Month 5 Blocks and More

The Month 5 blocks for the Womens Voices sampler were a little more complex, so they took me two days.  (Not to mention that I did other things besides quilt!)  I really like them.  There was a time when I was not too fond of green and pink together, but now I like that combination.  That is what we have here.  The little pink pieces really make these more appealing to me.  Funny how things like that change.  The name of the pattern is Crowned Cross.

     The pink is not so neon looking in real life, only in the pictures. 

I complete the Farmer’s Wife # 26 again, the Cut Glass Dish.  In completing this block, I have 3 thoughts.  First, I will probably never make this block again, at least not at this small size.  Second, I don’t like Thangles much.  Third, I wondering what I have gotten myself into with this quilt.  The small size is really something.  Block 54 turned out much better, but there were no Thangles involved.  I think this block 26 turned out better than the last one, but that isn’t saying much.  It took a long time and a lot of ripping, but I am not doing it again!  I think when the quilt goes together, it will look a littl better because the edges will straighten out a bit (hopefully!) 

Edited to add, I just uploaded photos  on Facebook and found that I did half of this in the wrong direction.  Should I change them or keep it this way?  Decisions, decisions…

Now for the really fun stuff, MaryEllen got out the scrap bags and started sewing.   Let me say right now that MaryEllen saved her money long and hard so she could finally get an American Girl Doll.  Her best friend has Felicity, so she felt it only fitting that she get Felicity’s best friend, Elizabeth.  From here on out, when you hear us refer to Elizabeth, you’ll know who we’re talking about.   Back to the scrap bags…  Before I knew it, MaryEllen was showing me a little rag doll that she made for Elizabeth.  Without further adieu, here they all are….


 We hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!


3 Responses to “Month 5 Blocks and More”

  1. Laura Louise Says:

    Oh MaryEllen! You got an AG doll! I wanted one so much, but never could save all that money – congratulations! Instead, though, I developed a pattern to sew dresses (many modeled on AG doll clothes) for a stuffed animal – a dog who could wear people fashions very well. I will have to share some photos of the dog, whom I call Queenie, in some of her outfits. MaryEllen, your homemade doll reminds me of the homemade dresses that I started making when I was just a little bit older than you. You sew so well for your age, and the cute face of the little rag doll is just darling. Keep up the good work! One of these days when I finally visit…(!), I can’t wait to see your doll and all the stuff that you’ll have made for her by then. Verrry exciting…!

  2. Laura jean Says:

    Quilt blocks are the wrong direction? Does it really matter? I mean, you could turn them around, right? Can you tell I don’t quilt?

  3. dorothy Says:

    I wish I had time to think, let alone sew again. 🙂

    Timothy, in the last week, has gone from a ventilator to a cpap machine and is now on just a little extra oxygen from some tubes taped under his nose. He is also slightly over 2 pounds and on full feedings of breastmilk, forified with extra calories. The IV’s are gone. Thanks for your prayers!

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