Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

We want to wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving today!  We are all very excited to be having a turkey and all the trimmings today.  Uncle Tom is off the road and able to come to our feast.  The pumpkin pies have been baked and the stuffing is waiting to go in the oven.  We will also be having mashed potatoes, kale, pressed salad, sweet potatoes and sweet potato biscuits as well as some other type of plain biscuits.  We’ll have corn, of course, and I’m hoping there are some green beans in the freezer for Uncle Tom.  (We didn’t know he would be coming until yesterday.)  We are so happy to be sharing the day with each other and we are thankful for another year of beautiful family life, among many other blessings.  This is our 5th Thanksgiving here in Bodenburg!  Time sure does fly.  Off to go prepare some more….  God bless you all.

One Response to “Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kristen!!!

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