing a while just to hear the wind blow.    It sounded like sticks breaking, but nothing fell.  Upon looking up to the tree tops you could see what was making all that racket.  All of the young trees were clanging together since there are no leaves.  As we were crossing a little part of the creek Veronica looked very carefully to see just where she would cross.  She took one step and stopped.  “Oh!” She exclaimed.  “I think I’ll take this with me,” she said as she took one of the bigger rocks from the creek.

James’s Nature Drawings

December 6, 2011

We have a book on wildlife in art that the children’s cousin sent them for Christmas, I think it was last year.  St. Nicholas brought a variety of art supplies last night, so James was inspired!  Here are a few of his works from today.  While you look at these keep two things in mind.  First is you may click on the images to see bigger pictures.  Second, my scanner only scans 8 1/2 by 11 and smaller, so some of the drawings have been cut off a bit.

The first one reminds me of something that my sister would have hanging in her house…

And James’s favorite…


Winter Wonderland 2010

March 14, 2010

We had a pretty cold winter for Tennessee.  An ice storm came and hit us.  We were very blessed that we did not lose power and we stayed quite warm thanks to Daddy’s wonderful fires.  The land was absolutely beautiful and I wanted to share the pictures.  You may click on the photos to enlarge them.  Enjoy!




Interesting Flower

October 19, 2009

I am so far behind in blogging, in case you hadn’t noticed.  I was going to try and take care of it this weekend, but here it is Monday already. 

 In September James found a very interesting flower.  I don’t know what it is, and have not even had time to look it up.  We did, however, take pictures.  (You may click on the pictures for a larger view.)

Edited to ad:  Thanks, Misty, for letting me know that this is a purple passion flower.  We’ll have to go and find out more about it.  

james and flower 09

cool flower 09 1    cool flower 09 2

cool flower 09 3    cool flower 09 4

Of course, if there is a camera, flowers, and a girl around, that girl must get into the action! 

charlotte with flowers 09 Just so you know, she is in costume.

In the Mail Today

May 26, 2009

Our Nature Friend magazine came in the mail today.  I got a hold of it first and went straight to the “You Can Draw” page where the polar bears were featured.  I was very disappointed when Kevin and MaryEllen’s pictures were not in there.

We were on our way into town and John was sitting next to me looking at the magazine.  He read, “Kevin Vogel age 10.  Hey Mom, Kevin’s picture is in here.”

So, if you get your hands on a copy of the June 2009 issue of Nature Friend, you can see Kevin’s eagle picture on page 13.  I hadn’t even see it before he sent it off, so I don’t have a copy to scan!

The Girls in the Spring 2009

April 10, 2009

First of all, we have one picture left over from the big snow that we got.  When we got another battery charger for my camera, this picture was left on it.

snowman-2009  I got a kick out of the sword and shield. 

One beautiful spring day, the girls got into some spring dresses and we went out for a photo shoot.  It is so beautiful in Bodenburg in the Spring.  We are blessed to have so many beautiful blooms that I just cannot help but to take pictures.  As as matter of fact, we have even more blooms that need to be photographed.  Perhaps on Easter we’ll do some more.  For now, please let me indulge in these photos of the girls…

Little Miss Veronica does not like it when Mama puts her down!


(You may click on the picture to see a larger image.)

Once Shabby the cat comes around, Veronica starts to feel much better.

girls-spring-09-2  girls-spring-09-3

This is a tree by our driveway.  This is the forth spring we have been here and I don’t remember seeing it more beautiful than this year:


Our yard sometimes reminds me of a beautiful park.  Whenever I get a chance to go outside, I am always so grateful for the beauty of God’s creation and for the opportunity to live in such a lovely spot.  Of course, we also give thanks for our beautiful children as well.  What a wonderful gift they all are, each and every one of them.  We are truly blessed.

 girls-spring-09-5  girls-spring-09-6   girls-spring-09-7

girls-spring-09-8   girls-spring-09-9   girls-spring-09-10

Now we have a little special something:  Charlotte in the magnolia tree.  It reminds me of some of the fairy stories that the girls love so much.

charlotte-in-the-magnolia-09-1   charlotte-in-the-magnolia-09-2

Happy Spring!