Sunday Football

There is a young man at church who did not think that John could play football well. So, about 3 months ago John said, “Why don’t we play a game and then you can see.” They set the date for the first Sunday in April. Hearing about football every day around here is nothing new. However, the week before there seemed to be a lot more of that talk. Also, we got wind of a “secret weapon” that the other captain was planning. It was said that he was going to bring in a high ranked state high school player. Well, that didn’t seem to fair to us, but someone mentioned another young man who used to go to our church who now happened to be 6 foot 4 and a good athlete.

Prior to that, John was really training hard. Everyday he was out running up and down our very steep hill in the back. He was practicing throwing and catching whenever he could. He was bound and determined to win, even though he knew that most of the boys he was planning on picking didn’t play much football and he was much smaller than the other young man. He thought out strategies and watched film clips of plays on YouTube. He was prepared. (Photo’s by S. C. Thank you!)

IMG_6895 (During the picking of the teams)

The first Sunday in April arrived. First thing in the morning the boys were out practicing. Then they showered and prepared for Mass. They were all serving, which is an honor in itself. Then after Mass, we got ready to head to the park. The weather was gorgeous! You could not ask for a better day.

IMG_6909(Kick off!)

Several dads were officiating. Father joined in the first half on the other side. The other captain offered John the first pick in color of the flags, blue or yellow the week prior (it was flag football.) John chose blue for our Blessed Mother. After picking teams, and just before the opening kickoff, the blue team was nearly penalized when someone yelled, “We prayed to Our Lady of Victory for us and to Our Lady of Sorrows for you!” (Personally I thought that was rather funny!)

IMG_6916(Kevin making a catch and escaping the “secret weapon.”)


IMG_6943(Father throwing the ball)

IMG_6921 (John’s foot up in the air after a kick)

IMG_6966 (In almost every picture, John had a smile on his face.  He does love his football.)

At halftime the blue team was up by a touchdown (35-28 for the Blue).   If I remember correctly, sometime during the second half the yellow team was in the lead and then there was a tie.  (Edited to add:  I was not correct.  The blue team never fell behind, only tied or was ahead.)   Then the ball was intercepted by the blue team and then another touchdown. Someone ran over to us and yelled, “It’s over. The Blue team won!!” Yes, I was excited! It certainly looked as if everyone had a great time. And, thank God, no one was hurt.  Final Score was 63 – 49!!!

IMG_7042  (Victory jumps!  I think John was a little excited!)


IMG_7065 (Victory hugs.)

IMG_7116 (PB and his drums)

After the game, PB brought out his drum set and started playing. JB brought out his puppet and Kevin helped him to operate it. MaryEllen thought she lost my camera and everyone there started looking all over for it.  After about 15 minutes or so, she found it in her purse. I told her St. Anthony would find it and he did! After the game at the park, we went to a friend’s house and had a nice little party with a campfire. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.


One Response to “Sunday Football”

  1. Laura Louise Says:

    Wow – congratulations! As the sister of an athlete, I know that it’s more than just brawn that makes for a win – it’s also brains, technique, etc. Well done, John!

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