John’s Super Bowl XLVI Preview

Once again we have John’s expert preview of the Superbowl this year, 2012.  Although he doesn’t have much interest in this one (doesn’t care for either team), he’s on the ball with his commentary.

**Edited to add… I have nothing to do with the ads below.   As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know they were there until we looked at the post on Joe’s computer.

Without further adieu….

Super Bowl XLVI Preview

by John Vogel

This year, I must admit, we have a great match up.  Super Bowl XLVI features the New England Patriots, best team in the AFC, facing the red hot New York Giants, supposedly the worst team in the NFC to enter the playoffs this season.

The Patriots (15-3) defeated Tim Tebow and this “Orange crush,” 45-10, and then the Baltimore Ravens, 23-20, in the AFC Championship.  Tom Brady was one of the two quarterbacks to defeat Dan Marino’s 27 year old record for the most passing yards in a season as he tossed for 5235 yards and a 2nd career best 39 touchdowns.  (His career best is an NFL record of 50 scores.)  The Patriots have a reliable running back, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who in the past 3 years, has not fumbled in his NFL career.  Wide receiver Wes Welker lead the NFL with an astonishing 122 catches.  (The record is 143, held by Marvis Harrison, an ex-Indianapolis Colt.)  Welker also had his 4th career 100 reception season (tying an NFL record held by Harrison.)  Welker also took those catches and gained an AFC 2011 best 1569 yards.  (The NFL record is 1848, held by ex-49er Jerry Rice.)  As if that is not enough, the Patriots have 2nd year tight end Rob Gronkowski who caught 90 passes for 1327 yards, and an astonishing 17 touchdowns (4th best in NFL history, best for a tight end.)  Super Bowl XXXIX MVP Deion Branch returns to the team after being a clutch receiver in Seatle.  The defense though, is not impressive.  It allowed 323 points this year, 10 more than last year.  The net difference, although (thanks to the offense) is 193 points, which means the offense scored 513 points (all this does not include the playoffs.)  Earlier this season, remember that the Giants did beat the Patriots 23-20.

As for the Giants, Eli Manning, brother of Peyton, has proved his boast correct:  He is an elite NFL quarterback.  Manning himself threw for 4933 yards and 29 touchdowns during the regular season, and found himself a new favorite target; second year free agent wide receiver Victor Cruz.  Cruz made 82  catches for 1536 yards, an NFL 3rd best and a league high 18.7 yards per reception.  Another fact is this guy wasn’t drafted.  Hakeem Nicks racked up 1143 yards receiving this year as well, so this passing attack is talented.  The running game flopped in the regular season, but running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs have renewed their attacks and combined for over 400 yards in the past three games.  But the real strength of this team lies in the defense.  Defencive linemen Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Unameria have been incredible.  They have combined for 32 sacks, Jason on top with 18 of them and 80+ tackles.  The linebackers were better than average, and the secondary intercepted a second NFC best 20 passes.

I expect Tom Brady to struggle through the first quarter, but get an idea of the defensive schemes, and attack all through the second half.

The Score

New England      20

New York            23

The MVP:  Quarterback Eli Manning, 300+ yards

Please leave your predictions and comments below!  Thank you!


9 Responses to “John’s Super Bowl XLVI Preview”

  1. Angela Says:

    Wow! You really know your NFL stats! Your final prediction is not bad, either! Go Big Blue!

  2. Paige Says:

    This ought to be a good game. I’ll take Brady….just because he played so good against Tebow. Not a fan of either team though.
    So, do you think this is just going to be a repeat of their first match up? Are you going to get to watch it on Sunday? ? Not as much fun as a good SEC game!

  3. Jeff Says:

    John, great commentary. I own Eli and his brother Peyton in fantasy football. I agree the Giants should win and with Eli being the MVP. It should be a real good game. My son likes to watch for the commercials only.

    Your comments are very thought out and presented very well. You appear to have a great insight and exceptional writing skills. Maybe one day we will see your predictions or comments in one of the major newspapers. Keep up the good work.

  4. Sue Mairena Says:

    Way to go John! Will show to my hubby when he gets home this weekend. He has a soft spot for the Patriots so we shall see…

  5. Mary Montgomery Says:

    What a good job John—this is surely a great start to a career in sports journalism! I hear the pay is pretty good and much fewer injuries.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Hmmm.. some parents need to let this kid set up a sports blog Maybe called it “V sports or the V zone… possible tag lines: ” get a better view with V-sports or power up your sporting exprience with the V or get in the V zone.

    this kid obviously has a knack for sports commentary and its fresh, interesting, factual and not about him but about the sport and players which is what fans want… look out ESPN here comes “john vogel aka “the kid ” and his V Sports

  7. Greg Gabbett-usa Says:

    Please revise your prediction…the Giants are the NEW YORK Giants. I have an aversion to anything NEW YORK. The Giants beat the 49er, although fairly, and that ruined the Super Bowl for most of my relatives. David slew the Giant with one rock. Patriots has a better sense than Giants. The players on the NY team are very small for Giants. Although revenge isn’t the best of motives I would like the Giants (very small) to be beaten very severly 42-3!!!



  8. Laura Louise Says:

    Thanks for this great post, John! How do you keep track of all of these stats…? It’s quite impressive.

    If the Patriots lose, I hope the disgruntled fans don’t go around setting cars in Boston on fire… Sometimes (I’ve heard) they do stuff like that. Or maybe that’s the Red Sox fans…when their team wins… Boston sports fans are so weird.

    Anyway – thanks for the post! Now I am as much “in the loop” as I ever could be.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. Mary Lou Says:

    Wow, John, you’ve done your homework! We Eagles fans are not supposed to root for the Giants, but I know alot of Giants fans and they are the most local team for me so I hope your prediction comes true!

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