For Marilyn, Part 6

It was May and there was a reenactment in Linden, TN.  The burning and seizing of the courthouse!  Let me tell you, the Cedar Bush Mess put on an incredible show!!  There was a tea in the morning and reenactment in the afternoon.  That evening there was a ball.  I think it’s safe to say we all had an incredible time!  The only problem for me was that I had a bad case of poison Oak all over my face.  Luckily, I’m not in too many pictures!

Linden TN  2014 006 Linden TN  2014 018 Linden TN  2014 017 Linden TN  2014 015 Linden TN  2014 014 Linden TN  2014 013 Linden TN  2014 011 Linden TN  2014 010 Linden TN  2014 009

Linden TN  2014 019

The two eldest members of the Confederate Belles with the youngest member…

Linden TN  2014 031 Linden TN  2014 028 Linden TN  2014 023 Linden TN  2014 022 Linden TN  2014 021 Linden TN  2014 020

Linden TN  2014 037Linden TN  2014 040

Linden TN  2014 036Linden TN  2014 040

Vincent and Genevieve slept through the entire battle!!!

Linden TN  2014 054 Linden TN  2014 046 Linden TN  2014 042Linden TN  2014 059Linden TN  2014 062Linden TN  2014 063Linden TN  2014 069Linden TN  2014 070Linden TN  2014 073Linden TN  2014 074Linden TN  2014 081 Linden TN  2014 082Linden TN  2014 087Linden TN  2014 089 Linden TN  2014 088 Linden TN  2014 087

Our next big event was Resaca, Georgia for the 150th Anniversary battle.  It was pretty soggy and cool, but a good time was had by all. We stayed Friday and Saturday.  It turned out that Sunday was rained out.  Once again we were with the Cedar Bush Mess.

1504954_685807518122714_714413574030422415_n 1619579_685807418122724_659882815933827867_n 10173517_685806468122819_3306017262792335909_n 10277911_685807478122718_5024975119794679428_n 10299964_685807961456003_7551090458678853960_n Resaca 2014 002 Resaca 2014 003 Resaca 2014 004 Resaca 2014 006 Resaca 2014 007 Resaca 2014 008 Resaca 2014 009 Resaca 2014 010 Resaca 2014 011 Resaca 2014 012 Resaca 2014 013 Resaca 2014 017 Resaca 2014 018

John, Kevin, and James took part in a documentary filming about Richard Kirkland, the “Angel of Marye’s Heights.”   Here are a few pictures from that…

10339585_298484496981311_8906897888946170811_n Richard Kirkland documentary 001 Richard Kirkland documentary 002 Richard Kirkland documentary 003 Richard Kirkland documentary 004 Richard Kirkland documentary 005 Richard Kirkland documentary 006 Richard Kirkland documentary 007 Richard Kirkland documentary 008 Richard Kirkland documentary 009 Richard Kirkland documentary 010 Richard Kirkland documentary 011 Richard Kirkland documentary 012 Richard Kirkland documentary 013 Richard Kirkland documentary 014 Richard Kirkland documentary 015 Richard Kirkland documentary 016

Charlotte had a birthday.  She turned 9 years old!  Where does the time go?  She was our baby when we moved to Tennessee.   And, a great big thank you to Aunt Mary Lou!

Flood 2014 005 Flood 2014 006 Flood 2014 011

Next a local rainbow when we were taking a little ride through the cemetery…

dance june 13 2014 002 dance june 13 2014 003

They have had a few dances at our local theater and someone took a picture of James and I.


In the summer the children had a wonderful time at Totus Tuus, our local Bible school

Totus Tuus 2014 005 Totus Tuus 2014 006 Totus Tuus 2014 007 Totus Tuus 2014 008 Totus Tuus 2014 009

Veronica turned 6 …

Ver 6 birthday denise visit 004 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 006 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 008Ver 6 birthday denise visit 015Ver 6 birthday denise visit 017Ver 6 birthday denise visit 019

John was in the play, “Clue, the Musical.”  He played Mr. Body.


Then my good friend and her children came to visit us from Minnesota.

Ver 6 birthday denise visit 023 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 025 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 030 Ver 6 birthday denise visit 032

Kevin turned 16!!!!

kevin's birthday and flag 003

MaryEllen was Confirmed!  Praise God!

kevin's birthday and flag 006 kevin's birthday and flag 007


Kevin painted this flag for his SCV group.

kevin's birthday and flag 011 kevin's birthday and flag 013

As of right now, Kevin, MaryEllen, Charlotte, and Veronica are rehearsing for “The Little Mermaid” every Saturday, so we have had to miss all the reenactments.  Some of us really, really miss them.  Also, my camera battery is not any good, so I don’t know how many pictures I’ll be taking.  But, Miss Marilyn, I will try to better keep my blog updated.  We always enjoy looking back at everything as well.


2 Responses to “For Marilyn, Part 6”

  1. Marilyn Lawrence Says:

    My dear Kristen and precious Vogel family. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this “updated blog.” Thank you so much. A lot of time, patience, memory recall, went into this update. I marvel at you Kristen in all the wonderful and precious time spent with the family in so many exciting and memorable outings. The children are so blessed to have you and Joe for their parents. The opportunities these children are given seem endless.
    My goodness Kristen, all I have to do is to mention something to you, and walla, it’s done! I marvel at your God given talents and the talents each of the children possess! What beautiful gifts God has given you and Joe.
    Again, thank you Kristen for this beautiful, updated blog. I am sure it is also appreciated by your followers. May God bless you all abundantly. Love you and miss you,
    Miss Marilyn

  2. krisvog Says:

    Dear Miss Marilyn, Thank you and we love you. 🙂

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