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Heard at the Art Museum Today…

April 26, 2013

We were there to see Dutch Masters. James looks at a Rembrandt painting of Jesus’ face and says to me, “I like the frame better than the painting.”

Edited to add what my friend who went with me heard (she’s got the better memory):

“I’m hungry.
Can I go to the next room.
Look at that drunk guy.
I’m thirsty.
Can you hold me.
Where are the statues?
That guy has a big honker (oh wait, that was YOU! LOL!).
look at the cute dogs.
Look at the depth perception in that painting.
Here goes mom talking about depth perception again.
Look at the lighting on that – it’s beautiful.
There’s a ship.
Can we go to the children’s playroom yet.
Why do you think I would be good at being the drunk in that painting – I’m offended.”

Some Great Catholic Planners…

April 26, 2013

Sanctus Simplicius is having a planner giveaway. Please go to their blog post and check it out. I used their 2012-2013 planner and love it. It has the traditional feasts listed and a lot of wonderful Catholic readings for the season. This year they are adding children’s planners. Last year they had some children’s pages that could be printed and my children from ages 7 all the way up to 16 really liked them. So, run right over and check it out. Sanctus Simplicius is also a wonderful website in itself!

Here’s to a wonderful 2013-2014 school year!

God bless!

Four Years Old, She Is!

April 24, 2013

One of the more common of Mom’s annoyed remarks are, “Am I talking to a wall?” or “Talking to you is like talking to a wall.” So, tonight I was making one of those remarks and our little 4-year-old girl says, “What wall is that, Mom?”

Thrift Shop Fun!

April 24, 2013

A couple of days a month we go into the city for “Enrichment” days. The girls have a Little Flowers group, the boys have a boys club called “Brothers in Christ” and there is even a little 4-year-old club. It is also our library day, where the selection is significantly bigger than our little country libraries. (However, I forgot my library list, but I digress!)

We decided to go in early so we could do some thrift shopping. We stopped at this one shop that we had not been to in a couple of years. Their prices did go up, but who’s hasn’t? My big find there was a little tiny crock pot that I have been wanting for years. I hadn’t bought one because none could be found that did not have a plastic lid. Well, the one yesterday had a glass lid and looked as if it had never been used. We like to cook overnight oat groats and this pot is the perfect size, so we’ve already used it! It was brand new and the plastic plug protector had never been removed. What a find.

We ended up going thrifting both before and after clubs. Here are some other fun finds. First of all some books…

thrift find 007  thrift find 004

thrift find 003  thrift find 006

And some hats….

thrift find 012For the ladies.

thrift find 016 This one is James’.

thrift 2 003 thrift 2 004 Charlotte’s hat, but Vincent just had to get into the pictures.  He’s a cutey!

A couple of patterns…

thrift find 002

thrift find 001 (Yes that price tag says 49 cents!!!)

There is a Spring Beatrix Potter unit study.  I printed the whole thing out years ago and come across it from time to time.   This  year I remembered about it at the right time of year.  We just started it this week and it has me keeping my eyes open for all things Beatrix Potter.  Yesterday at two different stores, I found these:

thrift find 009 They are melmac, perfect for our tile floors and Veronica loves them already.

The boys love to go to look for jerseys and military-type things.  Here’s some of their finds…

thrift 2 011 thrift 2 010 thrift 2 007 thrift 2 008 thrift 2 009

thrift 2 005 thrift 2 006 This one is the prized one because it is some kind of rare alternate Titans jersey, of Vince Young.  It is the same as my Fred Smoot jersey (that you can see in this post), about which we were told by a reliable source that it was as close as you can get to the real thing.  The numbers are sewn on, etc…

The boys had about 10 jerseys in the cart at one store so that they could get one for everyone on their football teams when they play again at church or wherever, but I put my foot down on that.  But, it shows the generous spirit of my boys.  That is nice.

Oh yes, one day I’m gong to put a puppet post togher.  James and Kevin have been making puppets and are even sometimes part of their friends’ show “Buffle and Friends.”  So, James and Kevin are always on the lookout for good puppet material.  Yesterday James found some black and Kevin found some green.   This morning, Kevin made his new puppet which he calls “Spinky,” so he tells me.

thrift 2 001 thrift 2 002+

John has been looking for a few years for a good desk.  He traded his away to his sisters one time (and I think regretted it ever since.)  He found one for a reasonable price yesterday and they were kind enough to take 10% off.  He’s already got it up and running this morning….

thrift find 017

The boys like 80s rock and were pleased to find a Joshua Tree CD.

For our gaming pleasure…

thrift find 015 Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, complete with gold ring.

Last, but certainly not least, was our last find of the day.  I nearly fell over when the girls brought it to me smiling, and I asked in a doubtful voice, “How much do they want for it?”  “$2.99,” MaryEllen said.  I exclaimed, “Put it in the basket!”

thrift find 010 Yes, what you see here is a Pleasant Company American Girl retired Kirsten Doll in her original dress and apron.  She is missing a pinky on one of her hands and her toe and finger nails have been painted, but not too messy.  Her hair is a little dry at the ends, but she is in perfect playing condition!  We were quite pleased to find the doll.

So there you have it.  There were a few other finds, like some sewing material for Mom and a postcard of Renoir’s painting of a girl with a watering can.  We had an enjoyable day out that ended with us going to see the last 2 innings of a friend’s baseball game and visiting with them for a little while.

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!!!

Here are a few wonderful suggestions from the Les Femmes blog. Please read and enjoy!

When you ask a stupid question…

April 17, 2013

WARNING… This topic may not be appropriate for some children….


Tonight at the dinner table:


Kevin: We did a census with the kittens today.

Dad: Oh yeah?

Kevin: Yeah. 4 boys and 1 girl.

Mom: How do you know?

MaryEllen: By their butts!


Mom drops fork and starts cracking up!

Sunday Football

April 9, 2013

There is a young man at church who did not think that John could play football well. So, about 3 months ago John said, “Why don’t we play a game and then you can see.” They set the date for the first Sunday in April. Hearing about football every day around here is nothing new. However, the week before there seemed to be a lot more of that talk. Also, we got wind of a “secret weapon” that the other captain was planning. It was said that he was going to bring in a high ranked state high school player. Well, that didn’t seem to fair to us, but someone mentioned another young man who used to go to our church who now happened to be 6 foot 4 and a good athlete.

Prior to that, John was really training hard. Everyday he was out running up and down our very steep hill in the back. He was practicing throwing and catching whenever he could. He was bound and determined to win, even though he knew that most of the boys he was planning on picking didn’t play much football and he was much smaller than the other young man. He thought out strategies and watched film clips of plays on YouTube. He was prepared. (Photo’s by S. C. Thank you!)

IMG_6895 (During the picking of the teams)

The first Sunday in April arrived. First thing in the morning the boys were out practicing. Then they showered and prepared for Mass. They were all serving, which is an honor in itself. Then after Mass, we got ready to head to the park. The weather was gorgeous! You could not ask for a better day.

IMG_6909(Kick off!)

Several dads were officiating. Father joined in the first half on the other side. The other captain offered John the first pick in color of the flags, blue or yellow the week prior (it was flag football.) John chose blue for our Blessed Mother. After picking teams, and just before the opening kickoff, the blue team was nearly penalized when someone yelled, “We prayed to Our Lady of Victory for us and to Our Lady of Sorrows for you!” (Personally I thought that was rather funny!)

IMG_6916(Kevin making a catch and escaping the “secret weapon.”)


IMG_6943(Father throwing the ball)

IMG_6921 (John’s foot up in the air after a kick)

IMG_6966 (In almost every picture, John had a smile on his face.  He does love his football.)

At halftime the blue team was up by a touchdown (35-28 for the Blue).   If I remember correctly, sometime during the second half the yellow team was in the lead and then there was a tie.  (Edited to add:  I was not correct.  The blue team never fell behind, only tied or was ahead.)   Then the ball was intercepted by the blue team and then another touchdown. Someone ran over to us and yelled, “It’s over. The Blue team won!!” Yes, I was excited! It certainly looked as if everyone had a great time. And, thank God, no one was hurt.  Final Score was 63 – 49!!!

IMG_7042  (Victory jumps!  I think John was a little excited!)


IMG_7065 (Victory hugs.)

IMG_7116 (PB and his drums)

After the game, PB brought out his drum set and started playing. JB brought out his puppet and Kevin helped him to operate it. MaryEllen thought she lost my camera and everyone there started looking all over for it.  After about 15 minutes or so, she found it in her purse. I told her St. Anthony would find it and he did! After the game at the park, we went to a friend’s house and had a nice little party with a campfire. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Heard Today…

April 8, 2013

MaryEllen: “Vincent, that is not holy water and you are not a priest. Put that down!”

Sacred Order of Deacon – FSSP

April 8, 2013

While looking at the FSSP website, it has come to my attention that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter ordained their North American Deacons on March 16. Unfortunately we’re too far from Nebraska to go, even if we had been invited.

Please keep these men in your prayers, especially as they prepare for their priestly ordination next year.

Paul Leung
Daniel Nolan
Michael Flick
Joshua Passo
Joseph Heffernan

We want to extend a special congratulations to Rev. Mr. Joseph Heffernan who has played a big part in the lives of my boys the past few years.  May God bless and keep you and perhaps we’ll, by some miracle, make it to your ordination next year.

Mr. Heffernan

Sacred Order of Deacon – Nashville 2013

April 6, 2013

Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever! Alleluia!! Bishop David Choby of Nashville ordained five men as transitional deacons today, Easter Saturday.   God willing there will be seven priests ordained for this diocese in 2014. To think when we moved here about seven and a half years ago there were nine seminarians. Today there are thirty-five. I heard one young man say he was entering the seminary this next semester. Two are scheduled to be ordained as priests this year.

10 do (Photo by MaryEllen of Rev. Mr. John Hammond processing into the church.  Look at that beautiful surplice.)

In our family we take praying for seminarians very seriously. After all, they are the future of the Church. Since we moved here, we send Christmas cards to the seminarians to remind them that the people back home and even in the far corners of the diocese are praying for them. We also think it is very important to have our children around the priests, seminarians, and religious. God has blessed us with opportunities to do this over the years. Also, when we travel, we make seeing churches a priority and when we go to Mass in different places, we speak with the priests there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (Photos by James.  Please pray for Bishop Choby as his is having some eye trouble.)

Anyway, today the Mass was just beautiful. The music was splendid. The seminarians processed to the front of the Cathedral of the Incarnation to the all male schola. Beautiful! Most of the parts of the Mass were sung in Latin. The rest of the choir was outstanding as well. The music was very uplifting and I could not help but think this must be a little hint of what Heaven hold for us.

We were sitting in the back, but could see most of what was going on. One of the seminarians sung the Litany of Saints and he has been blessed with a very strong, rich voice. As the seminarians, deacons, priests and bishops processed out, what stood out the most was the newly ordained Deacons were glowing!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(This picture by James is a bit blurry, but you can see the joy on this deacon’s face. )

It brought tears to my eyes, as we have been praying for several of these men for years now. This seems like just a little confirmation that our prayers have been heard. (After each decade of the Rosary that we pray, after the Fatima prayer we add the Pauline prayer, “Oh Jesus Eternal Shepherd of our souls, send good laborers into Your harvest.”)


8 do(Photo by John)

After Mass we spoke with Fr. Ty. As we were leaving, we saw Fr. Neely in the courtyard. I said his name, but he needed to speak to someone. But then he said, “Who just called my name?” I said that I did and asked him if we could receive his blessing since he is still within a year of his ordination. He seemed quite happy to give it to us. Then we proceeded out to the parking garage. The ride in the elevator is always fun with my children. I’ll have to see if I can post the video that James took. I looked at John and said, “Isn’t is fun to be from a large family. If it was only you, you would be missing out on this.” He could not help but to smile.

We drove over to the reception and hardly anyone got pictures. There are two blurry pictures of MaryEllen with Rev. Mr. Nunes. I’m so sorry they are blurry. The children all mingled with the seminarians and priests from not only our diocese, but others as well. We were able to receive another first blessing from a man we met last year at the Diaconate Ordination. He was a friend of Rev. Mr. McGowen, who we know who was ordained transitional deacon last year. We talked to this young man and found out he was a deacon and was being ordained on the day we were picking the boys up from camp. We promised prayer for him. We really never expected to see him again, since he is from Michigan, but there he was today. We were able to tell him about the Rosary that we prayed for him on his ordination day and he gave us his blessing.

At the reception, James brought one of his puppets.  He was apparently pretty entertaining and several people were very impressed with the puppet he made.  (Especially Fr. Tran.)  He came over to me and showed me a fake dollar bill and a real bill of money from the Philippines.  A seminarian had given it to him, but James told me he didn’t get his name.  Later he did get his name, as the seminarian gave him his card… a juggler.  (It reminded me of Fr. Francis Pfeffley in the diocese of Arlington.)  I’ll have to update later to give you the man’s website as James has already gone to bed.  That particular seminarian is from Arizona and he was giving out St. Juan Diego medals and was particularly impressed that John was born on his feast day.

It truly was a beautiful day, both the weather and the great gift of the ordinations of the five deacons. It was an honor and pleasure for us to be there today.  Please pray this year for:

Rev. Mr. John Hammond
Rev. Mr. Gervan Menezes
Rev. Mr. Anthony Mutuku
Rev. Mr. Paul Nguyen
Rev. Mr. Christiano Nunes

20 do (Picture by MaryEllen of Bishop Choby and the five new Deacons.  Yes, there is another bishop there, but I can’t remember who he is and we can’t see his face.)

Also, there will be two more men ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons in October in Rome (God Willing.) Their names are: Michael Fye (whom we met this summer), and Philip Haliday, whom we have met at our home school co-op. Also, please pray for all those seminarians in the Diocese of Nashville.

Other prayer intentions for people we met today:  Deacon Allen, originally from Kenya, but now in Texas who will be ordained in December and Rev. Mr. Morris who will be ordained in Ohio in May.  And for seminarian Ventura (no relation, I’m told.)   May God continue to bless and keep these men. And may God bless His Church with many stong, zealous, and faithful priests who will “say the black and do the red.”