Interesting Drive

Mondays are always our busy day. We have to leave the house no later than 8:30 to get to church on time. After that we have a sort of co-op class. This month we ordered food from a buying club and we were going to follow friends to go pick it up. Of course, today was the day to do that. Veronica and I have had a touch of a cold the past few days. Our eyes and noses are watering and we are sneezing. Today Veronica woke up with a fever and Kevin woke up sick. James and John were suppose to serve, so we had plans to camp out in the van while they were in doing their thing. I checked the weather last night, like I always do, and today, here, it was suppose to be partly cloudy. Well, as we were loading up and ready to leave and it was flurying a little. We sort of laughed about it. By the time we got to the Alabama line, it was coming down hard and sticking. The driver in front of me was fish-tailing and could not make it up a small hill. He pulled over, we pressed on. Needless to say, it was a slow drive, but by the time we left church, the roads were fine. About a half an hour later, you would never know it had snowed. I had John take a few pictures to show his Dad what we had driven through and I thought I would put it up on the blog.  Hope you had a Happy Monday!


One Response to “Interesting Drive”

  1. Laura L. Thornton Says:

    Looks like DC! Only, we do have more snow than that – people were making snow angels and cross-country skiing in the middle of the street!

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