Catholic Care Packages

Welcome to our bedroom!

 The children are waiting in “line” to start packaging.

Today we took the time to put together several Catholic Care Packages.  We have been doing this about 8 years now.  The organization used to be, but now is Mission Capodanno (same organization, new name, greater outreach).  Soldiers or people close to them request the a package be sent.  Over the years, we have received several notes of thanks.  We understand how tight things are for everyone right now, but if you can spare a little donation, it is a very worthy cause.  Our U.S. Military, both soldiers and families of soldiers sacrifice so much for all of us!

While filling these care packages, the children were questioning me about how long we’ve been doing this and who is in charge, etc.  One child asked if I told anyone who helped me fill these packages.   When they were told that I was going to post these pictures today, one child (no names, but the third boy) suggested that kisses be requested for their service!  What do you think?  ; )  What was also mentioned was thanks to Mom for volunteering because, “we love doing this.”

We are so grateful for this opportunity to give back to the soldiers just a little bit.

There was a post about this years ago and you can find it here.  As you might notice, the children have grown just a little since then.

Please join us in praying for our military and their families.

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