One More Nightgown

Finally finished is one more nightgown, this time for Charlotte, and this time done in nice, sturdy flannel material.  I am very pleased with the results.  We took pictures the morning after Charlotte had worn it to bed.  The girls were both so excited that they now both have nightgowns made by Mom.  MaryEllen had to get into the pictures, of course!  After we were done with the pictures, Charlotte said, “Let’s take our nightgowns, fold them, and put them under our pillows so we can wear them tomorrow!”  If I had know that, I might have made them sooner.  All their other PJs end up on their bedroom floor!


On the same day (I think), I was getting a red plaid dress for Veronica to wear.  MaryEllen asked if she and Charlotte could wear the dresses that they had like Veronicas.  So, we had to take pictures in their dresses. 

  We went on that day to try and take a picture for the Christmas card.  If we do use any of them, they will be less than perfect.  Someone always seems to have eyes closed, be making faces, or have their heads cut off.  However, Christmas not being any farther away, we may just have to use one of those pictures for the cards.

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