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This Morning’s Blocks

June 2, 2010

These are called “Underground Railroad.”  They remind me a lot of the Jacob’s Ladder block which has always been one of my favorites.


There is one mistake in each block.  I decided to leave them there because they are uniquely mine.  I am pleased with their appearance.

Edited to add….

As the day has gone on, a few more blocks have been completed.  The next one I did was a trial run, and not too successful.  It is the Farmer’s Wife block #26 called Cut Glass Dish.  Well, my cut glass dish must have fallen on the floor!  Here it is when it was together, not looking so good.   It is now all apart and I’ll try again.  In my defense, it was from a kit and one of the strips was not quite the right size, so I tried to fudge it.  It didn’t work so well.

 Joe really liked it and asked if it was for him.  “Yes, it is, and you’ll get it just as soon as I am done the other 110 blocks for the quilt!” 

After that I went on to complete Month 3 of the Women’s Voices Sampler quilt.  The patter is called Coxey’s Camp.


In case you are wondering, I did also manage to cook dinner tonight and wash, dry, and fold 6 loads of laundry.  I also exercised this morning, 6 laps of walking and jogging around the football field.  I gave the garden a break as I woke up pretty sore in the shoulders and neck this morning.  Have a great rest of the week!


A Sewing Accomplishment

June 1, 2010

Years ago I signed up for a block of the month program from Keepsake Quilting.  It was a Civil War era sampler called Women’s Voices.  These came in the mail every month and in a drawer they went.  I did open them a time or two just to look, but never attempted any.  About a year ago, I match some pattern pieces up to acrylic templates that I have to make the process a little easier.  Back in the drawer they went again.  A few months ago, I took out Month One, Patriotic Flags (or something like that.)  It was late one night and things got confusing and I put it away once more.  Out it came tonight and I finally got them done!  I am so excited about it, especially since it is so close to Memorial Day.  It has been a long time since I have finished any sewing item.  Here are pictures of the two blocks.  The idea is you complete two blocks of the same pattern each month.


There Is So Much Happening!

June 1, 2010

Where do I start.  Well, first, no new garden pictures.  We got out there today.  The boys were required to do an hour of weeding, in 15 minute increments.   James was the first one out there and he was the time keeper.   He was also the first one done.  There has been a lot of growth.  Pictures will follow later this week.  Joe had told me that the weed situation in the pumpkin patch was not too bad.  This evening, I went up there and it was a little worse than I thought.  However, the good news is, the plants are growing well!   Someday I still have to get the pumpkin post up, but when that will be, only God knows.  My Pink Jumbo Banana seeds did not come up.  I’m not sure what happened there, but we’ll have to try them another year.  Everything else has come up.  One Long of Naples hill did not come up, but a few others did.  They are so much fun because they grow so big and well.

Last year around Christmas, Uncle Tom told the children that he would get them a present later on.  I think they all forgot about it because they never said anything to me about it.  Uncle Tom came over the other day and started building something in the “football field.”  The children didn’t know what it was until the frame was done.  A trampoline!  Thank you, Uncle Tom and Tarin, for the wonderful Christmas present!  (Yes, I had to try it, too!  It IS fun!)

This past week we went to a Baptism, well some of us did.  Baby Mary Rose was Baptised and the girls, James, and I went.  Joe took the other boys to the Latin Mass because they were on the schedule to serve.  It was just beautiful and I got to hold Mary Rose several times!  She was not quite 3 weeks old.  It was so nice! 

Happy belated Memorial Day!  We were coming home from Mass, and stopped at a local motel where a bunch of people were standing.  No, we don’t usually stop to talk to strangers, but these people we had read about in the paper.  They were from France and the city or town that they lived in was liberated by the United States military during World War II.  The commander of the US forces that day lives in one of the local towns, he is 91 years old.  The mayor of this french town and several others were there.  We communicated through an interpreter.  They were all so happy we stopped and they really enjoyed seeing the children.  It is amazing how those people from that town love the Americans who came and helped liberate their town.  Before we left, that old commander arrived, so we got to meet him as well.  After that, we went to a different local town to their ceremony.  At one part there is a reading of the names of the veterans of that county who passed away in the previous year, followed by a single bell ring.  We knew two of the veterans this year. 

Another fun thing that happened is Charlotte turned 5 this past week!  She is just a joy to see and is so loving and happy (most of the time.)  She was ecstatic when things started arriving in the mail.  Thanks to Mom-Mom, Sr. Mary, Laura, Aunt Maddie, and Aunt Mary Lou for your mailings.  They really mean so much.  On the night of her Birthday we had a dinner and Uncle Tom was able to be here, along with a good friend of the girls and her Dad, and our adopted grandmother.  We had a wonderful evening filled with good food and good company. 

On top of everything else, I’ve gone into a sewing mood.  I have found that through the years the mood has to strike me.  Well, it struck me the other day.   Today MaryEllen said, “Gee, Mom, you are sewing quite a bit lately.”  Yes, I am.  I have started the binding on one of the boys quilts, and have been working on the hand quilting for a quilt that I appliqued 7 years ago.  I have also started a baby quilt, which is a little frustrating because I think the pattern in the older magazine is not quite right.  Getting in contact with that company has been a little difficult.  We have been going to yard sales (long story, but it’s in my blood!) and been finding fabric.  MaryEllen is sewing away, making applique decorations with some of the scraps and even writing with her thread.  One day a few weeks ago, there was an e-mail from the somewhat local quilt shop about a new block of the month.  The owner of the shop had talked to me about this before because the book is called “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt” and it is based on letters from the 1920’s farm wives.  What makes it exciting for me is the fabrics that were used are a lot of Civil War Era reproduction fabrics.  They are my absolute favorite!!!  So, when the e-mail arrived, I immediately responded and told her to save me a spot.  Today was the day the first kits were to be ready.  The people at the shop have made it as easy as possible, cutting many of the pieces and including Thangles when they could.  The expected output is about 10 blocks per month.  There are 111 blocks.  I am really looking forward to starting it!  The kids and I took a ride to the shop to get the goodie bag today.  I am also happy with the affordability of this block of the month.  If it were not so reasonable, I would not be able to do it. 

OK, enough of my rambling….here are some pictures.  Unfortunately, I have not taken too many, but 5-year-old Charlotte shines….



The girls all took a color of jewelry and dressed up for the occasion.  Check out Veronica’s boots!



 I know this is blurry, but just had to show the excitement.

Where are the boys?  I’ll have to try to get some pictures of them on here soon.