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Heard at the Art Museum Today…

April 26, 2013

We were there to see Dutch Masters. James looks at a Rembrandt painting of Jesus’ face and says to me, “I like the frame better than the painting.”

Edited to add what my friend who went with me heard (she’s got the better memory):

“I’m hungry.
Can I go to the next room.
Look at that drunk guy.
I’m thirsty.
Can you hold me.
Where are the statues?
That guy has a big honker (oh wait, that was YOU! LOL!).
look at the cute dogs.
Look at the depth perception in that painting.
Here goes mom talking about depth perception again.
Look at the lighting on that – it’s beautiful.
There’s a ship.
Can we go to the children’s playroom yet.
Why do you think I would be good at being the drunk in that painting – I’m offended.”

When you ask a stupid question…

April 17, 2013

WARNING… This topic may not be appropriate for some children….


Tonight at the dinner table:


Kevin: We did a census with the kittens today.

Dad: Oh yeah?

Kevin: Yeah. 4 boys and 1 girl.

Mom: How do you know?

MaryEllen: By their butts!


Mom drops fork and starts cracking up!

Today at Co-Op

January 16, 2009

Today we attended our very first home school co-op.  One of James’ classes was Spanish.  When asked what he learned that day his reply was, “Wellll….mostly Spanish.” 

Can you imagine what I wouldn’t know if these kids were in school?

Check This Out…

April 17, 2007

 My friend KC at the Cabbage Patch has advice for husbands on what to wear when your wife has chores for you…