MaryEllen’s First Communion

Tis the season for First Communions and Confirmations!  The other day I was a sponser for “Scholastica” for her Confirmation.  It was a lovely day and a really special thing was seeing the excitment on her face while awaiting her turn to be Confirmed.  Another special thing was that John was asked to serve.  He loves to serve at Mass, especially if a bishop is involved, espcailly if that bishop happens to be Bishop Choby.  (In your charity, please pray for Bishop Choby as he has not been feeling well.  He was visibly tired and hurting at the Confirmation.)  Here is John and the good Bishop:


MaryEllen’s First Communion day is not one we will soon forget.  There was all kinds of weather going on that kept all of our local friends away.  We did, however, had a lovely turn out for the little party after Mass.  It was a very windy and cloudy day, but warm, and we even manged to get some nice pictures outside.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

   (Those two photos taken by John.)


   (You may click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

OK, now the fun part.  There was a lot of talk of the flooding in Nashville and the pictures on the news.  We were busy telling everyone that we  had not been affected by this.  The creek was lower this morning than it had been the night before.  So, we were driving home and we started noticing a lot more “ponds” and “lakes” than we had when we went to Mass that morning.  We got to a chruch down the road from our house and this is what we saw…

Hmmmm…do you think we’ll be able to get home?  

  That’s our front … lake?  At least the top of the bridge is still visible…


Yes, we were able to get home, yes, we prayed a lot going through the water.  Our neigbor and Joe decided that it would be OK and the water was already starting to go down.  The picture of the barn was taken from up near the house.  Thank God we live on a hill!

 This is looking down from our front lawn towards the road.  It is usually a normal size creek.  At that point, the water had started to go down a bit.

 This one is the bottom of our driveway.  It’s still a good little ways to the road.  Yikes!

Since we came in it stormed more, so I have no idea what it looks like now, as it is getting dark.  We are being hit by more thunder and lightning as I speak. 

Yes, a day we shall not soon forget!  Praise God that MaryEllen was able to receive her First Holy Communion.  Thank you to all who were able to attend and to those who prayed for us.  Thank God we were able to get home safely.  And, thank you for your continued prayers.


8 Responses to “MaryEllen’s First Communion”

  1. Laura L. Thornton Says:

    Such beautiful dresses on the girls! MaryEllen looks so grown-up now. Thanks for letting us all know that you are all okay in the floods – I was about to email to inquire… Keep us posted!


  2. Laura L. Thornton Says:

    P.S. – John – you have a good eye for photography – great photos!

  3. Jennifer Mackintosh Says:

    MaryEllen was lovely and I know that you treasure those First Communion memories!

    I cannot believe the high water you had to go through to get home! Deo Gratias that you’re all home safe and sound now!!!!!

    Congrats! It was a lovely day!

  4. Clark Family Says:

    Congratulations to Mary Ellen!!! She looked like the sweetest little angel. I’ve never seen her look happier.

    Thank you for inviting us to the party. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and spending time with some of our favorite people.

    God Bless,
    The Clark Family

  5. Maria Eckl Says:

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful children! Congratulations, Mary Ellen.

    God Bless You All,
    Maria & Alan

  6. Ruth Says:

    She’s beautiful!

  7. Dian & Greg Gabbett Says:

    ” How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord God of hosts”

    It may have been a weather challenged day, but there
    is no doubt that the ” Son” is shining brightly in precious
    Mary Ellen Vogel. Her dress is lovely, and her radiant smile
    tells the joy that fills her little soul….a day she will remember
    for all Eternity!

  8. Homer and Marie Says:

    MaryEllen, you are just perfect in every way! We would love to have attended in person, but seeing your pictures was the next best thing. We know how hard you had to work, and how we all treasure this event.

    John, you have a special photography gift–I think the close-ups are the most provacative–keep up the good work.

    Mom and Dad, please accept credit where it is due. You are guiding these young ones straight to the arms of Jesus, and there is no greater calling. We truly love this incredible family!

    Marie and Homer

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