Our New Dog

We found a dog last week.  Her name is Grace, which is the name she came with.  I can’t remember that for anything.  Every time I want to call the dog, I think Liga, Emma, ooohhhh….Grace.”  By the time I think of it, the moment that I needed it is gone.  The boys keep calling her Gloria.  Oh well…Grace is about 18 months old.  She is a mix of German and Belgian Shepherd and is pretty obedient, except when cats are around.  She doesn’t want to eat them, she wants to play.  The kittens don’t like that idea much so they hiss and growl until she goes away.  Here are some pictures…

 Grace 1    Grace 2

Here is Grace eating.  She puts her nose in the bowl and lets herself plop down on the floor.  I can’t say we’ve ever had a dog who ate lying down before…

Grace eating 1    Grace eating 2

I have to go get school ready for tomorrow.  Hopefully some time this week I’ll have time to post some cute children pictures.  Until then…so long.


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