For Marilyn, Part 3

The boys did a living history event at the square in Pulaski.  I think a few of the better pictures here were taken by Dana Ball  (used with permission).

pilaski 1 pul 2 pul 2 pul 6 pulaski 2 pulaski 4 pulaski 5 pulaski 28 sept 2013 001 pulaski 28 sept 2013 003 pulaski 28 sept 2013 004 pulaski 28 sept 2013 005 pulaski 28 sept 2013 006

Next, some random pictures that were on a boys camera. I’m sure they had something to do with their filming:


What in the world?!?!?!?


We attended a dedication of a headstone for 1st Sgt. James Jordan Phillips at Old Shore Cemetery.  A lot of the man’s descendants attended.  It was really nice.  Kevin and James were part of the honor guard.

dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 002 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 015 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 016 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 019 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 021 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 029 dedication giles co 29 sept 2013 036 old shores 2 old shores 3 old shores flags old shores honor guard 2

The children also did living history at Campbellsville.  Photos by Dana Ball and/or Joyce Burdick.  Used with permission.

campbellsville 2013 1 campbellsville 2013 2 campbellsville 2013 3 campbellsville 2013 4 campbellsville 2013 5 campbellsville 2013 6 campbellsville 2013 7 campbellsville 2013 8

All the while, the children had been practicing for a play.  Alice In Wonderland!  John was the Caterpillar.  Kevin was the Mad Hatter.  James was the doorknob.  Charlotte was a flower, and MaryEllen was all over the place!  I helped make some costumes for it.  Just before opening, there was a chili cook-off on the square.  The first batch of photos is from that event.  The second is back stage on opening night, and then just a few pictures from the play taken by my sister, Sue.

Obviously, James is not dressed as the Doorknob here.  For a while, he was known as “The Army Guy.”  Now you can see why.

first AIW show 008

Kevin as the Mad Hatter (without makeup.)

first AIW show 009 first AIW show 012 first AIW show 014

MaryEllen in one of her costumes with a couple of the Cheshire Cats

first AIW show 018

Someone’s grandmother enjoying holding a sleeping Genevieve.

first AIW show 021


first AIW show 028 first AIW show 031 first AIW show 033 first AIW show 035 first AIW show 038 first AIW show 048 first AIW show 049 first AIW show 057 first AIW show 061

Next is part of the show, before my sister’s camera battery died…

IMG_2448 IMG_2452 IMG_2453 IMG_2455 IMG_2458

My Mom came down with Sue to visit and see the play.  Before the play, lots of pictures were taken of her and the smaller children.

IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_2438

Veronica in her princess dress:


In 2013 we had a little All Saints party here.

St. Theresa or Teresa?

All Saints 2013 002

St. Helena – her brother, I think James, made the cross for the occasion.

All Saints 2013 005 All Saints 2013 007

St. Patrick

All Saints 2013 011

Can’t remember if she was Elizabeth of Hungary or St. Margaret of Scotland

All Saints 2013 014

Our All Saints mantle

All Saints 2013 017

Musical saint chairs

All Saints 2013 019

On of our guests as Pius X

All Saints 2013 027

All Saints 2013 030

There was some living History In Lawrenceburg.  That is where we met the Cedar Bush Mess!!!  Yeah!!!

2 Nov 2013 010 2 Nov 2013 012 2 Nov 2013 014 2 Nov 2013 016

In November, some of the children were in the Nutcracker.  The only pictures I have are John dressed as the Prince and the shirt that Kevin made for the rat king.  As it turns out, the picture of John is before the costume adjustments, so I’ll not even post it!


On to the next part….

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