Strawberry Edition 2010

Once upon a time, long ago (well, early ’90s) and far away (Tuckerton, NJ) there was a restaurant called DiGregorio’s.  (Forgive me if that name is spelled incorrectly.)  Just about every Sunday morning a friend and I would ride our bikes there when it was located near Mathistown Road.  Every Sunday I would order strawberry crepes.  Belive me, after all that sugar and dairy, I needed to ride my bike!  Since changing my diet several years ago (about 10 or so), I have been wanting to try a substitute, but always seem too busy to play with it. 

So, in come the strawberries.  We really need a bigger strawberry patch because we never seem to have enough of our own.   I go out and pick the strawberries and come in to wash them.  There is always at least 2 little people standing there with two little hands extended waiting for strawberries.  They are almost all gone before they are washed.  We remedy this every year when my friend Sue, who owns the local health food store, calls and tells me she has strawberries.    This year I bought 2 gallons from her.  When the strawberries come, that day, or the next, is spent making all things strawberry.  You’ll have to pardon the pictures as people just had to get into the goodies before pictures were taken.  We made Meredith McCarty’s Award Winning Strawberry pie:

We also made Christina Pirello’s Fruit and Custard Tart, but we made it with just strawberries.  This one was my personal favorite.  It has a wonderful almond and oat crust that is so tasty!

We also made strawberry shortcake.   That is quite popular, so there are no pictures of it!  One of the cakes was a short-cake recipe from a book called High Road to Health by Lindsey Wagner.  The other cake was Christina Pirello’s Sure Fire Basic White Cake.  On top of the cake we put strawberry sauce.  I’m pretty sure that sauce was a Meredith McCarty recipe, and a tofu cream.  Yum!!!  I doubled the strawberry sauce and tofu cream recipes so we could have more the next day. 

Here’s where the crepes come in.  It occurred to me that the strawberry sauce would probably go great with the crepes.  However, while I had seen healthy crepe recipes, I never actually tried one before.  The crepe recipe was a dessert crepe by Christina Pirello (where would I be with out her in the kitchen??!!) 

Out came the little cast iron pan that was just the perfect size:

  The first crepe didn’t come out too well, but the rest did.  This picture shows the first side being cooked.  After that I had a small stack of the crepes. 

 Not bad, even if I do say so myself.  Next, I assembled them. 

 That was pretty easy.  It rounded out my breakfast that morning.  Any typical day, breakfast around here consists of miso vegetable soup, greens, and a grain of some kind.  Here’s the menu on that particular day:

Miso Vegetable soup = daikon radish, carrot, small tofu cubes, miso broth, and scallions for garnish

Greens = boiled kale  (yes for breakfast, try it sometime and see how you feel!  Yum!)


Twig Tea

  All this food is healthy, vegan, and contains no refined sugar, no dairy, and no preservatives.  I can’t wait to make this again!


One Response to “Strawberry Edition 2010”

  1. dorothy Says:

    I should have moved my Strawberries when I had the chance. Now the Black Raspberries that strated growing by them selves are so dnese I can’t see most of the strawberry plants, let alone transplant them.

    Niece and nephew born Wednesday night. Timothy Michael is 1 pound, 5.2 ounces, Leslie Cordelia is 1 pound 1.7 ounces. Timothy has an infection, as does my SIL Tricia, which put her into labor early. The babies will be in the NICU in University of Washington Medical Center for several months. Prayers are still welcome.

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