Spring Has Sprung

Happy Easter!  I did change my picture up on the top to a more spring looking picture, but I don’t know how long I will keep it up.  The boys heads are cut off and you can’t see the farm very well.  The pictures that I took of the farm all came out a little dark, which was disappointing since the Bradford Pear trees were so beautiful.  Did you know that those beautiful white blossoms stink to high heaven?  When my boys saw the blooms opening to white, they said, “Oh no, now it’s going to smell bad out there!” 

   You can see different sky photos here as these pictures were taken on two separate days.

At the entry into our farm, the goldenrod has bloomed… 

  Standing on our driveway bridge, you can see the beautiful green around the creek…

Here is our pumpkin patch all plowed.  The light area to the right is where the pumpkin patch has been in the past.  This year we moved it over a little to give the old a rest.

 Here’s looking toward the house from the pumpkin patch 

One of the little delights here are the birdhouses that are on the fence. 


Now our little kitty, Mary Rose (the girls named her, can you tell?) 

  (Remember to click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Now on to Easter.  I cannot believe how big the Bradford pear trees are getting. 




After Mass, we came home to a beautiful, warm day.  The kids went and played in the creek.  It was a very relaxing day.  Praise God!  He is Risen!


2 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. Sue Says:

    Your photos are postcard perfect and take my breath away. What a wonderful life here for the children. Youe home is so warm-books and photographs everywhere-what memories they will have.
    OX Sue

  2. krisvog Says:

    Thank you, Sue. One nice thing is that we don’t have to go to a park to play. We pretty much have one here! We are very blessed.

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