A Little Post About Quilt Shops

The other day while blog surfing, I came across an interesting post at “That Girl…That Quilt.  It was an Open Letter to quilt shops about their friendliness.  This post hit home with me because I have been in shops like this.  One shop in particular was in a different state and the owner was particularly nasty on several occasions.  The first being the first time my husband and I walked in.   She stayed on the phone almost the entire time we were there, and it sounded chatty, not business-like.  I’m sorry to say that a little feeling of satisfaction went through me upon learning that shop had closed!

The other thing that this post reminded me of is how blessed we are to have a somewhat local quilt shop that is just a nice, friendly place to shop.   Hooked on Quilting in Fayetteville, TN is a wonderful Victorian house and the bottom floor is the shop.  The owner and the staff are always so friendly and helpful!   It is always a treat to go there, even for the children who can run around or sit on the front porch with the kitties.  Another BIG plus is the prices there!  The block of the month kits are always as reasonably priced as possible, making it possible for a not-so-money-rich Mom of several to pursue quilting with real quality.  Thank you, Cindy!

Another shop that needs to be mentioned here is Lavender Lime Quilt Shop in Chattanooga, TN.  We had the pleasure of stopping there yesterday.  The minute the girls and I walked in we were greeted cheerfully and the lady was just so nice.  While we were looking around, a man came in looking for a machine that could sew leather.  (We learned that a Bernina can sew through a very thick layer of leather very well with a regular needle!)  While the first salesperson was busy, a man came out and asked if we needed anything and he was very nice.  When we were ready to check out, I met the man’s wife (turns out they were the owners) and they were just delightful to talk to.  This shop was featured in a magazine with the 10 best shops for 2009.  The shop itself was just candy for the eyes.  The girls and I thoroughly enjoyed every part.  There was a generous collection of fabric, quilts on display, patterns, and a lot of samples.  It was just delightful.   If you are even in Chattanooga or Fayetteville, stop by these wonderful quilt shops!  It would be well worth the effort.


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