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A Finished Sewing Project

October 20, 2009

Originally this night gown was being made for Charlotte.  When I tried it on her to hem it, it was really too big.  I made it a “Size 5” according to the pattern, but I don’t think it is true to size.  I suppose this post could become a rant about sewing patterns.  I am learning as I go.  About 10 years ago I made 2 dresses and a blouse.  Clothes sewing is not like quilting and these clothes patterns can be very difficult to follow.  I measured the girls and their measurements were not even on the  pattern envelope!  Some people have told me that I need to measure the pattern itself.  Perhaps I should be going to the thrift store or antique stores looking for patterns from the good ole’ days. 

Recently the boys have asked me to teach them to sew.  John is working on a doll dress for Charlotte’s doll.  Kevin and I are starting work on dresses in identical patterns.  His dress will be for MaryEllen and mine will before Charlotte.  I am also working on a night gown for Charlotte and a dress pattern that I started years ago for MaryEllen, but Charlotte will end up with that, too, since they have both grown.  Poor MaryEllen.  In a way, I am so glad she finally got something made by me.  She loves the night gown, but I still feel a little guilty because I used cheap, $1 a yard fabric from Wal-Mart for it.  At least it looks pretty!  When I am finished with Charlotte’s, I’ll make MaryEllen another using some nice flannel Angelina Ballerina fabric.  Charlotte’s will be nice flannel Raggety Ann & Andy fabric.  It is cute, not cheap (but I did get it on sale) and should last longer than that $1 a yard fabric.  It certainly feels better.  Perhaps I should be sewing instead of writing this scattered post!

Now, here are the pictures…

ME nightgown 1  ME nightgown 2

Marshmallow Science

October 19, 2009

We have had a little bit of fun with school this year.  For our science we used marshmallows and toothpicks to help understand atoms and molecules.  The first thing the children were instructed to do was to make any kind of shapes they wanted.  After a little while of that, they were instructed to make models of molecules.  They really enjoyed this activity.   It was not an original idea, we have been using Real Science 4 Kids, and this was one of their planned activities.

marshmellow 1  marshmellow 2

marshmellow 3  marshmellow 4

marshmellow 5  marshmellow 6

marshmellow 7

Kevin Had a Birthday

October 19, 2009

My Dad, when he was alive, was always around when I had babies.  As he got older he lived to see his grandchildren.  When Kevin was born he said, “Kevin from Heaven.”  Not wanting to hurt John’s feelings he added, “John and Kevin from Heaven.”  Why am I thinking of that?   Kevin from Heaven is now eleven!  (I feel a poem coming on!)

As usual, Aunt Mary Lou sends the coolest gifts.  (Thank you, Aunt Mary Lou.)  We have some pictures of Kevin opening them.  I won’t put too many other pictures up, but we had a playdate here for his birthday with a LOT of children, and two cakes even!  Kevin enjoyed his birthday this year.  Thank you to all who were there!

kevin birthday present 09  1  Kevin birthday present 09 2  Kevin birthday present 09 3

kevin birthday present 09 4  kevin birthday present 09 5  kevin birthday 09


October 19, 2009

We are always grateful for the clothes people give us.  Not too long ago, I passed on all the boy clothes from size 18 months to size 7.  Some of those clothes were hard to give up.  Not only did all three of my boys wear them, but I remember my 20-something nephew wearing them as well.  Trusting in the Lord, Joe reminded me to “let the Lord provide” if we ever have any more boys.  Typing that last sentence seems strange to me because I remember a time, not too long ago, when I wondered if we would have any girls.  Here are some pictures of an outfit that Aunt Mary Lou bought for Mary Ellen about 6 years ago.  We have pictures of MaryEllen wearing it.  The neat thing about this is that I got Veronica dressed and put the hat on.  She let me take one picture and promptly took that hat off.  Then she had fun playing with it and putting it back on herself.  Enjoy the pictures!

veronica in blue 1  

veronica in blue 2

veronica in blue 3

veronica in blue 4

veronica in blue 5

veronica in blue 6

scan0001Yes, this is the old picture of MaryEllen!  I just had to throw that in.

Interesting Flower

October 19, 2009

I am so far behind in blogging, in case you hadn’t noticed.  I was going to try and take care of it this weekend, but here it is Monday already. 

 In September James found a very interesting flower.  I don’t know what it is, and have not even had time to look it up.  We did, however, take pictures.  (You may click on the pictures for a larger view.)

Edited to ad:  Thanks, Misty, for letting me know that this is a purple passion flower.  We’ll have to go and find out more about it.  

james and flower 09

cool flower 09 1    cool flower 09 2

cool flower 09 3    cool flower 09 4

Of course, if there is a camera, flowers, and a girl around, that girl must get into the action! 

charlotte with flowers 09 Just so you know, she is in costume.

Beautiful Homeschooling

October 1, 2009

If you need a little freshness and beauty in your homeschool, go check out Jen’s blog Wildflowers & Marbles.  She has done a very inspiring post that should not be missed!  My kids all want to go there for school.  Have a great day!