Adopt a Cardinal

We got the idea for this from the Shower of Roses blog. There is a site where you can go to adopt a cardinal to pray for from now until a new Pope is chosen.  All the children gathered around my computer and we put in their names one by one.  They prayed and told me when they were done so I could hit the button.    Here are the list of Cardinals that the children got:

John – Domenico Calcagno from Italy

Kevin – Gernando Filoni  from Italy

James – Luis Antonio Tagle from the Philippines

MaryEllen – Jean-Pierre Ricard from France

Charlotte – Agostino Vallini from Italy

Veronica – Francesco Monterisi from Italy

Joe was not home, but we called him and he got Marc Ouellet PSS from Canada.

Who did I get, you ask?  Well, let me say that I really wanted Cardinal Burke because I just love him.  (Notice all the I’s in that sentence.)  Well, did you ever hear the expression, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans for the day?”  It’s one of those situations.  Who popped up?  Any guesses?

Frankly I wanted to spit.

Kristen – Roger Michael Mahony from the USA.

Being the good example that I am, I loudly exclaimed, “You gave me the wrong one, God!  I didn’t want THAT one!”  However, I vowed in front of all the children that I will indeed pray for him, and that he probably needs the prayers more than the one I wanted anyway.

Please remember to pray and fast for the Cardinals.   It is such an important time.  God bless you!

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


5 Responses to “Adopt a Cardinal”

  1. Robynn Says:

    Oh, I was praying that I would not get him, then I thought that I should probably pray for him anyway since I am here in the same Archdiocese.

  2. Amber Says:

    Oh, how funny! I had a brief thought of “gee, wouldn’t it be funny if I got Mahony” when I was getting ready to click the button – which probably means I should be praying for him as well as Cardinal Stanisław Ryłko!

  3. Julie Says:

    ok… BWAHAHAHAHAHA just goes to show who needs a strong prayer warrior.!

  4. Jessica Says:

    Oh, wow! You had me laughing so hard! Thanks for sharing!! And yes, all the cardinals need our prayers, but especially that one! God bless you all!

    P.S. I love the baptism pictures below! 🙂

  5. Jess Says:

    I have finally made it over here! Now I shall bookmark your blog so I can’t forget the link.

    This made me laugh! 🙂 I get the daily news emails from CatholicCulture and was amazed lately by Cardinal Mahony’s antics.

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