For Marilyn, Part 1

This is a 6 part series.  I ordered it like this so it would go from a year and a half ago to the present time.  It would have been too lengthy for one post.  Please pray for my friend Marilyn.  This is for her.  If you get to “For Marilyn, Part 6,”  you have reached the end!

This promises to be a lengthy post.  My friend Marilyn always mentions to me that she checks my blog and it has not been updated.  It seems to be easier to just post pictures onto Facebook.  I realize that  not everyone is on Facebook, so I should be better about posting here.   Recently I came across a list I had of things to blog about.  It looks like I’m about a year and a half behind.  So, this post will sort of be a recap of that time, and pretty photo heavy, I imagine.

We’ll start with Msgr. Peter.  We had an awesome visiting priest for a month here locally.  We didn’t find out about him until  he was hear nearly a week.  He accomplished so many things in that time, it was amazing.  We miss him, even over a year later.  When he was a young priest he had  a brain tumor.  He was in Rome an a large assembly when then Pope John Paul II came running up to him and said he needed to pray.  Msgr. Peter felt the tumor melt and he was cured.

Here he is with us in the summer of 2013…

Msgr Peter

In the Summer of 2013, the children and I went to a monument dedication at Tullahoma.  This completed the dedications to the soldiers buried there from all the different states that they came from.  This particular day they were dedicating the South Carolina and Kentucky memorials.

Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 009  Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 010 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 011 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 023 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 032 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 039 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 044 Fr. Peter shrine and memorial dedication 045

In the summer of 2013, we took a trip to Virginia, not only to tour, but John, Kevin, and James went to camp in Pennsylvania.  We went a bit early so we could tour.  First day was Lexington!  We had never been there and I was amazed at how close it was to where we used to live.  It was one of those places that we always said, “one of these days,” and then we moved.

Our first look at Stonewall Jackson’s house:

Moms virginia 2013 022 Moms virginia 2013 024Moms virginia 2013 026

VMI at the George Marshall Museum:

Moms virginia 2013 032

Finally got to see Little Sorrell:

Moms virginia 2013 034 Moms virginia 2013 035

One of the most exciting parts of the trip was seeing Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!!!  If you don’t know, they were cannons used by the Confederate Army.

Moms virginia 2013 047

Our good friend Homer graduated from VMI in 1951 and we found his brick:

Moms virginia 2013 051

This is John’s camp buddy Alex who is now a Rat… he ended up giving us the grand tour of VMI while a storm threatened us…

Moms virginia 2013 054  Moms virginia 2013 055 Moms virginia 2013 056 Moms virginia 2013 058

Stonewall Jackson’s grave…

Moms virginia 2013 060

Our message to Uncle Homer from VMI:


The next day we went to Gettysburg!  It was not a sunny day, and it drizzled, but that was a blessing because the week before was the 150th and everyone who went said it was really, really hot.  We were grateful for the drizzle!

Moms virginia 2013 065 Moms virginia 2013 070 Moms virginia 2013 072 Moms virginia 2013 074 Moms virginia 2013 077 Moms virginia 2013 075 Moms virginia 2013 080 Moms virginia 2013 082 Moms virginia 2013 081 Moms virginia 2013 098 Moms virginia 2013 100 Moms virginia 2013 104

The day after that we went visiting in Fairfax.  We visited Aunt Marie and Uncle Homer and then we met up with Cousin Laura.  We were suppose to go back to the National Zoo that weekend with Laura, but we had a couple of children with fevers, so we didn’t get to.  This day we met her at the Sunflower Cafe, another place that we had been meaning to get to for years.

Moms virginia 2013 114 Moms virginia 2013 115

We also stopped in Manassas to visit Aunt Mary Ellen.  It is always good to see her.  We then took a ride through the old cemetery to visit the children’s great grand parents.  Then we went a little south to visit friends.  I cannot believe we didn’t get pictures with these people, but sometimes that happens.

Moms virginia 2013 122 Moms virginia 2013 123

The day after that we went to Winchester.  My sister Mary Lou was traveling through, so we were going to meet up with her.  Also, we never want to go to Virginia without going to the Stonewall Jackson Headquarters Museum.  It is a wonderful little museum with so much history and there is a little lady who is a fabulous tour guide!.  Also, they usually have a nice selection of used books!

The wonderful tour guide allowed me to take a picture in there.  This is the quilt that Stonewall Jackson slept under.  I would love to make a copy of it one day.

Moms virginia 2013 117.

My sister had called while we were still at the museum, and she didn’t have too much time.  So we did not have the time to take a group photo there.  However, these were on the outside.  The day was picture perfect and I could not help but to take a picture of the sky!  There is NOTHING like the Virginia sky!!  Nothing.

Moms virginia 2013 118 Moms virginia 2013 119 Moms virginia 2013 120 Moms virginia 2013 121

Somewhere in there, we took the boys to Camp St. Isaac Jogues.  Then I had the younger children with no babysitting help, just like the old days.  You know, you can’t just run into a store quickly, or anything like that.  The whole crew has to come.  But, we had a good time anyway.

We visited the Warren Rifles Museum in Front Royal.

Moms virginia 2013 124 Moms virginia 2013 125

One of our favorite spots is the Frontier Culture Museum.  If you ever get to Stanton, VA, it is well worth the time.  After spending the day here, we were able to meet up with Uncle Tom for dinner.

Moms virginia 2013 129 Moms virginia 2013 130 Moms virginia 2013 131 Moms virginia 2013 133 Moms virginia 2013 134 Moms virginia 2013 135 Moms virginia 2013 136 Moms virginia 2013 137

Insert here about 50 pictures of gourds.  MaryEllen loved the gourds.

Moms virginia 2013 156 Moms virginia 2013 157

We visited our beloved Aunt Ellen.  She is Joe’s Godmother.

Moms virginia 2013 161Moms virginia 2013 162 Moms virginia 2013 163

We then visited Uncle Jeff, but didn’t get any pictures.  On our way out of his house, I decided to make a  left and head to Old St. Mary’s.  Many of the children’s relatives are buried there.  And, for the first time, the church was open!!!  There was a cleaning lady and she didn’t know why the front door was open.   I figured it was a gift from God.

Moms virginia 2013 165 Moms virginia 2013 169 Moms virginia 2013 167 Moms virginia 2013 170

Moms virginia 2013 171 Moms virginia 2013 172 Moms virginia 2013 180 Moms virginia 2013 181 Moms virginia 2013 184

After this we headed back to Manassas to the Old Fort spot.  I also wanted to show the children Liberia, where their great-great-great grandparents lived.  We could barely see it.  While up on the old fort hill, we got a call from Mrs. Bergida.  It turned out that Fr. Bergida was at a church that wasn’t too far away, St. Andrew’s in Clifton. We ended up going there for a picnic dinner and church tour.  Very nice.  MaryEllen sang Ave Maria for him before we left.

Moms virginia 2013 190 Moms virginia 2013 201

Kids with Fr. Bergida 2013

I’m sure we did several other things in Virginia that I cannot remember.   Pretty soon it was time to go pick up the boys from camp.

I think I’ll stop here and go to Part 2!

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