Campbellsville 2014

There was a skirmish marking the 150th Anniversary this past Saturday.  The children and I took the day off of play rehearsal to enjoy the outdoors.  Oh how I have missed the camp sites, battlefields, and company at the reenactments this Fall.  Some of the children are in a play and the rehearsals are every Saturday.  We have and will continue to miss a lot of reenacting events.  However, Spring will be here before we know it, and perhaps I’ll get some 1860s attire sewn after I’m done with Little Mermaid Costumes.  Anyway… here are some pictures.

First, taken by Joyce Burdick and used with permission….

Kevin with the flag he painted.  I was hoping to get one of him dressed in Confederate attire.  The flag accompanied the men into battle yesterday and was there when the Federal fortifications were taken over.

joyce 4

The Confederate Infantry starting to their march to the enemy.  Photos taken by Joyce Burdick…

joyce 1 joyce 2

It was a beautiful day.  The only little problem was the wind.  Some of the vendors of at the festival part had to close down early because their things were blowing away.  At one point, Vincent just could not stay awake any longer.  This next photo was taken by Renee Norton and used with permission…


The next photos were taken by Jackie Johnson and used with permission…

j johnson 4 j johnson 5 j johnson 8 j johnson 9 j johnson 10 j johnson 11 j johnson 12 J johnson 13 j johnson 14 j johnson 15 j johnson 16 j johnson 17 j johnson 18 j johnson 19 j johnson 20

After the battle.  I’m the lady in the bonnet…

j johnson 21

It was a beautiful day.  It was nice to be out with other reenactors again. Thanks to Darrel Ball for organizing this event!

One last picture taken by James on his camera’s “dramatic” setting…

Kevin at campbellsville

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