For Marilyn, Part 4

We’re back again.  To mark the 149th Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin, they have a march to the Carter house.  Some of us went that day, I think it was Kevin, James, MaryEllen, Vincent, Genevieve, and I.  We marched with the Confederates from Winstead Hill to the Carter house.  Kevin was in with the Cedar Bush Mess and James was with the Sharpshooters.  It was actually the first time we had ever been to Winstead Hill.

franklin march 2013 002 franklin march 2013 003

As you may be able to see by the noses, it was a bit chilly.

franklin march 2013 004 franklin march 2013 005 franklin march 2013 007 franklin march 2013 009 franklin march 2013 010

An interesting thing about this photo is that Kevin was being photographed by a man.  Later I found out the man was looking for someone to be the lead in a film about the Battle of Franklin.  He chose Kevin.  More about that later.

franklin march 2013 012 franklin march 2013 013 franklin march 2013 015 franklin march 2013 016

The boys, John, Kevin, and James, had been to their first reenactment in Franklin a week or so before this march.  I had to miss it.  However, they had captured Grant there.  So, they went up and reminded him of that.

franklin march 2013 027

Speaking of that reenactment, James went down and cut his eyelid on a piece of grass.  Everyone who saw it said it bled like the devil and they were afraid he had shot his eye out or something.  I don’t have many pictures from that at all.  But here is one…


Kevin looks like the bottom tip of the flag is coming out of his head with the blanket roll on his soldier.  John is the one who looks like he is under the flag with the gray kepi on.  I hope that is sort of clear.

John turned 17 that year, but I don’t have a great photo of that day, unfortunately.

December came and one day we got a box of Cheryl’s cookies from some of our favorite relatives!  We took a thank you picture.

cheryls from Mairenas 2013 001

Next we tried to get a decent Christmas picture.  It is always so hard!

For the cards 2013 UGH! 001 For the cards 2013 UGH! 002 For the cards 2013 UGH! 003 For the cards 2013 UGH! 004 For the cards 2013 UGH! 005 For the cards 2013 UGH! 006 For the cards 2013 UGH! 007

Merry Christmas 2013!!!!

New Year’s Day found us at a wedding!!! Beth and Donald tied the knot!  Oh happy day!

1 Beth and Donald 2014 026 Beth and Donald 2014 029 Beth and Donald 2014 032 Beth and Donald 2014 041 Beth and Donald 2014 042 Beth and Donald 2014 043

Genevieve turned 1!!!

16 january 2014 011 16 january 2014 013 16 january 2014 019 16 january 2014 021 16 january 2014 023

There was a video shoot.  It was that man who met Kevin in Franklin.  He asked Kevin to bring his Mom and sister with him.  He took footage and took some pictures of us as well.  We just received our copy of the finished product (and this is September 2014 now).  It’s really neat!  It is called “Somebody’s Darling” by Tony Silva.

1860s video shoot 002 1860s video shoot 003 1860s video shoot 004 1860s video shoot 005 1860s video shoot 006 1860s video shoot 007 1860s video shoot 008 1860s video shoot 009 1860s video shoot 010 1860s video shoot 011

Next came MaryEllen’s 11th birthday.  I’m sorry to say I don’t have great pictures from that either.

MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 002 MEs 11th and frist snow 2014 004

We had a warm day in February 2014:

18 February 2014 001 18 February 2014 005

Our cat Rosie Toes:

18 February 2014 006 18 February 2014 007 18 February 2014 008 18 February 2014 009 18 February 2014 010 18 February 2014 013 18 February 2014 014 18 February 2014 015 18 February 2014 017 18 February 2014 020

The boys were out filming a war movie:

18 February 2014 023 18 February 2014 024

On to the next part….


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