For Marilyn, Part 2

We last stopped off about the time we went to get the boys from Camp.  We stayed a while so the boys could have a little more time with their camp buddies and to take a break from the car.  You see, we had driven about 5 hours to get them.  Then after we left camp in Elmhurst Twp, PA, we were driving straight through to Nashville, TN to get to an ordination the next day.  Anyway, camp…

Moms virginia 2013 205 Moms virginia 2013 206 Moms virginia 2013 215 Moms virginia 2013 223 Moms virginia 2013 230 Moms virginia 2013 241 Moms virginia 2013 248 Moms virginia 2013 255

We finally got back in the car only to realize that the boys smelled horrible!  In the past, they had gotten showers just before their parents picked them up.  Not this time!  What to do?  I made a few phone calls and we stopped back at the place we stayed in at Front Royal so they could get showers.  Then it was back on the road to Nashville. It was probably 10 or 10:30 pm by this time.  While driving, I realized that I am not as young as I used to be!!!  Oh my!  John drove until 11:00 pm, which was his limit with his permit.  I cat-napped.  Then I stopped twice during the night for about an hour each.  Then we stopped to get “breakfast” at a truck stop, but had to eat on the road as we were running out of time.  John was able to take the controls at 6:00 am, which he did while I cat-napped some more.  Then I took over again, and we made it to the Cathedral of the Incarnation about 9:45 am.  The ordination was to begin at 10:00 am.  Yeah, we made it.  Fr. Justin Raines was ordained, along with our friend Fr. McGowan.  It was beautiful!!!

Diocese of Nashville Priestly Ordinations 2013:

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The next day was Fr. McGowan’s first Mass at old St. Mary’s in Nashville.  We were privileged to be there as well.  After the Mass there was a reception.  MaryEllen sang Ave Maria for Fr. McGowan.

You can click here to see it on YouTube.  Joe shot it with his phone.  (I hope that works!)

After all that, it was time for Veronica’s 5th Birthday and the Giles County fair.

Giles Co fair 2013 013 Giles Co fair 2013 009

A back to school pie made by MaryEllen…

.Giles Co fair 2013 005

Charlotte’s scrap book took best of show…

Giles Co fair 2013 023

James’s picture took 1st (and it later took 1st in the district fair)

Giles Co fair 2013 029

Kevin’s painting took best of show

Giles Co fair 2013 030

Kevin’s watermelon took largest.

Giles Co fair 2013 052

MaryEllen took a first place with her skirt..

Giles Co fair 2013 046

The end of August meant saying goodbye to the seminarian who was at our local church.  Andy suggested that we could use these pictures for our Christmas cards to the seminarians that year.  So, we did!  I’ll just post them all here.  (Remember that you can click on the pictures to make them larger.)

4 sept 2013 011 4 sept 2013 012 4 sept 2013 013 4 sept 2013 014 4 sept 2013 015 4 sept 2013 016

We also had a very cute baby in a sweet dress sent by Aunt Maureen and Uncle Armando:

4 sept 2013 001 4 sept 2013 002 4 sept 2013 009 4 sept 2013 005

Then before we knew it, Kevin’s birthday had arrived.  15!!!!

4 sept 2013 020 4 sept 2013 023 4 sept 2013 027

As was posted before on this blog, the boys (actually the whole family) got into reenacting.  Here are a few shots from one of the gatherings before we had proper 1860s clothes.

21 sept 2013 009 21 sept 2013 012 21 sept 2013 015 21 sept 2013 016 21 sept 2013 021 21 sept 2013 038

My children love history, not only War of Northern Aggression history.  Case in point, Kevin made himself a uniform from WWII:

21 sept 2013 005

On to part 3!

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