We are always grateful for the clothes people give us.  Not too long ago, I passed on all the boy clothes from size 18 months to size 7.  Some of those clothes were hard to give up.  Not only did all three of my boys wear them, but I remember my 20-something nephew wearing them as well.  Trusting in the Lord, Joe reminded me to “let the Lord provide” if we ever have any more boys.  Typing that last sentence seems strange to me because I remember a time, not too long ago, when I wondered if we would have any girls.  Here are some pictures of an outfit that Aunt Mary Lou bought for Mary Ellen about 6 years ago.  We have pictures of MaryEllen wearing it.  The neat thing about this is that I got Veronica dressed and put the hat on.  She let me take one picture and promptly took that hat off.  Then she had fun playing with it and putting it back on herself.  Enjoy the pictures!

veronica in blue 1  

veronica in blue 2

veronica in blue 3

veronica in blue 4

veronica in blue 5

veronica in blue 6

scan0001Yes, this is the old picture of MaryEllen!  I just had to throw that in.


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