My Carpenter

As you have already noticed, blogging has been slow.   I’ll try to do better, but can’t promise anything. 

This year for Christmas, I did not want to get a bunch of cheap junk that would be swept up and thrown away or anything that I would have to argue with the children to pick up.  Practical things, for the most part, was what we went for.  John received Leather working supplies.  Kevin received painting and drawing supplies.  The girls received sewing supplies and James received tools and two books on building.  That’s where this post comes in.  One of the conditions for the children using their new items was that they had to read about proper care and use.  They wasted no time hitting the books.

A few days ago my husband was able to track down some scraps of wood and items like that.  Yesterday he and James set out to make on of the projects in the book Carpentry for Children by Lester Walker.  James also received the book Housebuilding for Children” also by Lester Walker.  (He loves those books, by the way!)


The project was a workbench.  They did a fabulous job!  Here are some pictures from last night…



This morning they put the finishing touches on the bench.  There is now a vice on there and the screwdriver holder that James made.  James and Kevin were in there working for a while…


An exclamation heard from the work bench:

Kevin:  Holy Cow!!!  You got a really nice saw!


2 Responses to “My Carpenter”

  1. Laurajean Says:

    Wow! I’m impressed! Looks like a great job. And I guess the work bench is the first thing you have to build – who knows what he’ll come up with next!

    Can’t wait to see pictures of art projects, sewing projects and leatherwork!

  2. dorothy Says:

    I bet my boys would enjoy those books. If only Rich had time to do anything after he gets home. He has to drive in for his new job, as he works different hours.

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