Stones River 2012

We recently took advantage of the beautiful weather to take a field trip.  The plan was to go to the Headquarters of the Sons of Confederate Veterans called Elm Springs and then to go hiking at Stones River National Park.  We left a little later than I had hoped, but that is normal for us.  It does take a while to get everyone ready.  We headed out to Elm Springs.  We got there, found out how to enter the place and asked if tours were available.  We were told, “Not today.”  There was a big event that week and the house was filled up with tables and chairs.  We will have to come back.  We did go to the shop and it was quite nice.  On our way to the shop we passed through the library.  After a little shopping, we asked if we could check out the displays in the library.  They had a model of the iron clad ship CSS Tennessee.  It was impressive.  There were  a lot of details in that little model.  There were a lot of other things as well.  The little children’s’ favorite part by far was the bathroom.  They had an old toilet with the tank up on a pole and you needed to pull the chain th flush.  Veronica nearly fell over because the flush was thunderous!  Sadly, I did not get a single picture.  But, I’m sure we’ll go back there again.

We went on to Stones River National park.  In a past life, one of my favorite hobbies was hiking.  The last several years that has been difficult with so many littles.  We attempted it again.  We did one of the “scout hikes” that was about 3 1/2 miles.  Along the way, Kevin found a honey tree which was a cedar with a hole.  There were a lot of bees in and out of it.  There are also some neat gorges in places that were found.  Before we hiked, we went in the museum, picked up some Junior Ranger books and watched the 8 minute movie.  We need to go back just to see that again now that we have walked around.  We ran out of time.  It amazed me that everyone made the hike well.  Vincent slept most of the time in my back back.  Veronica did have to be bribed to do that last quarter or so with a reward of a granola bar.  It was quite encouraging, as it looks like we’ll be hiking more this spring.  However, Veronica was a bit traumatized.  She says that she does not want to go back and told me, “Actually,  you can leave me home next time.”  We went to the cemetery.  The children noticed that all the federal were buried there.  They forgot to ask about the Confederates.  We know that at Shiloh great pains were taken to bury the Federals in individual graves while Confederate bodies were disposed of in mass pit graves.  But, I digress!

It was a beautiful day, so please enjoy the pictures!

At the start of our hike…

Kevin on a rock!

At the “Slaughter Pen”

While her siblings were working on their Junior Ranger books, Veronica was ready to play there for the rest of our visit.  Unfortunately, we had little less than half the hike left.

Being sworn in as Junior Rangers at Stones River.


2 Responses to “Stones River 2012”

  1. Mary Lou Says:

    beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see you all!

  2. Laura Louise Says:

    Looks like a fun trip!

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