MaryEllen’s Cookin’

MaryEllen is becoming quite a good cook. Even her eldest brother told his friends that the other day. For St. Patrick’s Day she made a delicious loaf of Irish Soda bread shaped like a shamrock. Just thinking about it makes me want soda 2013 2

MaryEllen used the recipe below except she replaced the sugar with Sucanat and replaced the buttermilk with soymilk with umeobeshi vinegar in it.

She took a cooking class with some other girls her age and learned to make some delicious lunches.  She has made a tofu feta wrap, which I didn’t get pictures of, and this lovely curried tempeh sandwich with avocado and aolie (is that how that is spelled?  It’s a gourmet mayonnaise) on sourdough bread.  It was delicious…

curried tempeh

Now, here are token baby pictures taken this morning by Charlotte…

genny 65 Genny 66


2 Responses to “MaryEllen’s Cookin’”

  1. Laura Louise Says:

    Um, curried tempeh sandwich? Yes, please! I should take some lessons from Mary Ellen…

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