What is That?

Well, we did not send out Christmas cards, figuring that we would wish every one Merry & Blessed Greetings when the new baby arrived.  Well, the new baby did indeed arrive and has been here over a week now.  Yesterday before Mass we took some family pictures and NOT ONE came out!!!  We would have had a few possibilities, but I did not see Veronica’s tongue out in time.  Ugh!!

Also, the weather has been crazy.  It was raining for a few days with highs in the 70s.  We had our pond back and the kids were boating on the pond.  Here it is January and it was warm enough for that.  They were “ponding” yesterday because it was nice and warm and then we went to 4 pm Mass.  When we came out after Mass and it was freezing!!!!  As we left for Mass there was a thunder storm going on with a lot more rain.  Today winter was back with a fury.  It was sleeting a lot today.  MaryEllen commented on how strange it was that yesterday they were in the pond and today they are in snow suits.  Oh, the weather in Tennessee!

We hope you all had a Merry and Blessed Christmas and have a wonderful 2013.  One of these days you may get a greeting from us, but at this rate, who knows!





4 Responses to “What is That?”

  1. Laurajean Says:

    You’re so funny – you don’t even mention the baby’s sex, weight or name! Good thing I got an email or I’d be mad at you! She doesn’t look too happy in these pictures, though. Hope all are still doing well. Hugs from Fro Ro!

  2. krisvog Says:

    We were in a hurry, almost running late for Mass and little Miss was not too happy about her first outing! She was better when the she got situated in her car seat.

  3. Laura Louise Says:

    I love these photos! Veronica’s face and all.

    Please tell MaryEllen that I absolutely love her hat, and now am on the lookout for one just like hers (but in green).

  4. Dorothy Stankavage Says:

    I thought you wold find this funny.

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