Remeber Bob Ross?

Do you remember Bob Ross, the painter, and his happy little trees? This Christmas brought a Bob Ross DVD. The children had never seen him or really heard of him. We spent New Year’s Eve day watching the DVD. On New Year’s Day we found ourselves at Hobby Lobby and Kevin bought a knife. He came home and worked on a painting. Here it is…

kevin's 1st bob ross

Also, the other day we were leaving to go to Mass.  On the way out I could not help but to stop and take a photo of our Rosey Toes kitty cat…

cat patrol  Yes, our very own Cat patrol.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  And have a blessed New Year 2013!  God bless!


3 Responses to “Remeber Bob Ross?”

  1. Sue Says:

    Fantastic art work, Kevin!

  2. Pat Georgi Says:

    Kevin: I am impressed! Keep it up, you will have many hours of emjoyment! Mrs. Georgi

  3. krisvog Says:

    Thank you Sue and Pat!

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