Let’s See How Long this will Stay Here

I really have not given up blogging, I don’t think, anyway. There is just so much going on around here that my head is spinning. Hopefully this coming week there will be a post about the end of 2009 here. After that, perhaps posting will become more of a regular thing. But, I would not hold my breath. I have great plans again for the garden and have already started planning. My seed notebook is up to date. If we can keep up with the plantings and weeding, we’ll be in good shape.

Now, Mary Lou, if you are reading, thank you for the gifts you sent. MaryEllen has exclaimed more than once today that you must have sent that rain coat because you knew she would need it. She went out on the back stoop twice today, briefly, just so she could say she went out side in it. She also had it on this evening over her nightgown. I’m not sure if she has worn it to bed or not, but I would not be surprised. She really likes that and the toys and art supplies you sent as well. John took pictures of her opening the packages, so I’ll try to get them on here before too long.

OK, off to make a birthday cake! Red velvet, if you are wondering.

Edited to add…here is a link to my post about red velvet cake.


2 Responses to “Let’s See How Long this will Stay Here”

  1. notjustlaura Says:

    Red velvet birthday cake? How does that work?

  2. krisvog Says:

    Notjustlaura, I just added the link to the red velvet cake recipe.

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