Charlotte Recently Turned 4

What a sweetheart she is.  When she gets upset with you, she puts on her angry eyebrows.  Yet she is so sensitive that one unkind word from a brother will get her crying.  She is very giving, always ready to share and give away what she has.  She loves the baby, picking Veronica up every time I turn my back.  What a gift Charlotte is to our whole family.  We thank God for this little girl every day.  Here are some pictures from her birthday…

charlotte birthday 4 1    charlotte birthday 4 2

john & veronica may 31 09

We want to thank Aunt Mary Lou, Aunt Maddie and Mom-Mom for the great gifts.  We do so appreciate you thinking of our little children every year.

chalotte birthday 4 1  charlotte birthday 4 2  charlotte birthday 4 3


2 Responses to “Charlotte Recently Turned 4”

  1. Laura Says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

    Cousin Laura

  2. Laurahiblclark Says:

    Her “angry eyebrows” from Larry Boy? Lucie used to do that. I just realized a couple weeks ago that she doesn’t anymore.

    Happy (late) birthday to Charlotte!

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