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Fair 2013

August 14, 2013

Ever since we moved here, we wanted to participate in the loca fair. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that we actually did. This year is our third year. Today we went to the fair grounds to see who won what. This is not extensive and some of the things we don’t know if they placed or not. The 4th and 5th place winners get participant ribbons. They were labeling items while we were there, so I’m not sure about a few of them. Anyway, here goes… in random order….

Giles Co fair 2013 023 Charlotte’s scrapbook took a first place and best of show!!!  (No on in the family has ever had a best of show ribbon before this year!)

Giles Co fair 2013 024James’ homemade puppet collection.  His ribbon is the blue for first place, not the white.  (Unless he also got 3rd place for something there?  I don’t know!)

Giles Co fair 2013 025Kevin’s “Helm’s Deep” from Lord of the Rings won second place in the model category.  Personally I think they should have a separate lego category as so many come in.

Giles Co fair 2013 026 Charlotte’s Marian shrine made out of popsicle sticks won 3rd place and MaryEllens’ decroated popsicle sticks won 1st in the small wood category.

Giles Co fair 2013 027James’s decorative wooden ax won 1st place in large woodwork.

Giles Co fair 2013 028Kevin’s collection of Lord of the Rings lego figures. (ed. to add. 4th place in collections.)

Giles Co fair 2013 029Jame’s photo of the soldier won first place in photo of a person or persons.  I’ll see if I can find the original photo since my flash ruined it here.

Giles Co fair 2013 030 Kevin’s Frist Place in Any other Painting (It was Acrilic and they didn’t have a category for that) won Best of Show!!!

Giles Co fair 2013 031MaryEllen’s horse drawing that was made into a plate from her friend’s birthday party won second place in marker drawing.

Giles Co fair 2013 032MaryEllen’s little figure won second place in paint on wood.

Giles Co fair 2013 033MaryEllen’s pencil drawing won 4th place.

Giles Co fair 2013 034MaryEllen’s crayon drawing with real grass!

Giles Co fair 2013 035Veronica’s horse and unicorn drawing

Giles Co fair 2013 036James’s face won first place in charcoal drawing.

Giles Co fair 2013 037James’s tank in the marker category (ed. to add won 4th place in marker and crayon art.)

Giles Co fair 2013 038James’c cannon photo (looks blurry here, but is not) (ed. to add 4th place in photo of man made structure or structures.)

Giles Co fair 2013 040James’s opossum in a trap photo.

Giles Co fair 2013 041MaryEllen’s wax figure won 3rd place

Giles Co fair 2013 042MaryEllen’s bookmark won first place in cross stitch

Giles Co fair 2013 043Charlotte’s fabric doll (sort of up side down) won 4th place in stuffed toys.

Giles Co fair 2013 044“Chip,” James’s prized puppet won 5th place in stuffed.  There was no other category for him, but it didn’t seem fitting.

Giles Co fair 2013 045MaryEllen’s cake won 3rd place.  It looked much better when it was delivered.

Giles Co fair 2013 046MaryEllen won first place for her skirt.

Giles Co fair 2013 047MaryEllen’s “biscuits”

Giles Co fair 2013 048MaryEllen’s pumpkin pie won 3rd place

Giles Co fair 2013 049MaryEllen’s green knit scarf won 2nd place.

Giles Co fair 2013 050On the right had side, you can see a little orange wax figure.  That’s Charlotte’s 5th place.

Giles Co fair 2013 051Charlotte’s covered lego model

Giles Co fair 2013 052Kevin’s big watermelon (21.8 pounds)

maryellen fair 2013 015 Blurry picture taken by MaryEllen of her “ocean box” that she has been working on for school in zoology won 2nd place in models

John’s Music

April 3, 2013

John has a great voice, but needs a band to go with it!!! Anyone…anyone…

Anyway, you can check out some of his stuff here.

Also, please pray that he finds a job soon.  He wants to work, but in this area it seems to be nearly impossible.  Thanks so much!



February 20, 2012

John & Philip Rivers 1

John has waiting a long time to meet…(who is that blurry man?)

San Diego Quarter back Philip Rivers.

Last night Joe and John went to hear both Philip Rivers and Deacon Alex Jones speak at a men’s conference.  (Doesn’t John look small there?  He’s actaully taller than me!)  Both John and Joe said that the speakers were excellent.  After the speaking engagement, they hung around to see if they could meet Mr. Rivers.  John didn’t want to “bother” him, so Joe went and asked to get a picture.

As parents, we would like to thank Philip Rivers for being such a wonderful role model, not only football player, but Catholic husband and father.

John’s Super Bowl XLVI Preview

February 2, 2012

Once again we have John’s expert preview of the Superbowl this year, 2012.  Although he doesn’t have much interest in this one (doesn’t care for either team), he’s on the ball with his commentary.

**Edited to add… I have nothing to do with the ads below.   As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know they were there until we looked at the post on Joe’s computer.

Without further adieu….

Super Bowl XLVI Preview

by John Vogel

This year, I must admit, we have a great match up.  Super Bowl XLVI features the New England Patriots, best team in the AFC, facing the red hot New York Giants, supposedly the worst team in the NFC to enter the playoffs this season.

The Patriots (15-3) defeated Tim Tebow and this “Orange crush,” 45-10, and then the Baltimore Ravens, 23-20, in the AFC Championship.  Tom Brady was one of the two quarterbacks to defeat Dan Marino’s 27 year old record for the most passing yards in a season as he tossed for 5235 yards and a 2nd career best 39 touchdowns.  (His career best is an NFL record of 50 scores.)  The Patriots have a reliable running back, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who in the past 3 years, has not fumbled in his NFL career.  Wide receiver Wes Welker lead the NFL with an astonishing 122 catches.  (The record is 143, held by Marvis Harrison, an ex-Indianapolis Colt.)  Welker also had his 4th career 100 reception season (tying an NFL record held by Harrison.)  Welker also took those catches and gained an AFC 2011 best 1569 yards.  (The NFL record is 1848, held by ex-49er Jerry Rice.)  As if that is not enough, the Patriots have 2nd year tight end Rob Gronkowski who caught 90 passes for 1327 yards, and an astonishing 17 touchdowns (4th best in NFL history, best for a tight end.)  Super Bowl XXXIX MVP Deion Branch returns to the team after being a clutch receiver in Seatle.  The defense though, is not impressive.  It allowed 323 points this year, 10 more than last year.  The net difference, although (thanks to the offense) is 193 points, which means the offense scored 513 points (all this does not include the playoffs.)  Earlier this season, remember that the Giants did beat the Patriots 23-20.

As for the Giants, Eli Manning, brother of Peyton, has proved his boast correct:  He is an elite NFL quarterback.  Manning himself threw for 4933 yards and 29 touchdowns during the regular season, and found himself a new favorite target; second year free agent wide receiver Victor Cruz.  Cruz made 82  catches for 1536 yards, an NFL 3rd best and a league high 18.7 yards per reception.  Another fact is this guy wasn’t drafted.  Hakeem Nicks racked up 1143 yards receiving this year as well, so this passing attack is talented.  The running game flopped in the regular season, but running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs have renewed their attacks and combined for over 400 yards in the past three games.  But the real strength of this team lies in the defense.  Defencive linemen Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Unameria have been incredible.  They have combined for 32 sacks, Jason on top with 18 of them and 80+ tackles.  The linebackers were better than average, and the secondary intercepted a second NFC best 20 passes.

I expect Tom Brady to struggle through the first quarter, but get an idea of the defensive schemes, and attack all through the second half.

The Score

New England      20

New York            23

The MVP:  Quarterback Eli Manning, 300+ yards

Please leave your predictions and comments below!  Thank you!

Saints Artist Trading Cards 2011

November 26, 2011

We had so much fun last year participating in Pondered In My Heart‘s ATC saint swap that we were thrilled they were doing it again.  Unlike last year, we made sure we took pictures of everyone’s cards before they went off in the mail.

Below you will find our artists’ works.  First, the process.  We gather a lot of saint books and art supplies and set up at the dining room table.  (John set up in his room.)  Veronica, at 3 years old, was given stickers to keep her busy.  We all went to work for the afternoon.





Now for the cards….(Please remember to click on the pictures for a larger view.)

Veronica’s cards (age 3)

Charlotte’s cards (age 6)

MaryEllen’s cards (age 8 )

James’s cards (age 11)

Kevin’s cards (age 13)

John’s cards (age 14 & eldest child)

Mom’s cards (never mind how old!)

Although I’m not an artist to say the least, it was very relaxing and fun to take the time to create some art.  When we receive our cards, I’ll try my best to get a post up about them.  After all, I still have a half completed post about our trip in May waiting for some attention.  A Mom’s work is never done!

Oh, I almost forgot.  We did take some pictures of Vincent that day.  It is a little challenging to get a good picture of him when  you are holding both the baby and the camera.


Super Bowl Preview by John 2011 Edition

February 5, 2011

My apologies to John as this is very late.  He had it done last week and I am just getting around to typing it in now.  Please feel free to leave a comment as he would love to hear from you.

Super Bowl Preview by John

This preview is about me analyzing the Super Bowl teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers.  Today I am going to start with the Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers enter their 8th Super Bowl, their 2nd under head coach Mike Tomlin.  “Big” Ben Rothlisburger enters his 3rd Super Bowl, hoping this time he will get the MVP.  In 2007, Super Bowl XLI, the Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-10, WR Hines Ward getting the MVP.  In Super Bowl XLIII, WR Santonio Holmes received the MVP for his 7 catches for 133 yards and game winning touchdown.

For “Big Ben,” he started the season suspended for the first 5 games, but came back to average 266.7 yards a game with 3200 yards.  his 97.0 passer rating finished 3rd in the AFC and 5th in the NFL. 

As for key player Rashard Mendenhall, he ran for -tying 2nd place in rushing touchdowns- 13 scores and ran for a 27 carry, 121 yard performance last week against the Jets, that earned him the game ball for that game.  (NOTE -To have a game ball means that the person was the MVP for that game.)

We cannot forget the unbelievable Pittsburgh defence, led by James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley, James Farriar, and Troy Polamalu.  Lawrence Timmons lead the team this season with 135 tackles, LaMarr Woodley tied the team with James Harrison in sacks with 10.5 and Troy Polamalu finished 2nd in the NFL with 7 interceptions.  Shaun Suisham is disappointed  with himself for a longest field goal of 48 yards.  

And last, but not least, is Mike Wallace, the new wide receiver.  Mike averages 21 yards per catch, caught a league leading 26 passes over 20 yards, 10 of those, another league leading, for over 40 yards.   80% of his 60 catches went for first downs. 

Green Bay Packers

Lead by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who for the 3rd straight season threw for over 3900 yards.  Green Bay has been bowl hungry, being the worst team (besides the Seattle Seahawks) to enter the playoffs at the #6 seed.  They became the first NFC #6 seed to reach the Super Bowl.

Rodgers, who leads the 13 quarterbacks in the playoffs with over 800 yards passing, now hopes to gain his first Super Bowl win, and the Packers first win since 1996, when led by Brett Favre.

The running game has been hurt since day one when running back Ryan Grant went down in the first week with an injury.  Since then, Green Bay has mainly used Brandon Jackson, who is unreliable when a first down is needed, only converting on 14.2% of his runs.

During the playoffs, the Packers have put their trust in rookie running back James Starks, who only played in 3 games.  He has fulfilled hopes, running for 100 yards in 2 games, on at Philadelphia and another at Atlanta.  Watch for James to break loose a few plays during Super Bowl VL. 

Green Bay’s receiving team is lead by Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, catching a combined 20 touchdowns in the regular season.  Green Bay has had some trouble holding on to the ball, fumbling 16  times, losing 8 of them. 

Green Bay’s defence, lead by A.J. Hawk, Charles Woodston, and Nick Collins, have swarmed the running game.  Watch for this top talent defense stop the running game and blitz Ben Roethlisburger a lot.


The final score:

Green Bay —-  17
Pittsburgh —  24

Passing leader – Aaron Rodgers
Rushing leader – Rashard Mendenhall
Receiving leader – Greg Jennings or Mike Wallace


That’s what I think.  Feel free to leave comments or predictions on the comments link below.  I would really like to hear your predictions.  Thanks for reading!

John was Confirmed

May 6, 2009

Here are some pictures:

Aloysius being Confirmed…

john-being-confirmed-09    confirmation-09-group-2


Edited to add…Jennifer has a lovely post about the day at her blog.  Jennifer is so much better versed about some of the symbolism that day.

This next picture is not from Confirmation, but is for my Mom who has internet access today:

Cute baby picture:


A New Blog

March 13, 2009

Vogel Boys 2 —

The boys are at it again! If they were only so excited about their math!

Bread Baking

March 19, 2007

Friday was the boys’ Contenders for the Faith meeting. What faith is this, you ask? Well, I’m not sure. There are so few Catholics, especially of the homeschooling type around here that there are no Blue Knights meetings, and not enough boys to start one yet. Also, I really like these other home educators in the group so we do this. (By the way, one of the suggested activities for Contenders is for the boys to tell everyone about their favorite bible verse. John wants to do Matt 16:18, “And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.” Yes, we are Catholic!)
Anyway, the boys made bread on Friday. The building was a little too cold and time restraints being what they were, the bread did not have time to rise properly. However, they did a great job and all the children here really enjoyed the bread.

bread2.jpg    bread.jpg   bread3j.jpg     

Manning and the Colts are Super Bowl Champions!

February 5, 2007

by John Vogel

The Dolphins Stadium, February 4th, 2007

The Colts win a  victory at Dolphans Stadium in Miami Florida, 29-17

The First Quarter

On the first play of the game, the kickoff, Chicago got a 92 yard touchdown run.  The extra point by Robbie Gold was good.  On 3rd and 13, Peyton Manning threw to Marvin Harrison but was intercepted by Cris Harris.  Nick Harper was injured during the first quarter.   LB Gary Bracet had a good first quarter, having 2 tackles and holding the Bears with 3 first downs.  With 6:58 remaining, Peyton Manning threw 53 yards to Reggie Wayne.  TOUCHDOWN!  Adam Vinatiery had a bad snap during the the extra point, so he went for the 2 point conversion.  He started to run but was tackled.  Mushan Muhammad caught a 4 yard touchdown.  The extra point was good.

The Second Quarter

The Colts had the ball at the end of the first quarter so they got to keep the ball.  The rain was pouring down so the ball and uniforms were soaking wet.  At the end of the drive for the Colts, Adam Vinateiry kicked a field goal to put the score 14-9.  The Bears punted on their next drive.   At 9:57 left in the first half,  the Colts started another drive and scored a TOUCHDOWN when Dominic Rhodes went to the endzone.  The extra point was good, to put the score 16-14.   A couple of drives later, Peyton Manning  threw to his least favorite target and the receiver fumbled!  Chicago recovered the ball.  During the next play, Chicago funbled and the Colts recovered!  On the last play of the first half Adam Vinatiery missed a 36 yard field goal when the ball went wide left.

The Third Quarter

The Colts got the ball.  They had the ball for 7 minutes and 26 seconds.  The drive ended with Adam Vinatiery’s 24 yard field goal to put the score 19-14.  The Bears punted again and the Colts got the ball.  Adam Vinatiery kicked a 20 yard field goal to put the score 22-17.  The Colts had 7 first downs, the Bears had 2.

The Fourth Quarter

The Colts continued their dirve and Marvin Harrison was injured, but his return was probable.  The Colts punted and the Bears got the ball.  Rex Grossman threw to Mushan Muhammad and was intercepted by Kelvin Haden.  He ran 56 yards.  TOUCHDOWN!  The Bears called a challenge and the Colts won that challenge.  Kelvin Haden had his first career inerception.  Rex Grossman intercepted one more time.  The Colts won in the last seconds.


Peyton Manning won the most valuable player of the game.   He had 25 completions out of 38 attemps  for 247 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.   RB Dominic Rhodes had 21 attemps for 113 yards.

Team Statistics

Colts                  Bears
24                       11                       First Downs
2-3                     2-2                     Extra points Made – Attempts
3-4                     1-1                     Field Goals Made – Attempts
0                         0                         Safteies
42-191-1         19-111-0          Rushes – Yards – Touchdowns
38:04               21:56                Time of Possession
11                       5                         Kicker Points
225                   147                    Return Yards
89                      138                    Kickoff Return Yards
92                      6                         Interception Yards
42                      3                         Punt Return Yards
662                  413                     Total Yards
3                        5                         Turnovers
12-4                 13-3                   Team Record