Two Pictures from Sunday

Here are a few pictures that Joe took with his phone on Sunday.


2 Responses to “Two Pictures from Sunday”

  1. laurajean Says:

    Lovely! They’re all getting so big! Now we need James and Kevin in a picture. And maybe it’s time for Vincent to get a hair cut – just maybe. (I still remember James’s beautiful blond curls that you wouldn’t cut no matter how many people thought he was a girl!)

  2. Silvia Says:

    Hi! My nameis Silvia and I’m from Portugal. I am also a catholic on the catholic mothers online blogroll.

    I am writing becausemy 10yo is making a project on the countries of the world and we thought itmight be nice to enrich it with postcards from around the world. I waswondering if you/ a similar aged child would like to exchange the card. Wewould send one from Portugal as well, with information on our country. Please,reply to in case you are interested.

    Thanks, Silvia.

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