Just Like Spring – February 2012

Editor’s Note…  Here is another unfinished post from February 2012….

Well, it is quite a day out today!  The calendar says February 23, but it feels  more like May!  How are little children suppose to learn that one should not wear short sleeve shirts in the middle of Winter?

We took a nice little walk with the new puppy.  At first it was Charlotte, Vincent, MaryEllen and I.  A short time later James and Veronica found us.  Veronica at 3 is so busy.  The girls found an old turtle shell that their brothers had found years ago and put up.  Veronica took it with her and kept stopping to wash it in the side creek, which is running quite well today.  On top of being unseasonably warm today (if there is such a thing in southern middle Tennessee), it is very windy.  We were standing a while just to hear the wind blow.    It sounded like sticks breaking, but nothing fell.  Upon looking up to the tree tops you could see what was making all that racket.  All of the young trees were clanging together since there are no leaves.  As we were crossing a little part of the creek Veronica looked very carefully to see just where she would cross.  She took one step and stopped.  “Oh!” She exclaimed.  “I think I’ll take this with me,” she said as she took one of the bigger rocks from the creek.


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