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Very Interesting E-bay Auction

June 27, 2009

Read the fine print.

Edited to add…This auction has been removed.  Here is what it said:

president barack hussein obama II was born in the coast provincial general hospital at mombasa in kenya at 7:24 pm on august 4th 1961.

i’ve traveled throughout the caribbean (including cuba), ibero america (i.e.,latin america), and africa. i have a bachelors in sociology, a bachelors in social sciences as well as a bachelors in afro-caribbean studies. i’m a collector of old dominican and cuban money.

i’ve worked in the democratic republic of the congo as an advisor in the government’s hydrology & rain water management administration.

this spring i traveled through kenya and it’s capital nairobi. i was overwhelmed by the “iconicized” face of US President barack obama that displays itself throughout the country. i had lunch at a small eatery and noticed that the club sandwich with fried plantains was now known as “obama’s plate of the day.”

as an american i was bombarded with questions in english (english is the official language of kenya) on my feelings and opinions of a kenyan governing the united states of america. the first several times i responded in saying that not enough time had elapsed since barack Obama’s appointment as President of the USA, and that I’d have to hold my official opinion until at least january 2010, a year in office might be sufficient for me to judge his ability to govern the USA.

natuarally i thought that by “kenyan” they were referring to barack obama’s blood, being that his father barack obama sr was a native of kenya. after a day and a half of my being in nairobi i learned that they were literally referring to president barack obama jr as being born in kenya, a native of kenya. now i started asking questions, did his father’s kenyan blood somehow entitle barack jr to the equivalent of a native kenyan? no, not all, i was to find out. they were referring to barack obama jr’s physical birth on kenyan soil.

kenyans were amused at how gullible americans could be when it came to obvious things like the fact that kenyans overtly admit to barack jr’s kenyan birth, yet the americans continue to believe that they know better.

i delved further and found that a birth certificate was on file at the coast provincial general hospital at mombasa.

i know several american expats that reside in kenya.  i asked the three that i could reach if they were aware of president barack obama’s kenyan birth. all three said that they were most obviously aware of his kenyan birth. i was shocked. they went to further say that they weren’t much concerned with it, after all they’d left the US to start a new life abroad and didn’t have much interest in what was taking place in the states.  besides, they said, who would believe them anyway?

along with my congolese brother andylenny (brother in heart, not blood) and a 1993 BMW with only one working door i was off to mombasa to get myself a copy (certified i hoped) of barack jr’s birth certificate.


i am not posting any photos of the birth certificate here on ebay. i have not seen this birth certificate anywhere on the internet, to post it here on ebay would lead to a flood of facsimiles on the internet. this would inadvertently decrease the value of the certificate as well.

in further support of i offer the facts below:

a. barack obama (or anyone) has never released a copy of his “hawaiian” birth certificate. no one has ever seen it. only a copy of his hawaiian “registry of birth” or registration of birth” has been released to the public.  hey, i have a registry of birth as well (along with my birth certificate). it’s funny how a registry of birth is not valid as a form of identification. it can’t be used to verify age or identity. just try to use yours (yes, you have a registry of birth as well) at the DOT or DMV or even at the social security administration if you ever lose your SS card and need a replacement.  NO ONE WILL ACCEPT A REGISTRY OF BIRTH.  yet the president uses his to verify to all of america that he was born in the united states? and hey, you might say, “what’s the deal you conspiracy freak! you’re just looking for any reason discredit barack obama.”  well then, if it’s not a big deal at all, then why can’t anyone produce barack’s birth certificate?

b. the barack obama administration, in an attempt to put the birth certificate issue to a rest, has presented the american public with a FAKE, FORGED, FRAUDULENT hawaiian birth certificate in response to a growing number of the american public that have been demanding proof that barack was born in the us.  hey, what?  you say you don’t believe me?   just google it!  jay mckinnon, a department of homeland security-trained document specialist, has implicated himself in the production of fake barack obama hawaiian birth certificate.  JUST GOOGLE IT!

message me with any questions that you might have regarding this auction for president barack hussein obama jr’s kenyan birth certificate (certified birth certificate). i reserve the right to not answer specific questions who’s answers would no doubt be wallpapered across the internet by breakfast time. i will however reply to all questions. my replies may contain specific answers, and they may not. this will be at my discretion.

if the need arises i may be contacted via telephone. contact me via ebay message if you believe that your question or questions merit a phone call.

international bidders are welcome.

domestic shipping is free, international will be a flat fee of $75.00.  all shipping will be insured, and overnight via USPS, UPS, or FEDEX.  you pick.


A Review: Padre Pio Between Heaven and Earth

June 9, 2009

This movie, Padre Pio Between Heaven and Earth,has gotten rave reviews by all the people in this family. This is a long, but beautiful and moving film about St. Pio (also known as Padre Pio). The scenery in the movie is quite beautiful and it gives one a good idea of what life was like during the better part of the 1900s when the Padre lived. The story starts during the time of the first World War and ends with actual footage from Padre Pio’s canonization Mass with Pope John Paul II. The story is being told by an old woman who was good friends with the priest and helped him to establish his hospital. What some may not realize is how much the good priest suffered for so many others. This movie gives a great glimpse of some of the intense sufferings and joys of St. Pio. I found there to be one drawback, if you can call it that. The movie is English dubbed. I would have loved to be able to understand the actors in their native tongue. However, this is slight and you do get used to the voices in English. I know this movie will be viewed in our home many more times, and the children request it on a regular basis. If someone is looking to get to know a saint more closely, this movie is a definite recommendation. This would be an excellent Confirmation gift, (especially if there is a boy you know who took this saint’s name) or wedding gift.  It is wonderful for a movie night and would do well to be shown either at home or in parishes. I now have a deeper understanding and love for this great saint and am all the better for watching this film.

I also want to thank The Catholic Compnay for giving me the opportunity to review some products.  You can goto their website to find out more about becoming a reviewer.

Gone with a Whimper

June 4, 2009

Here is an interesting article.  Is this how the world sees the USA?  Is there a USA left to speak of?  What did our fathers and grandfathers fight for?  It seems to be lost now.  I just wish someone had the answer of what we are suppose to do about it.  For now, I suppose all we can do is pray and hope.

A Priest Forever

June 1, 2009

On day in May we got something special in the mail.  It was an invitation to an ordination.  Never in my life had I been to an ordination or received an invitation.  The children were all buzzing with excitement.  John was instructing everyone to bring rosaries and anything else they wanted to be blessed because the blessing of a new priest are said to be strongest.  We marked the date on our calendar and before we knew it, the day was here. 

The Diocese of Nashville’s Bishop David Choby was ordaining Tien Tran.  This man has gone through an awful lot to become a priest.  You can read his story here.  In that story, which I read a few days before the ordination, one of the lines that struck me was this: 

“There were several times as a seminarian, that the language barrier seemed too high for Tran to clear, he said. Discouraged, he would ask God, “Why do you make it so hard?”

But at his lowest moments he would receive letters and calls of support from people throughout the diocese and Father Steve Wolf, who was then the vocations director.

“They prayed for me and helped me keep my vocation,” Tran said.”

Praying for vocations has been a priority in our family, especially since we moved to Tennessee.  For the past 3 years we have sent Christmas cards to the seminarians telling them of our prayer support.  When ordination nears, we pray especially for them, because that time is crucial.  For those reasons, those few lines really made me feel like our prayers for the seminarians really do make a difference.

Back to ordination…The Mass was absolutely beautiful.  It is quite a gift to see the ritual of ordination.  Those men now have an indelible mark on their soul for eternity.  They are called to spread the Gospel and serve God’s people.  It is quite a sacrifice.  When it was over, the bishop and the priests all processed out and you should have seen the new Fr. Tran glowing as he walked.  Nothing could make that man happier than giving up everything to serve God.

That day we got a family blessing and had some rosaries blessed.  It was a very special day, another one that we will never forget.  I gave John the camera and he captured some images.   (Kevin took the picture of seminarian Brendon Johnson and the people whom he was talking to.)

ordination 09 1 (Brendan Johnson carrying the cross as everyone processed out.)

ordination 09 2 (The altar at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville, TN)

ordination 09 3 (Some of Fr. Tran’s first priestly blessings.)

ordination 09 4 (Kevin’s picture)

Ordination 09 5 (The glowing Fr. Tran with some of the family.)

Don’t forget to pray for vocations, pray for seminarians, and all priests.  They really do need the prayers.  Also, if you get an opportunity to attend an ordination, I would encourage you to do so.  It is quite an experience.

Charlotte Recently Turned 4

June 1, 2009

What a sweetheart she is.  When she gets upset with you, she puts on her angry eyebrows.  Yet she is so sensitive that one unkind word from a brother will get her crying.  She is very giving, always ready to share and give away what she has.  She loves the baby, picking Veronica up every time I turn my back.  What a gift Charlotte is to our whole family.  We thank God for this little girl every day.  Here are some pictures from her birthday…

charlotte birthday 4 1    charlotte birthday 4 2

john & veronica may 31 09

We want to thank Aunt Mary Lou, Aunt Maddie and Mom-Mom for the great gifts.  We do so appreciate you thinking of our little children every year.

chalotte birthday 4 1  charlotte birthday 4 2  charlotte birthday 4 3