Spring Irises

Over at the Showers of Roses blog, they do state studies and usually have some yummy things to go with it. When they did Tennessee, they made Iris lollipops. Every time we see beautiful irises I think of this family and those lollipops.

We are in the midst of Iris season here. The first batch that blooms is by our storm shelter at the back side of our house. There are quite a few and they are bluish-purple in color. They have already come and gone. In our front yard in my favorite corner there are purple ones with a yellowish tops.

This year we discovered another patch not too far from that corner and they are the bluish-purple. Last year at a local plant sale I bought one to put in our front flower bed. We found out this year that they are yellow. The stinkin cute kittens pounced on that plant and the blossoms came off. However, we brought them in and they did indeed bloom. We also have bluish-purple down at the road.

Today Veronica walks into my office and tells me she picked one for me.

15 May 2013 036

How do you like that?

Please enjoy a few of the spring pictures that we have taken in the last few weeks.

15 May 2013 037

Cloud photos by John one day while in town…

15 May 2013 035

15 May 2013 034

Around the yard…

15 May 2013 032 (Not being very good with flowers, I have no idea what this is.  However, MaryEllen just loves this bush.)

15 May 2013 031 (The blooms were almost gone on my lilac bushes when this picture was taken.)

15 May 2013 030

15 May 2013 029  (The first rose bloom of the year.)

15 May 2013 028

15 May 2013 026 (Vincent looking at the kitten in the box)

My favorite corner spot…

15 May 2013 020

15 May 2013 021

15 May 2013 024 (You can’t tell too well, but this is looking down a fairly steep hill to the creek.  There is actually a little path so one can walk it.)

15 May 2013 023

15 May 2013 022 (The thinner leaves are Tiger Lilies that bloom a little later.)

15 May 2013 025 (The bright spot is the sun reflecting on the creek below.)

15 May 2013 019 (My eldest and youngest)

15 May 2013 018


2 Responses to “Spring Irises”

  1. Laura Louise Says:

    I love the way irises smell! There are some varieties in the garden at the cathedral across the street from me – yellow, peach, powder blue, purple and white. Each color has a different scent. Lilacs are one of my favorites – there’s a lilac tree in the cathedral garden as well, but the flowers have faded now. Lilacs always remind me of my mom and the end of school, because they would come out in late May or early June in Massachusetts, and my mom likes to pick a few bunches to put on the dinner table.

  2. SC Says:

    I love all your new photos of the flowers and gardens….. especially the roses (of course) and the flower sweet Veronica picked for you that was taller than she is! She is a little treasure! The photo is priceless…… flowers can be planted again, but love like that only blossoms when kids are tiny! Enjoy the sweetness of those moments!

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