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5 Minutes Before…

February 12, 2008

…we had to leave for Mass on Sunday, James tells me that Charlotte put toothpaste on her forehead.  Well, it was not only on her forehead, but in her hair as well.  Ugh!  If we weren’t trying to get somewhere on time, perhaps I would have found it funny and taken a picture.


Stolen Camera!!!

January 30, 2008

It seems that my camera was stolen out of my purse.  However the thieves left some incrimiating evidence…

stolen-camera-1.jpg    stolen-camera-2.jpg   

stolen-camera-4.jpg    stolen-camera-3.jpg

This Week in the Mail

December 16, 2007

I love this time of the year when the mailman brings all sorts of greeting from people not heard from in a year or so.  There have been many cards and we just love them all, especially those with pictures in them!   However, that is not the most exciting thing.  This week my favorite seed catalog came!  Yeah.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!!!  The most exciting addition to their catalog (in my ever so humble opinion) is Kabocha winter squash.  Now I can order all my seeds from one place.  Already in the works (in my mind, anyway) is planning the pumpkin patch, which also includes winter squash.  This year the pumpkin patch will be in a new spot, as the new horses are going in the field where the patch used to be.  The children may loose a little more of their “football field” this year, but they always seem to appreciate the pumpkins that come from the garden.

One little note about Baker Creek.  They are not only a seed company, but are activists against GMO foods!  Their catalog is also filled with interesting quotes.  My favorite being one from Ronald Reagan:  “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:  I’m from the gonvernment and I’m here to help.”

While I’m at it, speaking of politics, have you checked out Ron Paul for president?  If not, you might want to. 

 On a lighter side, our foyer is filled with blankets and pillows.  The boys have made countless numbers of paper guns of all kinds.  The girls are carrying these paper guns as well and all the children are playing “bear hunting.”   Charlotte has a hat from an armour costume that the boys wore.  It is pretty cute.  (But then again, when isn’t that girl cute?)

Some Moments in our Family…

October 30, 2007

James came to me one day during “school.”  I could not help but smile.  Gotta love this boy!


Charlotte was sleeping again.   Actually she was fussing quite a bit.  Then when she quieted I looked and she was asleep in the corner of the kitchen…


If we didn’t have enough of Charlotte sleeping, here’s one other day…

charlotte-sleeps-2.jpg     charlotte-sleeps-3.jpg

One day the children played in the rain…

maryellen-in-teh-rain.jpg     playin-in-teh-rain.jpg

This same day Kevin’s present from Aunt Mary Lou came…

kevins-present-07.jpg     kevins-present-2-07.jpg

Kevin was all smiles on his birthday…


The next day we had cake with Uncle Tom.  You can read a little more at this post.

kev-birthday-cake-07-1.jpg    kev-birthday-cake-2-07.jpg    kev-birthday-cake-3-07.jpg

Yesterday, Before Swim Lessons

July 19, 2007

I was in folding laundry while Charlotte and John were sitting at my desk.  My Mac has a screen saver that shows random pictures from my photo gallery and the children like to watch it.  When I came out of the laundry room, this is what I saw…


4th of July Bike Parade

July 5, 2007

Sacred Heart in Loretto, TN has been having a 4th of July picnic for the last 188 years.  Last year the children participated in the bike parade.  Every time that holiday is mentioned, the children talk about the bike parade.  So, this year we loaded the decorations and the bikes in the van and headed to our friends’ (The Gabbetts’) house in Loretto to decorate.  Then it was onto the church.  John took first place in his age catagory.  The others just had fun.

4july1.jpg      4july2.jpg     4july3.jpg

4july5.jpg     4july4.jpg

Why is the Tooth Fairy Always Late?

June 2, 2007

James has lost a lot of teeth lately. Unfortunately the tooth fairy has been late for every last one. Once she even left $10! Perhaps it was because she didn’t have any change on her and she didn’t want to be 3 days late instead of 2. And there were two teeth under the pillow that night. Anyway the children were discussing why she is late. Here is what they came up with:

“It must be because I left her a note. When I took the note away she finally came.” -James

“She must be really busy.” -Kevin

“I think she is just getting OLD.” -MaryEllen

I think that last one takes the cake. That must be the reason.

The Past Several Days…

April 24, 2007

Lots of pictures have been taken the past several days, but not one has been put on my blog. So, here is a little picture essay from the past few days.

One morning I came out to find a blanket fort in the den (our living room/dining room area). While pictures were being taken, Charlotte put a pair of my socks on.

fort1j.jpg fort2j.jpg charsockj.jpg

Later that same day…(April 20 if you’re wondering)…

ligaj.jpg shabj.jpg char20j1.jpg

On Sunday we went to 8:00 am Mass (a small feat in itself for a Sunday) and it happened to be First Communion in Lawrenceburg. After that we headed to Cullman, Alabama to the Saint Bernard Abbey and Ave Maria Grotto. (One little note for those of you without a southern draw. In our Northern Language, we always pronounced Bernard as “ber NARD.” Down here it is “BARN erd”). There really was not too many photo opps here, but it was a nice day. As we were walking through the parking lot, I was telling Joe that there might be an entrance fee, but I couldn’t remember. The minute after I said that, a nice lady walked up to us and asked if we had tickets yet. We said no. She then handed us a pass for 4 that she won from a radio station. We thanked her and Joe immediately asked if I had prayed for that. (He must think my prayers are pretty good!) But, I hadn’t, so we went on. There were lots of vendors, a few kids jumpy things to go on and a little “train” ride that was a tractor pulling some carts. I think that may have been the best part. One picture that I did get was the back of John’s head as he was looking at the memorial piece that was placed in honor of the monk who did all the sculpting. We have been to the grotto twice before so we didn’t go in this time.


Now, that evening we returned before dark so there was plenty of time to play. Kevin found a nice ring snake. Sorry for the blur, but a good snake is hard to keep still.

snake1j.jpg snake2j.jpg snake3j.jpg

Now, the next day, Monday, April 23, 2007…

We went to see the kittens. The boys were waiting for me on the storm shelter roof.

waitingj.jpg kittens1j.jpg

Then at some point the girls were having a fit. Who can resist these two little sad faces? (Their Mom, that’s who!)


Now, while on a roll, onto today…

Yesterday in the mail came the new chapel veils for the girls. MaryEllen just could not wait to wear hers to Mass, even wearing her pink dress to go with it. (We got white and pink.) Whatever MaryEllen does, Charlotte must do as well. By the way, we got these gems from Modesty Veils.


When I went out for a walk, I saw Fancy, the Mama cat, coming up the hill. So, I just had to take a peek. They were moving around a bit today. Here they are…

kittens3j.jpg kittens4j.jpg

On my way up to the house this is what I saw…

mej.jpg charlj.jpg charl2j.jpg

After all that, we have even been getting our school done! Praise God!

Yesterday I buzzed the boys’ hair as well. I’ll have to get a picture of them next. They all look so handsome.

Charlotte was Whining

April 18, 2007

This should be in the never-know-what-you-will-see-around-here file. Charlotte came in whining to me yesterday. I looked and this is what I saw:


I don’t know why she was whining because after this picture was taken she took the basketball net off and smiled at me.

Children’s Signs

March 28, 2007

We buried Lewis in the orchard next to the St. Francis statue.  Then we had a celtic cross that we placed on the grave.  The boys went to work making grave markers on cardboard tacked to large sticks.  I’ll have a picture of them soon.  James’s sign was written with bright yellow crayon.  “Here lies Lewis Fraces Vogel.  He Dide on his Borth Day.  He fonnd Jesuse.  The fist Vogel to go to Hevin.”  The other two were just as sweet.  This little baby was, and is, so loved by his siblings.

MaryEllen wanted to know where the baby came out of my belly.  “Is it where you nurse, Mommy?”  I told her no.  “Is it from your breast?”  Again I told her no.  “Did he come out of your belly button?”  I said, “Something like that.”  Later James asked if the baby came out of my belly button.  MaryEllen responded to him very matter-of-factly, “Something like that.”