The Other Day in the Garden, May 26, 2010

Well, I am already falling way behind in both weeding and posting here!  Here are some garden pictures from the other day.  Again, they had not been watered yet for the day, so everything looks dry.  And, yes, there are plenty of  weeds in there.  Truth be told, we have been so busy, there is a chance the weeds are now taking over.  We have not been out there in a few days and it has been raining regularly, so those weeds are getting a lot of water.  I am also hoping that the bugs have not gotten too out of control.  There are a lot of green caterpillars on the collards.  They will do a lot of damage, but it will come back later in the season, so I’ll keep the unsightly plants growing there until it cools down a little and keep drowning those caterpillars that I catch.

Before I post garden pictures, the children and I took a little pilgrimage with some other homeschoolers from the Nashville area last week.  We started at Ave Maria Grotto and also went to St. Bernard Abbey’s church.  We then picnicked and went on to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  It was a joy to meet those ladies and their children.  It was also a pleasure and a privilege to pray for  many of our friends’ intentions there.  I have not been taking too many pictures, but here are just a few…

First at the Ave Maria Grotto…

Then at the Lourdes Shrine at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament…


The next day MaryEllen was at the creek and found a little tiny salamander.  It was the smallest one we’ve found here so far. 


Now onto the weed patch garden…

one of the many bean circles growing     beets 

marigolds around the border   carrots  

remember my first pepper?  In this picture it is hiding behind the leaves, so you must look carefully.  We have already picked it and two new pepper are big    

 radishes…we already picked a few 

summer squash      tomatoes and petunias

more tomatoes and petunias  


moon and stars watermelon.  You can tell by the yellow markings on the leaves

In the pumpkin patch…The plants are starting to get their leaves…


Although part of me is afraid to go in the garden to weed tomorrow, another part of me is very excited.  How big will the plants be?  We have had plenty of rain and sunshine, so everything should be growing well.  The other day I was trying to plant.  (I still have so much to plant yet!)  Gathering sticks is enjoyable and I like to mark little patches of plants with them.  That was my goal, planting.  First I got sidetracked by weeding.  Then I got sidetracked by the grass clippings on my way over to get sticks.  Then I got sidetracked by more weeding.  Then the sweat bees were so bad that I finally went in after killing about 50 of them.  Better luck this week.  Hopefully I’ll have an update with a lot of big plants and relatively few weeds!  Have a great week.


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