Last Day of June

Well, it is the last day of June.  This month I have probably quilted more than I have in my whole life.   Here are a few more blocks that I completed this month…

Women’s Voices:

Month 8

Month 9

Farmer’s Wife Sampler:


I complete all 10 scheduled blocks for June!

  One more sampler quilt was started.  It is blue and yellow and a block of the month.  I have to catch up on this one because they are already on  month 6.  Here’s month 1.  There is a 12 inch block and a 3 inch block for a “surprise” at the end. 

12 ” Friendship Star and 3 ” Churn Dash…

 (They are not quite this dark, but he pictures were taken at night again.)

We hope you had a wonderful June.   Where has the time gone?



One Response to “Last Day of June”

  1. Tove Says:

    I love you block that you are working on and thank you for stopping by my blog.

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