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Rest in Peace, Steven

October 27, 2008

Steven’s Mom called this morning around 7 am eastern time to tell me that he had just gone to Heaven.  We will certainly miss him.  Last week we were able to see him everyday, except for one, from Sunday to Friday.  We feel blessed and privileged to have spent that time with him.  Here is the post that I did for his 25th birthday.  Below are some pictures from our trip in May of 2007.


Please pray for his family.  Thank you.


Happy All Saints Day 2007!!

November 1, 2007

Our All Saints Day started last night when we attened Mass.  There are two very special things about our church right now.  First is that the saints are very well represented.  Second, we have a wonderful priest who knows and loves the Chruch’s Traditions and who is a wonderful decorator in a very simple way.  Some of the Saint statues had a simple bouquet of flowers near them.  It was simple, very pretty, and enough to put you in a festive mood.  Also, Father lighted a lot more candles than usual.   (For my Protestant brothers and sisters:  We do not worship statues.  They are there as a visual reminder to us that we must all strive to become saints.  They are like having family pictures in our homes.)  Here are some pictures of our beautiful old chuch.  The first picture shows the right side of the alter where the Blessed Sacrament is kept.  We have St. Anthony, St. Josepeh, and whom Father said was St. Teresa of Avila, but the statue always reminds me of St. Rose of Lima.


Next is the left side of the alter.  We have St. Aloysius, Our Lady of Victory (also known as Our Lady of the Rosary), and St. Francis.  I put in an extra picture here to show Father’s statue that he puts our for special Marian feast days and during the months of May and October.

allsaints07-2.jpg    allsaints07-2a.jpg

This next picture is the center of the alter.  We have St. Boniface who is shown here with an ax and a tree stump.  He was known as the apostle of Germany and is said to have cut down a tree to show the people that the trees were not gods.  The middle is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the other side is St. Patrick.  The original Catholics who settled in these parts were German and Irish.  This parish has such a rich heritage.


Now the fun part.  It was a hectic morning.  We had our All Saints party that was an hours drive at 10:30am.  Then John was going to make it easy for me and change his saint to a bishop.  But, then he changed his mind.  So, I had to make the surplice that goes over the cassock.  I was rather proud of myself for that.  The next obsticle was MaryEllen.  She wanted to be St. Therese.  Well, when we started dressing her, she wanted to be Mary instead.  So, I had to switch and though a bigger Mary costume togther than I had planned.  When everyone was finally dressed, we all went outside for a picture.  I lined them up in the driveway when someone noticed the UPS truck coming.  You never saw saints running in so many directions!  But, we did manage to line them up again and get a picture.  Here it is…

 allsaints07-6.jpg  We have St. Michael, St. Aloysius, St. Therese, Mary, and St. Alban.

Finally, why do we always manage to get more pictures of the girls?  After all that work with MaryEllen, I made her get her picture done as St. Therese.  (And yes, she was very upset!)  And here is another cute one of Charlotte.

allsaints07-4.jpg     allsaints07-5.jpg

The party was wonderful.  The chidren went up and told something about their saint and the others had to guess.  Kevin stumped everyone and is very proud of that.  Then there was food, there was football, there were games with prizes, there was more football, there were catechism games.  We all had a wonderful time.  (Thank you Jennifer and Dorothy!)  Can you guess why John picked St. Aloysius?  He is the patron saint of football!

Our Epiphany Party

January 10, 2007

I did not get the pictures that I would have liked to, but here are some.  We celebrated Epiphany on the evening of January 6 at the home of our good friends, Mr. & Mrs. Gabbett.  Everyone loves to go there for anything, but a party was a little extra special. 

First we had a  Christmas present for them.  (Perhaps we should call it a ‘Little Christmas’ present).  It was a pitcher for thier kitchen.  mrs-gabbett-1-update.JPG

Second, the chess games began.  All the boys (young and older) love chess.  The girls got dinner ready, played with lots of neat toys, and read books.  We had a wonderful dinner with Turkey vulture meatballs, “cream” of broccoli soup (AKA Fr. Pokorsky’s favorite soup), and bread.   For desert there was a King’s cake (see birthday recipes.)  The jewels were non-dairy grain sweetened chocolate chips and the children’s favorite candy from the health food store known around here as shotgun bullets.

After dinner, while Dad and Mr. Gabbett played a very long chess game (that ended in a tie!), most of the children and the ladies made crowns.   Mr. Gabbett had gotten crowns from Burger King that morning and had put a little Christmas tree over the BK symbol.  I brought Catholic stickers of all kinds and Mrs. Gabbett had gotten glitter glue and chirstian foam stickers.  Everyone, except James who didn’t want to make one, had a wonderful time decorating the crowns.   After the crowns were done, Mr. Gabbett blessed the house with blessed chalk.    I wish there was a picture of that!

Here are some pictures:

epiphany-cake-update.JPG   epiphany-7-update.JPG   epiphany-4-chess-update.JPG

epiphany-1-update.JPG   epiphany-2-update.JPG   epiphany-3-update.JPG

epiphany-5-update.JPG   epiphany-6-update.JPG  

The next day was Sunday.  We went to Mass and when we came home Dad blessed our home with the blessed chalk and then we found out we are expecting!!!

Feast of St. John Neumann

January 5, 2007


January 5 is always a special day at our house.  It is the feast of my favorite saint.  I have always had a special devotion to St. John.    My mother took two friends and I to see him when we were little girls.  (We lived a little over an hour away in South Jersey.)  She said I ran right up on the altar and put my face against his coffin.   Even later in my life when I was Catholic in name only, I would still tell people about him and his miracles.    One summer the children and I went to see him agian.  This time they had a bunch of candles placed in front of his coffin so my children could not get as physically close to him as I once did, but it still makes quite an impression on them.

After I was married, genealogy became a favorite hobby of mine.  Two years ago I researched some nuns on my husband’s side.  My husband remembered meeting these women in Buffalo where his father grew up and thought they were just family friends.  Well, they were his father’s aunts.  When I contacted the Sisters of St. Francis, a lovely sister that I spoke to had known two of the sisters and she was able to send me information and pictures.  After doing some reseach on this order of sisters, I found out that St. John personally helped found the order.   When I found that out,  I knew without a doubt that he had a hand in it and he is always looking out for me.   There is no dobt that St. John, these sisters, and my deceased father-in-law worked together to get my husband and I together.  My husband was a 45 year old bachelor when I met him, what are the chances of him meeting and marrying me?   People may think that is a long shot, but I am a Catholic of great faith, and there are no coincedences.

Here is a picture of the sisters:


Pictured here are my husband’s 3 great Aunts, Sr. Charlotte, Sr. Mildred, and Sr. Gertrudis Kaltenback with thier neice, Sr. Joseph Claire Weber (also a sister of St. Francis), and their cousin, Sr. Mary Joseph Friedman, GNSH. 

Here is a link to a wonderful website on St. John Neumann.

 One of the best books that my husband read outloud about St. John was “Thomas Finds a Treasure” by Joan Stromberg.  When he was reading this we had just found out about the order and the book actually takes place at that time in Williamsville, New York. 

 Other books on our shelf are “John Neumann The Children’s Bishop” by Elizabeth Odell Sheehan which is an old Vision book that has not been reprinted.   A second one is “The Little Bishop Episodes in the LIfe of  St. John Neumann, C.SS.R.” by Paschal Turbet, C.SS.R.  It is an old St. Paul Edition book.  A thrid book is “Saint of Philadelphia the Life of Bishop John Neumann” by Philip Douglas.  A fourth book is “St. John Neumann Fourth Bishop of Philadelphia” by Robert H. Wilson.  It seems more of a pictorial book printed in 1977, two years before St. John was cannonized.  One of my favorite pictures is the lower church and his coffin how I remember seeing it as a little girl.  I also have a book on his recent miracles, but I can’t put my finger on it to write the title here, but there are a few people alive today who the good Bishop has appreared to. 

 In our home we have a lovely painting of St. John in our living room.   We also have a white bust of him and a white bishop statue of him that my mother recieved shortly after his cannonization.  He is like part of our family.

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

December 8, 2006

We did get to Mass last night for the vigil.  Joe went with us this morning and the boys served.  This afternoon was all business.  Please say a prayer that everything goes according to God’s will with our Virginia house.  Closing is set for Dec. 13. 


This evening while doing dishes, Charlotte started to cry.   James explained what happened.  “Charlotte and I bumped our brains together.”