A Day in the Life…

Today started out as another ordinary day.  Just to note, that certainly does not mean boring.  Vincent is at a wonderful age now, especially wonderful for me because he loves his Mom.  I woke up this morning to him rubbing my back!  How cute is that?  I got out of bed and went to the kitchen.  He’s a little impatient while waiting for cooking.  However, I did get the oatmeal cooked and then we sat on the bench together.  I fed him, as I do every morning, and the little lovey will play a little, kicking his legs or with a matchbox, and then give me a big hug.  He is just so sweet.  So, on with the day.

The normal hustle and bustle starts.  “John, did you get your math corrections done?”  John replies, “No.”  “Well, why don’t you do them now?”  John says, “Um, I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet.”  I told him that would be good for him.  In the meantime, James watches the baby so I can go out for a walk.  It’s has been several days and boy does it feel like it!  Ugh!  Back in the house I go to get cleaned up.  While in the bathroom, I hear a familiar engine hum, peek out the window and see the big brown truck coming up the driveway.

“UPS is here!”  I call out.

A few minutes later, Kevin knocks at the door.  “The package is for me!!!!”  I tell him to be sure someone gets pictures.  Kevin’s birthday is coming up, you see, so the assumption is that it is a birthday present from his Godmother.  The assumption was correct.  Screams of teenage joy can now be heard throughout the house!  “It must be good,” I think.  It is.

Thank you to Kevin’s Godmother!!!  He loves it.  Lord of the Rings Leggos!!!!  How exciting.

After seeing that, I snuck out to make a phone call to my husband.  “What leggo set did you get for Kevin?”  His reply, “The same one she got him.”  Kevin was so excited he had already called his dad.  Dear Husband assures me that he’ll look for something else today.

Now I’m taking a moment to upload photos and see what kind of pictures we have.  My camera just told me we have 116 pictures and videos.  Something tells me that the kids have been using my camera!

Sorry that the pictures didn’t come out too well:


Correction:  It is MaryEllen who took the photos.  James just put it back on the auto/regular settings.


4 Responses to “A Day in the Life…”

  1. Laurajean Says:

    Happy birthday to Kevin! And MaryEllen’s pictures are fine – you can see how excited they all are. Good luck to you with all those Legos in the house!

  2. Mary Lou Says:

    Exciting! i JUST ORDERED IT YESTERDAY!!! Sorry, Joe!(but glad it got there first…) Mom-mom’s card will be late, just to let you know. She’s at my mercy.

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!

  3. Jenn Says:

    Oh, a Lego day is always a good day! Awesome set. Mine here would be a’ droolin!

    Happy birthday, Kevin!

  4. Annie Waugh Says:

    Oh how fun!!! Happy Birthday Kevin!!! From all of us up in Spring Hill 🙂

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