Thanksgiving 2012

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This year was probably the best for Mom since becoming a Mom.  We didn’t have any company, but with the size of our family, there is still a lot of fun to be had.

MaryEllen helped by peeling and cutting potatoes.  James and MaryEllen took the ends off of the green beans.  Kevin made the biscuits.  While I prepared the majority of the dinner, James made Thanksgiving crafts with his little sisters.  The kids played Scrabble.  Then the Redskins beat the Cowboys!  The weather was beautiful, in the low 70s and sunny which made the day even better.  The only thing missing was Mass.

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  God had put us in between two outstanding priests.  We have a lovely home and land to go with it.  We had a wonderful visit with Mom-Mom, Aunt Sue, and Aunt Mary Lou last week.  Joe and I celebrated 17 years of marriage last week.  And when we went out to eat, we passed the vomit tree without me needing to use it!  And on top of our 7 blessings, we are expecting the eighth relatively soon.  God is good.


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