My Office in the School Room

If you have been to my house in the last few years, you know that my desk is always piled with goodies and the table is usually covered.  Well, we worked on it today.  We took a few pictures because it may never look like this again.  I’m open for business now!  Veronica added the candle on the table.

There is a story behind the Pac-Man garbage can.  My favorite brother bought it for me years ago.  He would always get me presents that he really wanted himself, but was considered too old for.  When I grew up I gave it to a little boy named Steven.  After Steven passed away, his parents gave this back to me.  He kept it in his room all those years.  Now it proudly sits in my office.

2 Responses to “My Office in the School Room”

  1. Laura Louise Says:

    I have a candle on my table/desk, too! Great minds think alike…

  2. Steve's proud mother Says:

    Thanks for making me cry tears of great joy

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