Autumn 2012

As you can imagine, a lot of things happened so far in this Autumn.  I haven’t used the camera very much, but sometimes the children get it.  Therefore, I have some random photos to post.

First of all, Kevin turned 14.  Speaking of Kevin, I believe he grew the night before last.  He was standing in the kitchen and I walked up next to him and had to look higher than before to look in his eyes.  He said perhaps the reason was that he had his shoes on.  We booth looked down to find that I also had my shoes on.  He took his shoes off and he was still pretty tall.  He walked in the room where we have the section of wall that contains their measurements.  We did not officially measure (we’re missing a big tissue box around here, an essential tool for wall measuring) and I could see he was taller than the last line which already towers above all other children an his mother.

Next, for the first time in many years we went to an apple orchard.  The camera was present and in my hand!  When I started taking pictures, the battery died.  Yes, I was a little annoyed!!  However, if you would like to see how the trip went you can visit Emily’s blog.  I have known Emily for many years, but finally got to meet her that day!  Also, please pray for her as she is expecting and we’re all so excited and happy for her and her family.

Another huge event that took place in October was James was Confirmed.  He took the name Tarcisius.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a single picture.  I know some other people got some, but I’ve not seen any.  It was a lovely day.   There was a reception afterwards and then his sponsor took us out for dinner!  (Thanks Vince and Joan!)

Now, on to the random pictures.  It seems that MaryEllen took several of the following pictures…

Leaving the football field:

Some of Vincent:

That’s all that is in this batch!  Hope you enjoyed them.



One Response to “Autumn 2012”

  1. Laura Louise Says:

    I love all these photos, Kristen! And Vincent has a big-boy haircut… I love the doll photos best, I think.

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